What’s on the menu? [NOT 16/11/21]

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Hi, friends!

What’s cooking this week? Trying out anything fun and different? Getting back to cooler weather recipes if you live somewhere that’s chilly?

I picked up a box of the holiday vegetable hash from Trader Joe’s. I’ve been dealing with laziness issues with cooking lately and needed a good shortcut. It’s very good! Also a quick 10 minutes of some sauteing with olive oil and it was ready! Probably great in omelets or soups, but also I just made it as a stand-alone side.



    • Nice! Do you go all out and make your bechamel to start or use canned soup?

      Part of why I don’t bother with a lot of recipes is typically the cream of (whatever) soups have soy protein in them and boooo food allergy. And while I could make a bechamel or roux without too much work, eh, I’m pretty lazy.

    • I was thinking about it reading your comment, and I don’t have a single old entree recipe from my grandma on my dad’s side of the family.

      I’m guessing it’s because they both had been told by the doctor to do the whole low-fat diet that so many were peddling in the 80s and 90s. So what I remember eating at their house was from that era of recipes.

  1. I’m in a very unhealthy mood & wife boycotted chicken I just defrosted so it’s either Korean fried chicken or chicken katsu.  Katsu option is easier but I’ve never made this Korean recipe from an overdue library book, sooooo?

  2. I’m having new floors put in this week so I’m mostly cooking for the contractors. Sausage and pepper sandwiches, BBQ sandwiches, chili, and I’ll have to order pizza one day while they’re doing the kitchen.

  3. I have set myself up for a Thanksgiving Challenge. We were going to order in from a restaurant. Unfortunately far too many restaurants flip over to uninspiring Thanksgiving-theme food and jack up the prices. That’s the last thing that I want. So tomorrow I’m going to go through the current online menus of some of our favorite restaurants and cobble together a meal for us featuring things I could plausibly make. Mine should be a pretty interesting menu.

    We have also, quite suddenly, been hit with food sticker shock. We seemed to be doing fine but no longer and we’re seeing the food inflation that’s been grabbing national headlines for months. I’m not really sure what took so long but now it’s upon us.

  4. I had a mushroom and cheese omelette for dinner, chased with some leftover Halloween candy.

    Had to call and remind my dad to take the 30 lb turkey out of the freeze tomorrow.

    Who thinks I’ll arrive in Ohio to a still frozen turkey next week? [raises hand]

  5. I just made this:

    Had to substitute onion salt for the onion, and Ms. Meme much prefers spinach over kale, so we did that and it is … fantastic? And we have a good quart-plus left over. Winner-winner, meatless dinner.

    Paired nicely with this:

    Roblar Winery California Cabernet Sauvignon


    Muchas gracias a @Loveshaq for the red-wine solution to the booster blues. It definitely is helping! (Also helpful: ibuprofen.)

  6. i think saturday is the only day im cooking this week..and i have no idea what i will cook then yet

    between overtime at work and a daughter that wont eat pretty much anything..i got completely put off cooking for the time being

    sooo with the missus now in charge of cooking..im basically 100% vegetarian now…for dinner anyways (ham sandwiches dont count..thats breakfast)

    pretty seasony stuff mostly…heavy on the roast potatoes,cabbage and carrots…some really pretty good chinese style cooking

    and its oddly cathartic that the daughter poopoos her cooking too…..takes the sting out a little

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