What’s on the menu? [NOT 20/3/22]

image of brownie a la mode and a carafe of milk

Hi, friends!

What’s on the menu today or this week?

I made a big batch of cooked greens, rice, and lentils which would be the healthy and smart choice.

However, I worked a fundraiser outside for 4 hours today and I’m sweaty and exhausted so realistically I’m getting ice cream for dinner.



  1. Sauteeing mushrooms right now for burgers. Also poured a big glass of cabernet.

    I did not do fundraising, but I did spend some time wandering around an art festival. These two things are not remotely equivalent and I’m ashamed of my slothfulness.

    No, I’m not.

    Really big glass of cabernet.

  2. I need to use up some stuff in the freezer before it gets too old. I’m thawing out beef barley soup, tuna casserole, and Mississippi Chicken. I also cut up bell peppers and onions to roast tomorrow, and will make some rice.

  3. I bought cookies yesterday at a Baltic restaurant that were part of a fundraiser for Ukraine.

    I also made stuffed cabbage today that are traditional in the Baltics/Poland BUT…

    … watching the Japanese show Midnight Diner (aka Shinya Shokudō) I found out stuffed cabbage in this exact style has also been very popular in Japan. It turns out it goes back to the turn of the 20th Century.  I knew that the Japanese had picked up some Western dishes, especially recently, but this one surprised me.

  4. It was a busy day and there was grading of differential equations papers tonight, so we had buckuric and cevapcici, which is one of my favorites.  It’s basically whatever’s left in the fridge, baked.  With these Serbian sausages that my wife brought back from Chicago.  Where my wife comes from, people would be embarrassed to serve this to guests, but it’s so freaking delicious.  There’s some left over, and I’m really tempted to go finish it off, but I already brushed my teeth and should really be in bed now.



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