What’s New? [NOT 31/5/22]

Hi, friends!

What’s new? Anything got you really excited this week?

I got some landscaping done and goddamn does it look nice. There’s a big area at the bottom of the hill that needed mulching bad and let’s be real, I didn’t want to order a 6 cubic yards of mulch and then wheelbarrow that shit down the hill and then use a shovel to lay it down.

So I threw money at the problem and it took the guys like 2 hours start to finish. They even used shovels to shear off the damn wild violets that had spread all over the old mulch. I have no problem with those in the lawn, but I don’t want them all over the beds. Anyways, now I’m going to budget to have this done every 3 years or so because wowsers does it look better.

Unrelated. I should make a healthy meal for dinner, but I think it’s gonna be a mac&cheese night.



  1. In today’s edition of “OMG I’m shocked the police who already have lied multiple times about the timeline and shooting were lying about something else, too!”

    The press conference the other day where they tried to blame the teacher with the whole “the door was left propped open” – no it fucking wasn’t. Which, duh, teachers aren’t going to leave a propped door during an active shooter situation.




  2. After about a week our new foster dog is getting over his fear of men with me. He must have been mistreated as a puppy based on his personality, but it isn’t exactly logical now because he’s easily 100+ pounds and could take down and eat a man with no problem. Old behaviors fade slowly with a lot of dogs, though.

    Anyway, now that he’s relaxing he’s a sweet guy. He still shies a bit if I approach with a leash, but he doesn’t flee, and he’s fine to be walked by me now.

  3. 17 days till have 2 weeks off….and im considering taking a couple days off extra in that time…coz i am done with this whole working thing

    on the upside ive paid rent and all my bills…and for the first time in a long time….it looks like i have enough pennies left to put some towards my savings by next payday…barring major disasters happening

    which is good…coz i currently have no savings….

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