What’s on the Menu? [NOT 5/9/21]

Hi, friends!

Anyone making really exciting food this week?

My beautiful giant Marconi peppers are ripening! I’ve picked 7 this week and I’m so fucking excited to grill a few of them tonight with dinner. They’re so pretty and I have another dozen or so coming in on my 1 plant and a half dozen on the other. For the record, this is a great science experiment for about 6 hours of sunlight (6 peppers coming in) vs full sun (7 picked so far, another 10-12 coming in already). Both plants bought from Lowe’s, although the one that’s not in full sun I bought and planted a week later.

Anyways, I also have about half a pound of green beans from my plants to cook. And I bought a lb of yellow flat beans from the farmer’s market yesterday along with corn, zucchini, and crowder peas. So I think I’m going to make a bunch of different veggies and just make plates as I want all week. OHHHH and I bought a gorgeous green cabbage so that’s going to delightful.

Thankfully, the tomatoes have slowed down and one plant I yanked out today because it was basically dead. I had so many tomatoes for a while there, I was giving the extras to a few neighbors. Unless something goes horribly wrong in the next few weeks, I’ll probably have another burst of my Yellow Boys right before October starts.



  1. This week a dijon crusted salmon, those pineapple shrimp fajitas, a pasta salad, chocolate cookies, and other stuff…

    My heirloom tomatoes were a fail; next year roma only. At least the herbs are still doing well.

    • I really wanted to grow a paste tomato this year but I couldn’t find any Juliet tomatoes and that’s what 4 different old codgers in either my neighborhood or who I ran into at Lowe’s all recommended and I feel like they would know the good varieties. Lowe’s had a “San Marzano” tomato, but those seedlings looked like crap when I was getting my plant babies early in the summer. 

      I did plant 2 heirlooms – a chocolate sprinkles cherry tomato and a green zebra slicer. The chocolate sprinkles hasn’t been that big of a yielder, but it’s been consistent. I’d grow it again, they’re a pretty meaty cherry tomato. The green zebra tomatoes are small and very flavorful, but I’ve gotten a whopping 4 tomatoes so far this summer. So probably not again on that one, either. 


      • As Hilaria Baldwin (thumbnail bio: born Hillary Hayward-Thomas in Boston; on the Thomas side her family has been here since before the American Revolution, Mom is a Massachusetts-born doctor at Mass General; graduate of the tony Cambridge School in Weston, MA and of NYU) so famously and hilariously (of Hilaria-ously) once said, “Do you have any, uh, how do you say, cucumber?”

  2. We’re having vaxxed friends over for dinner tomorrow, and I’m making farro with shrimp and artichoke hearts, farmer’s market pork loin with sage and garlic, roasted beets with feta and walnuts, tomatoes and basil with mozzarella from my favorite 100+ year old Italian grocer plus their cheap wine and bread.

  3. All y’all over here eating so healthy… I’m over here with a fridge full of fast food leftovers from Husband’s job and not much else! 
    I really need to go grocery shopping. 
    The last thing I cooked was on Thursday… a pasta casserole that was an unholy mixture of 2 boxes of lasagna hamburger helper, a box of generic mac and cheese, chopped up leftover burger patties, canned diced tomatoes, and dried onion, carrots, and spinach. Added some garlic salt, Italian seasoning, and parmesan cheese and baked the whole pile until the noodles were done. Topped it with some shredded Chihuahua cheese and popped it under the broiler to finish it off. It was actually delicious, but I shudder to think how unhealthy it was despite the added veggies.
    I need to do better this week. 

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