What’s new, DeadSplinterites? [NOT 16/5/21]

Weather is warm, things are growing, stuff is happening

Hi, friends! I don’t want to think about work this week. I have an intense 5 day training session and ahhhhh my brain is going to be melty from it.

So let’s talk. What’s new in your lives? What’s good? Anything interesting planned for the week?

I found a green zebra tomato plant yesterday!!! So now it’s planted and I am done planting tomatoes.

Also I finally identified a plant in my front yard that the previous owner kindly left me. 🙂 I was down to four plants that I had no fucking clue what they are. A few weeks back I got 1 identified as a bush clematis, which I didn’t know was a thing that existed but yep, that’s one. And then this morning I finally got another identified – it’s a dragon arum (dracunculus vulgaris). It was one of the things that I relocated from the sodded area (thanks, asshole who flipped the house between the previous owner and me) to the actual garden area.

Fun fact! I probably shouldn’t have moved it close to the front door because if it ever blooms, it’s gonna smell like rotting meat to attract pollinators. And it’s growing in much stronger this year than the last 2 summers, so I think maybe it could bloom this year. I don’t really want people to visit so aside from the poor mail carrier I guess the stinky plant might be useful?



  1. Mrs. Butcher and I spoke with the Verizon Wireless people today about switching over to them.  We’d been with Sprint since forever.  Then, we stayed with Sprint because we had one of the last remaining true “unlimited” plans out there (about 10 years ago, “unlimited” plans stopped actually meaning what they advertised).  Then, our grandfathered plan got wiped out by Sprint, then Sprint got sold, and here we are.  I never cared to do any carrier hopping because they all suck in their own special way, but the timing here is right.  Both of our 64GB phones are completely full and our contracts are up, so time to jump off the sinking ship.

    • We’ve had our cell phones with Sprint for nearly 20 years, also an unlimited plan, and I’m afraid we’re going to have to change, too. I desperately need a new phone… this one keeps pulling all these cute little tricks like freezing up until I reboot it and heaven help me if I try to download any of the newer apps (or reddit… 🙄). I’m not looking forward to learning to navigate a whole new thing.

  2. Let’s see…
    1. Cut the front lawn.
    2. Fertilized it
    3. Washed down part of the garage floor of salt and dirt.
    4. Three loads of laundry done and dried (folded?  HA)
    5. Worked on work course
    6. Made dinner for the next two days.  Greek Chicken and potatoes.

    Here is the youtube recipe (simplicity.)
    7. Now lazing and awaiting going to work (starting night shift (UGH.))

  3. …it’s possible I may have accidentally wound up not-exactly-volunteering to draw up a plan to convert a nearby bit of currently-covered-in-asphalt ground into some sort of community garden type deal

    …the suggestion was floated some months back & I thought it seemed like a good idea…still do I suppose…but I somehow seem to have gone from handful of “might I suggest” observations to being asked if I’d mind “taking a lead & drawing up a proposal” on the strength of little more than having noticed one or two things which seemed to have been overlooked by others

    …there are various constraints/requirements & it’s not really clear what sort of budget can be arranged so it’s not a particularly simple or straightforward proposition & I’m pretty sure I didn’t mean to be the one who’s supposed to figure it out…& apparently “it would be good to have something put together by wednesday”…so I guess that’ll learn me…I may have to acquire a drawing board of some sort

    …still, I suppose it’s something to ponder while I’m failing to sleep?

  4. Did some grocery shopping this morning… mostly sandwich stuff, junk for the guys’ snacks, and O-H’s juice (he drinks a ton of it. Trying to get off soda) and a couple cases of fizzy waters for me. Picked up a 20lb bag of Calrose rice for about $14, which is pretty good. 
    Dinner is going to be chicken drumsticks (bbq? Honey-soy? Teriyaki? Haven’t decided…) and a big pan of rice. Leftovers will go into tomorrow night’s cabbage roll casserole. 
    Mostly, it’s been a pretty relaxed day. Husband had to work, but Other-Husband has off. We’ve just been lazing about… watched a couple episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen, made a frozen pizza, now he’s playing Fallout: New Vegas and I’m curled up reading about giant, sexy, blue aliens on an ice planet (woo! Kindle Unlimited has such awesome crap!) The kids are entertaining themselves with video games in their rooms. Got a houseful of gamers, here… everyone but me!

    • I love cabbage rolls but have never attempted to make them…if you are not too busy, could you post a link to the recipe or maybe a FYCE?

      • It’s basically everything that goes into a cabbage roll – ground meat, onions,  tomato sauce, pre-cooked rice, cabbage – just layered into a 13×9 pan. I chop up the cabbage and onion and saute it in a bit of bacon grease, crumble the meat and brown and season it with garlic salt and black pepper (or whatever your preferred seasonings are), and heat and lightly season the tomato sauce. Then just layer it in the casserole dish, starting with cabbage and onions, then rice, then meat, and ending with the tomato sauce spread over the top. You can sprinkle some shredded cheese over the top if you like (I usually don’t bother) or a bit of garlic salt, and bake it for 20-30 minutes (everything is cooked already, so it’s just making sure it’s heated through and the flavours blend).

  5. After getting the cholesterol blah blah lecture from my doctor at the beginning of the year and directions to lose weight I am now down over 15 pounds and I’m 2-3 pounds into the “normal” territory for BMI. Now, BMI is a dumb measure but it’s still a good sign. I’m hoping to drop another 10 or so pounds, but we’ll see how that goes. I just got new jeans and I’ve dropped a couple of inches in the waistline. Another dumb measure, but also a good sign.

    • Okay but I think being able to buy a smaller clothing size is the best measurement of weight loss! Congrats!

  6. Went out on the paddle board with my eldest this morning. It was sunny, breezy and “Perfectly splendid“.
    There were already maskless people at the grocery store. It didn’t bother me as I was wearing my mask and am an efficient shopper. Can’t wait till my second dose on Tuesday 🙂

  7. not a lot new here…missus will be getting her first jab today so thats good…one less thing to worry about
    other than that im thinking ill take friday off…mostly coz next monday is a national holiday and i really like long weekends (i also really hate the radio stations they pick on fridays)
    other than that….uhhh…nope…pretty much just work and seeing how many variations of rice+veg+? i can make in one week 
    (ive decided ive had enough of trying to cook for an increasingly fussy daughter and a vegetarian sooo..ima go with 15 minute meals i can easily up or downscale/have as breakfast the following morning instead of wasting half most days)

    • oh actually…i guess what is new is that eurovision is starting this week…with spectators…supposedly
      tho im not sure how many live acts there will actually end up being as we already have 4 delegations in quarantine coz rona infections…*shrugs* hard to organize anything at mo i guess

    • welp…called that one right….todays ingredient we dont eat coz reasons is leek
      she spotted that in the fridge and decided whatever i was cooking should be changed to something else
      sooooo…she ended up making herself a fried egg sandwich
      where i had a pretty simples fried rice with bok choy,leek, soy beans n shrimp
      was good…could eat all week
      (but more importantly feels like i got my daily dose of vitamins…i swear if its up to her we would only eat pizza margaritas, burgers and basic pastas with sauce from a jar)

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