What’s on the menu this week? [NOT 10/7/22]

Hi, friends!

How did your weekend go? Decent weather? Bad weather? We had a lot of rain yesterday morning which kept it cool for the day. Today was pretty standard July weather.

What’s in meal roation this week? I’ve been enjoying fresh blackberries from the farmer’s market, and my tomatoes and peppers are starting to come in. Almost nothing for peppers this year so far, unlike last year, but pretty sure the massive heat wave in June is why – I think the plants just dropped flowers because of the heat stress despite my regular watering.

We’re at that point in the summer called “chop up peppers and tomatoes and onions and add beans and shredded cheese” and just eat that for days. 🙂



  1. Pork picnic shoulder was 75 cents a pound at my grocery so I trimmed one and tossed the meat and bone separately on the smoker for almost six hours.

    Sandwiches tonight, tacos and who knows what else this week. After I pick the meat off the bone I’m thinking I’ll cook it with French lentils.

  2. We have a small trough garden and grow tomatoes and peppers, both of which are coming in. I like to hollow out the banana and Anaheims,  stuff them with cheese, or beef and cheese.  Later in the summer when corn is plentiful I’ll mix roasted corn kernels with whatever else I’m using. Plug the end with a piece of bread, grill and top with salsa and sour cream.
    I’ve been using the tomatoes for a version of Pan con Tomate. I grate a couple of Romas into a skillet, add some oil and garlic, cook down for about 10 or 15 minutes until it’s nice and jammy. Spread an herbed goat cheese on a slice of good toasted bread, top with the tomato, sprinkle with a little basil and salt. It’s a quick, easy, and flavorful lunch or snack.

  3. Another successful fishing trip in the books. The freezer is now totally packed with fish and grass fed meats. We also bought a whole wheel of Romano at wholesale because Mrs Butcher has been wanting to use her giant rotary cheese grater for years.

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