What’s on the menu? [NOT 27/12/21]

overhead image of several bowls of different soups

Hi, friends!

How did your Monday go? Decent start to the week?

After the holidays I’m always going back and forth between *fuck I need to eat all these leftovers* and *jesus fuck I need easy and gentle foods because my body needs a break from all that holiday food.*

Anyways, Sunday and Monday I used up the remainder of the shark coochie board for lunches. (if you don’t know the meme about dumb people not knowing how to pronouce charcuterie, now you do)

And I have made a casserole with spaghetti squash and a few other ingredients that I can use for dinner all week. If I’m smart, I’ll make a lentil soup with the last of my kale from the garden because New Year’s Day it’s supposed to drop down to like 22 degrees and I don’t think they’ll make it even covered that night. Parsley somehow hasn’t died yet either, so maybe I’ll do a lentil salad and then sauté the kale instead. Eh, I’ll figure it out. Ooohh I have crowder peas in the freezer, I could Hoppin John for New Year’s maybe. Well damn, now I need to figure this out.



  1. my daughters fucked off for the week…so i actually get to cook! whoop whoop!

    i mean..i havent planned anything…thats not how i work

    todays food was cheese stuffed tortellinis with brocolli, smoked salmon and a creamy garlic and dill sauce..shalot added for good measure

    tomorows….who knows… but i have surimi that needs using…so…probably something with that

  2. I’m craving soup but I’m out of homemade stock and sick to death of cooking. I think I’ll pick up some lobster bisque from Fresh Market tomorrow and a quart of Hot and Sour from one of my local Chinese restaurants and eat that for the rest of the week.

  3. I’m trying that chicken sausage/sweet potato/apple thing that @matthewcrawley posted recently.

    Just about to come out of the oven.  I think I should have gotten smaller/fewer sweet potatoes, the whole thing is like, 60% sweet potatoes.  split it in two and stuck the other one in the fridge for tomorrow, I’ll see how that works out.

    Tried the chicken cordon bleu recipe that @Elliecoo posted some time back, and I screwed up by not getting the thin chicken breasts.  I got thinner ones this time, but not quite thin enough, I don’t think?  not as bad as my first attempt, but not great.  it was okay, but I think it’s a bit much work for me…

    Anyways, back to netflix and stardew valley…

  4. I made garlic prawns by request tonight & Szechuan peppercorn eggplant.  Not sure about week but loaded up on veggies in case we get trapped due to shitty roads.  I promised the girls Sashimi & sushi for New Year’s Eve.

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