What’s on the menu? [NOT 27/3/21]

overhead view of someone prepping food - cuttting board, some chopped veggies, and a stock pot with ingredients in it

Hi, friends! What’s on the menu for tomorrow or this upcoming week?

Farsy, were your fishies from the fish man van good? Fried fish done right is sublime.

This morning I went to a different farmers market than the one I was thinking about last night. Sometimes I have moments that are peak suburbanite and the one farmers market has no dedicated parking nearby and I wasn’t sure what to do, the other one has several dedicated parking lots.

Anyways, I got delicious butter from one of the meat and egg vendors (they make their own butter and it’s delish), and some andouille sausage from a different meat vendor, and then YESSSSSS fresh home grown spinach.

So, tomorrow I’m going to saute that spinach in that butter. And cook up slices of that sausage with peppers and tomatoes. And then make some cauliflower rice and cook it in the sausage drippings. It’s gonna be soooo good.



  1. I made quesadillas tonight. I bought some paneer so I might make paneer tikka masala tomorrow, and I have a frozen lasagna for sometime this week. Lil was requesting making cookies (I’ve been letting him “help” with baking occasionally), so I’m thinking about peanut butter cookies too. 

  2. I found a couple packs of boneless pork chops in the freezer that all had 2 or 3 chops each, so I dumped all of them in the crockpot this morning with a chopped onion, a handful of crushed garlic cloves, halved crimini mushrooms, garlic salt, pepper, and a box of GF portobello mushroom soup. It’s smelling lovely but won’t be ready til 10pm or so (we eat late, most nights). I’ll throw a 13×9 pan of rice into the oven in an hour, and then it’ll all be ready at the same time. 
    Tomorrow will be leftovers and sandwiches (grilled sandwiches, if I’m feeling good), and the day after…? Who knows? I need to clear out all the random stuff in the freezer. I have several small bags of what I think is either sesame, orange, or General Tso’s chicken (food pantry stuff isn’t always labeled very well…) and 2 bags of broccoli, so maybe that? 

  3. We went straight from airport to eat fresh fish straight from Hawaii’s biggest fish market.  I had Furikake Ahi & girls had fried Ono w/ Lomilomi salsa.  Soooooo good.  Got to hug my mom for first time in forever.  Rest of week is trying not to die of mercury poisoning from all the fish I’ll be eating & fat from malasadas.

  4. oh yes the fishies were good…thats why im a loyal repeat customer there
    always nice and herby with crispy batter…basically just the way i like it
    fresh fish helps too 🙂
    todays menu is…i have no idea….depends on how long it takes me to fix my bike
    might be lazy and order beef roti

  5. Baking sourdough bread today. My Misfit’s Market shipment has been delayed, if it comes today I’m making cucumber kimchi with 2 lbs of mini cucumbers. Also using up random freezer meals, in June i will start the meat CSA again so I want all that gone to start fresh.

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