What’s on the menu? [24/10/22]

overhead image of several bowls of different soups

Hi, friends!

It’s getting to nice fall weather. Anybody shifting around recipes to dip into cool weather favorites?

My kale and bok choy are big enough to start eating, so I’m definitely making a kale and butter bean soup this week!

Also the lettuce has grown enough to eat so some salads are on the menu, too.



  1. I’m going to make chicken stock next week. Right now I’m sick of food. I’m tired of cooking, and tired of figuring out what to make. So I bought some protein powder and I’m just gonna drink my meals until I’m over it.

  2. With Better Half on the other side of the country I made a Celebrity Sunday Matinee meal  over the weekend. I won’t tell you what it was but I will tell you who it was: Kirk Douglas, who lived to be 103 (sort of. Technically.)

    I’m woefully behind on my Sunday Celebrity Matinee posts so tomorrow night I’m going to make another one. This will involve a hobble down to the local twee storefront “butchery” run by the two white guys, one still sporting a man bun from five years ago or whenever they last didn’t look ridiculous, because it involves lamb. In my neck of the woods the Recents disdain lamb (and most meat, especially if it’s not “humane” and “organic”; all life is organic by nature I think) and the Lifers can’t get enough goat (and the usually discarded parts of other animals; I’m surprised they don’t have help-yourself cisterns of possum stew), so the markets don’t usually carry lamb.

    Pray for me, my brethren and sistren.

    • No Halal stores? There’s a small Pakistani grocery about a mile from me which has a small butcher where you can see people buying 20 pounds of lamb, goat and chicken at a time.

      • Plenty of halal, that’s where the goat demand comes from, the immigrants from Muslim Africa like it. Also the immigrants from the Caribbean. I think lamb is just more expensive and the latest additions to Our American Family can’t afford it. I don’t really know why it’s so much more expensive; you would think it would cost about the same to raise a lamb as a goat and ship it into New York but apparently not. At the better restaurants you see lamb on the menu but I can’t remember ever seeing goat, except for this one upscale Jamaican place that I liked but it only lasted about three months.

        That place had an interesting story. It was a money-laundering front for a secretive Chinese billionaire, one of many of his money-laundering fronts, and he thought by parking his ill-gotten gains in things like Jamaican restaurants and construction companies in the Midwest no one would ever put two and two together, but he underestimated the reach and the intelligence of the Chinese regime.

      • Where I am lamb falls into this divide where it’s either too expensive for those who would like to eat it or too abhorrent for the high-minded, as if you were going to eat the family cat. Veal is the other can’t afford it/wouldn’t eat it item on this list.

  3. I’m all cooked out.  My youngest came home for the weekend with a list of food demands so in the last 3 days I have made mochiko chicken, black beans and rice, tacos, salsa, ahi poke, and spam musubis.  Luckily we are about to go to the neighbors for dinner cause I am done.

    • My in-laws are in town. In the past couple of days I’ve made a Zsa Zsa’s Hungarian goulash, moqueca, and bean and barley soup. I’ve also booked three restaurants with outdoor seating for three date nights this week. We’re taking advantage of having the grand parents in town and making up for zero dates since 2019 (and if I’m being honest/realistic no future dates until probably next summer).

  4. Dry dog food is on the menu. I walked to the grocery store today and for some reason they had a bag of my dog’s food on sale.  A 30 pound bag. So I squeezed it in my backpack and gave up on groceries.

  5. no idea…courtesy of my work being an absolute corona plague pit ive been living and eating sepperate from the missus and daughter…. till they get their latest jabs today

    so ive been mostly having to cook for myself…. you know who has two opposable thumbs and will live of sausage rolls and cup a soups?

    i did make myself a curry yesterday…..maybe over did it a little on the heat

    my morning poo was an experience…..lol

    anyways…life should be back to normal today or tomorow depending on how badly they take to the jabs this time

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