1. Front porches are the best. We have a little one. We can squeeze in a couple of chairs and when the weather is nice I can sit out and have my coffee and watch the kids and dog walkers go by.

    Somebody could probably write an essay about their superiority to back decks.

    ….and doing a quick search, yes it’s been done, a bunch. Like here.


    or here


  2. Looks like my wife will be able to get a full-time position soon. She’s going to job-swap with another librarian that wants to go part time. My wife’s been unemployed and then part-time for basically the last year. So, more money + benefits (that I won’t have to pay for so my paycheck will go up too). The branch manager and the library director have approved it, so now we just wait on HR. The nice thing about the job-swap is that they don’t have to go through the whole advertise/interview process.

  3. I’m dog sitting for a friend. She’s a feisty little chiweenie.  She’s been here before but never spent the night. She misses her daddy but seems to be calming done.

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