What’s on the Menu? [NOT 24/1/21]

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Hi friends! What’s on the menu this week?

I’m making chili today, and since I’m writing this about 3 hours before y’all see it, by the time this posts my kitchen will smell AMAZING from the chili goodness.

To make matters EVEN BETTER, I have a spicy corn salsa I jarred back in late August, so that’s going to be an awesome addition.



    • Chicken thighs are such a great and easy thing to make, and there are as many recipes as there are grains of sand on the beach! 
      Last night (Sunday night) I made cheese tortellini in a marinara sauce. Last Friday night I made Cullen skink for Meatless Friday, and that will be showing up at some point in a FYCE post. It’s Scottish: it’s a really simple smoked haddock chowder, well, simple if you can get your hands on smoked haddock fillets.
      Tonight I think I’m just going to make cheeseburgers, but a variety I’ve only seen in diners: I’m going to use mozzarella cheese and spoon on a little of the leftover marinara sauce. It’s very messy but DEEEE-lish.

  1. First, I would like to remind everyone that I flatly stated back in October that the Packers would not be winning the Super Bowl this year.  For those of you who are not football people, I’m taking this moment to note that my decision to dump them was good and correct.  Go Patriots!
    I made fajitas.  Yes, there will be an FYCE post.  But, I’m too giddy at watching the Packers choke AGAIN.  They were 4th down and deep in the red zone with only a few minutes left in the game.  Down by 5 points, any intelligent team would go for it and let the chips fall where they may.  The Packers, of course, kicked a field goal and never saw the ball again.  This, my friends, is why I am free from the oppression that is Green Bay Packer fandom.

  2. My friend and I made baked chicken breasts with a mushroom cream sauce and brown rice. It was delicious. And it’s entirely gone, except for the sauce. Tomorrow will be leftovers from last night and sandwiches, and Tuesday we’re making baked potato soup for lunch. After that, I’ll be home, and I have no idea what I’ll be making. Probably lots of pantry and freezer clean-out meals because I can’t really go shopping for 2 weeks (I have like, $30 left, so that’s enough for a few essentials, but any big shopping will have to wait). I know I have a couple packages of ground turkey in the freezer, and 8 cube steaks… other than that, there’s a bit of this and a bit of that, so… we shall see what happens there!

  3. Tonight was leftover pasta marinara and broccoli. I’m having trouble planning much more than that… Tomorrow is my cat’s surgery, and the stress finally caught up to me. Today has been spent mostly with a knot in my stomach thinking about her last day as a two eyed cat… And that’s assuming everything goes well. I feel better knowing she went through dental work a year ago, so she’s recently been through anesthesia at the same vet, so at least an allergic reaction is unlikely. But surgery always has the chance to go sideways. I keep trying to tell my brain it’s best not to dwell on it.
    We talked it through with Lil again and he seems unconcerned, so hopefully he’ll take her new appearance in stride. I think he will. 

  4. I made BBQ chicken pizza for dinner. It was so so. I’m sort of tired of food. I’ve become an indifferent cook. I can’t think of anything I really want to make or eat. Except bread, I never get tired of bread. But I can’t eat carbs all day day long!  *sigh*

  5. I’ve hit a cooking roadblock after a solid week of cooking all pescatarian recipes.  Last night we ordered Bentos & teriyaki, tonight is Costco pot pies.  I need some inspiration & energy to figure week menu.  We finally got the greenhouse delivered & I started to assemble when we immediately found a wrong part on the base frame so dead in the water for awhile.  That, working outside in 37 degrees & then having brand new computer crap out with 2 jobs due on the dead drive has been stressful.  I wish I stuck with coding right now, I only know enough to get in trouble 

    • The NY Times ran this recipe which sounds pretty great if you like Korean and can get the ingredients:

      • My whole family loves Korean & we have great Asian stores nearby so I will definitely do this!  We buy giant jars of Kim Chee & eat it with everything.  Thanks for this.  It’s funny because in Hawaii, Korean food is dirt cheap & here it is super expensive.  Not what you would expect.

        • One of the best meals I ever ate was at a Korean restaurant in Koreatown. It was most definitely not a tourist trap. I was the only non-Korean in there. I went with a group of Korean friends, one of whom belonged to a Korean cultural organization. A very discreet entrance leads to this huge dining room, almost like a banquet hall, so they must have taken over the second floor of two or three adjacent buildings. The menus were in Korean but they managed to find an English one for me. 
          The menu didn’t seem all that pricey but I learned that it was “family style,” so you were supposed to get many, many different plates and share all around. In the center of the table was a grill, and you could either grill the items that needed it yourself or the waiter would do it for you. Luckily the cultural association picked up the tab; it ended up being well over $100 per person, but I am always glad to foster international comity, especially if there’s free and delicious food involved.
          One of the couples grew up not far from the DMZ. They told me that as children they would go to the beach on Saturdays and watch the North Korean warships showing off. “That must have been a little weird.” “Nah, they’re a paper tiger. If they ever tried anything against us it would be like cavemen attacking the Pentagon with rocks and sticks.”

  6. I’ve got a whole chicken thawing in the fridge which I’ll be popping into the versacooker to make homemade rotisserie style. Probably be pairing it with some potatoes & roasted veg. Staying mild with food for the next few days since I’ve had an unhappy stomach last night and today.

  7. I had good intentions for cooking yesterday but I spent the whole day sewing the zipper into my new sweater, the one I steeked, turns out getting the nerve to cut my knitting open took about a week, plus the internal debate over hand sewing or machine sewing, I went with hand sewing, which turned out to be the right choice because the sweater has stripes and there was a bit of fiddling involved with getting the stripes aligned. Anyway, done, looks good and I’m wearing it right now. I also added a collar but used the yarn for the collar to make a ‘stay awake for this program’ hat, so it’s not as it should be. looks fine though.
    So today I’m going to cook a turkey breast and some lentil soup. I found out you can make worcestershire sauce from scratch so that will happen soon, people are selling worcestershire without anchovies! that is so wrong.

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