What’s New? [NOT 24/4/23]

Hi, friends!

It’s Monday again, boooooooo.

Anyways, what’s new? Did you try something new? Buy something new? Make something new?

I made palak paneer! I’ve always loved it when I get it at Indian restaurants, but I’ve never made it. So anyways my spinach plants are growing like crazy so that was a no-brainer. I did use feta for the cheese, which obviously isn’t accurate, but it’s what I had available at the store. Also feta is delicious!



    • I love the Civ games. The first we played it was after exams (if it was during I would have failed) about 30 years ago this month. Holy shit…

      Sleep and Civ don’t go hand in hand though.

      A friend of mine and I played 40 hours straight to the dismay of his housemates. We lost the game and the computer when our argument over using our nukes as tactical nukes vs strategic nukes against the Zulus woke up one housemate and he ripped out the power cord of the PC in rage.

      • Same here! Pre-kids, my husband and I would play Civ V from Friday evening till late Sunday night. Stopping only to walk our dog and get more beer and pizza. The fans on our laptops kept the room nice and toasty. Once, we tried to play online with a friend who was located on the east coast. That game took for fucking ever. We didn’t finish it.

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