What’s new? [NOT 25/9/23]

Hi, friends!

What’s new? Anything fun happening soon? Anything cool you saw recently?

This morning I chased a critter out of my yard. I think it was a groundhog. It was short and chunky with brown fur. But no visible tail so I don’t think it was a fat raccoon. Also I only saw its backside as it ran off.



  1. I got my flu shot today. And I have an event this weekend. A friend just got his PhD and his husband is throwing a party at a very fancy venue. It’s an hour away so I won’t be drinking but I’m sure there will be some good food.

    • think ive just got flu today….or possibly that other flu like illness we dont test for over here anymore…hate not being able to breath properly…

      welp…my paracetamol stash is at work….guess i’ll see how i feel after walking there….could be i double right back

      its my annual mandatory kids have gone back to school so everyones getting sick thing

      • Feel better🤒

    • My flu/covid booster are scheduled for Friday so I have all weekend to recover (I generally have bad side effects).

      • Make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand so you can curl up on the sofa all weekend.

  2. Maimed cat?

    We have a longterm foster project cat who was saved by a facility from really awful treatment — someone cut his front paws off and one of his ears. He’s surprisingly capable of hopping around with only partial front legs, and the wounds are completely healed over. The dude is bossy as all get out.

    • OMG, what the hell is wrong with people? Poor kitty.

  3. I am in charge of doing the slideshow for my father-in-law’s funeral.  If anyone has good music for a tribute, I am all ears.  I have a few but with the amount of pics I have this may run around 12 minutes or more.  I’m still a little sick and really tired and worked all day today in the rain (probably not the best move).  In two weeks I will be going to hop country for the Fresh Hop Festival which I missed last year.  I am very traveled out but have been looking forward to this for 2 years!

    • You came to the right place for good music. Peruse the DUANs. What mood are you going for? Sombre, nostalgic, upbeat?

      I hope you are able to rest and recover before the Fresh Hop Festival.

      • Going for somber & nostalgic.

          • I can’t think of a Tony Bennett song off the top of my head that would work but worth researching.  Fun fact, Tony Bennett hit on my brother’s wife (now ex- wife) in Hawaii.  I don’t remember where she ran into him but he was a lech for sure.

            • Still classier than Stefan Urkel trying to pick up an ex of mine.

              • 😂

    • Did he have a favorite artist or genre?


      • He liked big band & I got him to fall in love with Pink Martini.  I was just about to comment on how great the song you posted was & now it’s gone?  Did I dream that?  Can you dm it to me or repost it if I didn’t dream it?  I’m running on 4 hours sleep so I may be just rambling & you’re thinking I am crazy?

  4. Tonight I saw the great Daniel Thatcher at Phyllis’ Musical Inn here in Chicago. Dan is the best bass player in Chicago (a city filled with great bass players) and works out new material on Mondays in the beer garden here.

    Daniel is a fellow tai chi practitioner and we studied with the same teacher.  The pup is Theo, who belongs to our sifu.

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