What’s New? [NOT 16/5/22]

Thank you, Moira Rose, for this gem.

Hi, friends!

What’s new in your lives? New things? New job? New food? New book? New plants?

I made colcannon for the first time yesterday and it is delicious! My kale has been coming in like gangbusters and I needed a way to use a ton of it. Mission accomplished. Surprising that I haven’t made it sooner as I love mashed potatoes and kale separately, so together? YUM.



      • It was a fuck around and find out scenario where I laid out an issue that I told them would happen 2 months ago and asked them question after question in seeming sincerity before being like yo, fools, how could you not have seen this coming? Oh wait, I raised this as a concern? Multiple times?

        My boss was in the conversation and they were laughing their asses off.

  1. I started a meal kit again as a way to push myself to start cooking again, and it’s been pretty good so far. I’m doing Hello Fresh this time, which is more expensive than Dinnerly which I did before, but the recipes are much more exciting and there are way more choices every week. So far I’ve made seared halloumi, tofu banh mi, and a curry chickpea bowl that were all delicious, and just one somewhat disappointing meal of ricotta fritters.

  2. The rabbits and deer over here have consumed every veggie garden we’ve ever planted, so this year, we’ve just planted the ones they like to eat and have decided to just let them have at it.  They’ve left our blackberry bush alone though, preferring those berries on the bramble bushes.

    We’ll just buy our produce from the farmer who sets up a stall in the lot next to the Hair Port salon on the outskirts of town.  He’s got the good stuff anyway.  And local Spring honey.  This is how we stay in harmony with our little ecosystem.

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