What’s old is new again [NOT 9/3/23]

Hi, friends!

Happy Thursday! I hope the day is going well.

I don’t know if you’re on Facebook or TikTok etc much, but what’s interesting to me is watching how people modify their language to get around the algorithms used to identify content.

So fun fact, Facebook likes to flag words that it sees as threatening to men or white people more than racist or sexist threats. I got put in Facebook jail for saying I would force a friend to get margaritas with me, meanwhile when I flagged a rando dude for openly asking for genocide of Jews, that was totes fine.

While I’m sure the assholes of the world have their own fake words for dog-whistles, some of what I’ve seen in the fun woman-centric groups is saying nem instead of men. Or typing wyt instead of white. I see seggs or seggsy instead of sexy. In an animal group, people use nipnops because nipples are another naughty word. In video captions, I’m also seeing things like “dude sounds like a graper” because they’re worried saying rapist would get them flagged.

This is super interesting to me from a linguistics perspective, because it’s like a modern variation on cant and Cockney rhyming slang where people are working out abbreviations essentially as they go and getting others to understand. Not gonna lie, I love it. It’s not typical slang in the usual sense, fam. It’s definitely done to modify words to slip under the radar (instead of just being cool or in the know), which is why I think it’s closer to cant or Cockney rhyming slang.

What else is cool again that is definitely not new?



  1. I had a joke post automatically rejected on another site recently, but of course they don’t tell you why because they don’t want to encourage people to come up with new spellings to avoid the filters.

    By trial and error I figured out it was the word balderdash that was verboten.

    merriam-webster.com has no hint of what might be a reason for being a problem, except for a cryptic reference that it once “referred to an odd and usually objectionable mixture of drinks (such as beer and milk or beer and wine). ” I don’t think that was actually the issue, though.


  2. I saw cargo pants at Target the other day. They were cut a little differently, more like joggers. I don’t hate the idea. And now my neighbor that has been wearing cargo shorts since I moved here 12 years ago will be in style again.

    • i know several 15-16 year old girls who have been utterly demoralised by the fact that they can no longer find whatever the correct term for straight/tight jeans is. it’s all baggy and bell bottoms…so, basically, as far as i can tell, a seventies bell bottom design with a 90’s hip hop baggy design but only with the 80’s rips in them design. as nostalgic a person i am, i just…no.


      however; i am grateful to have a relative talking point when i find myself in an environment consisting of 15/16 year old girls.


  3. i’m not going to make a post of it until at least more than a few people complain to me privately about it…but, for anyone reading this, i know the site is slow and misbehaving. a lot of the recent updates aren’t fans of all of my old scripts i dropped in the core so it’s going to take a lot of time to sort it all out. sorry.

    • I haven’t noticed anything except the thing where sometimes scheduled posts don’t publish. You said you had a script to force publish stuck posts, so that seems to take care of the issue.

      Is there a recommended lead time for scheduling something? Like, if it is +2 hours, that is something good to know as a deadline.

      • There is no specific lead time…you can schedule posts to publish years in advance, however; there might be a daylight savings time issue that @elliecoo pointed out because they schedule fyce posts 18 years in advance that we can’t test until the time changes.

        as for them not publishing when they should, i recently wrote code to an antiquated plugin and uploaded it to the server…since then i have had no one mention to me any of their posts failing to post on time. so *crosses fingers* that has been working.

        so, if you, or anyone, schedules a post and it doesn’t post on time please wait 15 minutes and if it doesn’t post within 15 minutes, pm me so i can force it? it’d help me trouble shoot to figure out what scripts i might be able to add.

    • I haven’t had any issues with the NOTs and I’ve done them on my old ass laptop as well as my fancy smartphone.

      That being said, there’s no quotes, links, etc with my posts, they’re always pretty damn basic.

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