1. welp….i ran out of football….so i guess i need a new excuse for not going to bed before……2 ish

    im going to try im an american agent next

    i want to sleep…… but my contacts arent around till the middle of the night and convincing americans they arent the most important thing in the world is difficult

  2. My daughter got back about a week and half ago from a summer course in Thailand and she’s gotten back online after the jetlag and time away.

    She showed us photos and seems to have a great time. I’m impressed that during unscheduled time away when there were no course meetings she went off to see things on her own and navigated in a strange country by herself, even if it was just for a few hours.

    • Study abroad did so much for both my daughter’s confidence & independence.  Though today I had to convince her a PayPal scam was a scam.  “But dad, it wasn’t in my spam folder.”  I tried not to laugh at that one!

      • It takes time for them to figure these things out. My son makes a little money buying and selling stuff online, and it’s interesting to hear how he tries to navigate some of the traps.

  3. I’ve been working on getting my deck ready to stain.  So far, pressure washed, used a cleaner & pressure washed again, today I did a brightener so next is staining. I also had to walk 6 miles today to pick up my car at a place doing a shield to keep windshield from getting chipped.  That was fun in the heat!  Tomorrow I start babysitting a friend that had a serious medical issue while his wife drives his daughter across country for a new job.  Fun times!

  4. It’s not new, but it is so much easier to enjoy management scramble like panicked rats (sorry rats) as they repeat doing the same stupid fucking things that flopped the first 10 times because they never had a fucking clue in the first place ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU KNOW THAT IT WON’T MATTER (to me) 11 MONTHS FROM NOW. I still feel a bit bad for my coworkers who are going thru this as I am not a total asshole.

    Now that I have stopped feeling I have a real personal stake in how things go, I can sit back and really enjoy the show.

  5. My house needs about as many repairs as you would expect an 1840s farm house to need.  Fortunately, the windows, insulation, heating and air conditioning are great.  The plumbing is better than you would expect.  So all in all, it’s an ongoing project, but it’s comfortable to live here.  The wife would like to put in another bathroom but is not quite willing to give up the closet space it would require.  The outside could use a refresh, but we’ll see how it looks after I give it a power wash when it cools off a bit next week.


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