What’s On The Menu? [NOT 22/5/23]

Hi, friends! I hope your Monday went well!

What’s on the menu for you this week? Are you getting takeout? Pizza delivery? Home cooking?

I’m continuing my salad strategy, I’m down to only 3 heads of lettuce left in the garden. And it’s nice having meals where all I’m doing is chopping veggies and draining canned beans to make. Because I’m lazy and not motivated to cook more than once or twice a week.

My goal this week is to use the kale up, since it’s not only a cool weather crop currently on life support under shade cloth, but also because once I finish that off, that segment of my raised bed is available for warm weather stuff. Unsure what I will plant there, I already got like 4 different tomato plants and a bunch of peppers. I might try a squash plant, but I’m only so-so interested in squash and if it survived the squash bugs and vine borer moths and I ended up with a lot of it? Yiiiikes. I’ll probably just add another hot pepper. I don’t care for them much, but I like knowing the squirrels like them even less than me.

Anyways, that kale is probably going to end up as colcannon because that is a delightful way to eat kale.

How about you?



  1. I bought pita bread and caramelized onion hummus from Aldi. I had that with cucumbers for dinner. I think I’ll make pizza tomorrow with some of the pita. Not sure for the rest of the week.

  2. Air fryer salmon fillets (with a light coating of olive oil and Salt/black pepper) with a side of butter egg noodles when I get home tonight. Also throw in some fresh carrots and tomatoes.

    In part to avoid eating McDs or A&W when I work on afternoons this week. Also trying to let my stomach heal after this past week.

    • Fuck yeah I love a good freezer cleanout! Last year I timed it perfectly (entirely by accident!) that I finished off the last of the frozen garden veggies right as the new ones started coming in.

  3. OT but right now a lot of NA can see a pretty close encounter between the crescent moon and Jupiter. I just read it was more impressive a few days ago, but this is still a nice look.

  4. I made Elliecoo’s shrimp meatballs. They were delicious and satisfying!

    Most of my kitchen appliances are installed now. We were instructed to run the speed oven for an hour and then clean it because it burns off this weird toxic smell. So glad we read the instructions because I would be pissed if my first oven meal was ruined by that smell.

  5. made pasta pesto… which in my case means cheesy tortellini with runner beans carrots smoked salmon and pesto

    no idea what im making the rest of the week….but a lot of it will probably involve carrots….i kind of have a lot of them

    • If you have any honey lying around, you can always coat the carrots in that (and add a little butter and garlic if you want) and make this in a pot or roast them on a sheet pan in the oven. I do this all the time, depending on the weather (cold snaps call for roasting; heat waves = stovetop in the pot.)

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