What’s on the menu this week? [NOT 12/9/22]

Hi, friends!

What’s eating this week?

The winter squashes are coming in and I’m so excited! I love squash!

Anyways, I got butternut squash, spaghetti squash, and carnival squash currently in my kitchen. First time I’ve had carnival squash before, it’s basically acorn squash with skin that has patterning like a delicata squash.

This week’s squash dish is some cubed butternut squash I cooked in a skillet with bacon grease, onion, delicious delicious lacinato kale, and some chopped peppers from the yard. It tastes amazing.

Also I got a fuckton more green beans and yellow romano beans this weekend off the plants, so wow guess I’m eating a bunch more of those this week, too.



  1. I made and froze a bunch of tamales last week and hope to make a bunch more before too long to be ready for Christmas.

    If I get really ambitious I may make Central American ones too.

  2. Completely unrelated to food! Last night was the new season starting of Sister Wives and that fucking assclown husband, ugh. My friends and I have long been like what does he do, he has no function and seems to be the only one unaware of that…

    So wife #3 is leaving the group and one of the things she brought up was he wasn’t there for her for years before covid. One of the examples was when they all lived in the same house and she had to work nights and he wouldn’t fucking go downstairs (she was the “basement wife” which is a thing apparently in polygamous communities) and tuck his kids in because he was too busy. So her 5th grader tucked in the younger kids. What a fucking douche, no wonder her kids aren’t close to him.

  3. This is part of the reason I’m SO excited for the upcoming releases of The Little Mermaid *and* Wakanda Forever😉😁😃🤗💖


    We need MORE BIPOC disney princesses, Ariel and all the Marvel Superhero-Princesses (and Queen!😉😁💖) are a good start, but ONLY a start!

    I am SO excited, for the little Black girls (and the bigger ones, too!💝) I work with, that they’re FINALLY going to have some more beautiful, talented, smart, FIERCE, and powerful Disney Princesses, War Dogs, & Dora Milaje *Who LOOK like them*!!!

    It MATTERS, it soooooooo fucking MATTERS, that they see themselves represented onscreen!😍🥰😃💖💝


    • Black Panther was also just such a love letter to strong female characters that I’m super stoked for Wakanda Forever! Like Wonder Woman? Okay you get 1 female character for most of the movie. Captain Marvel? Okay you get 2 female characters for most of the movie. Black Panther? Sister, Love Interest, General, Dora Milaje, Mother. Tons of female characters doing amazing shit.

      • Not to mention, Sister, Love Interest, General, Dora Milaje, Mother, War Dogs (so spies & assassins!), QUEEN, and PRINCESS!😉😁💖

        Carrie Fischer’s Leia & Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman were gamechangers, for those of us girls who grew up in the back half of Gen-X, and most of the Millenial generation, too.

        They were BADASSES, who saved *the guys*

        Leia became a GENERAL. She wasn’t just some helpless old-school princess, *waiting around* to get saved–she plotted and saved herself and OTHERS…

        And Lynda Carter’s WW flew the plane, deflected bullets, caught bad guys, AND did it all in basically a bustier, hot pants, & go-go boots!😉

        We also had Daisy Duke outsmarted the guys while dressed like a cheesecake car-model, and Jem & She-Ra, too.

        The fact that now, little Black girls will have that same range of cool, fashionable (and let’s be honest, HOT!😉😁💖) Badassery that *we* had as kids–the sort of examples that turned *so* many of us into Feminists?

        It makes me SO happy for my girls!😉😁🤗💖💞💫

  4. i was supposed to have a 3 bean burrito for dinner last night…but i got back home so dead from work and the after effects of my weekend that i napped right past dinner time…..soooo….had my burrito for breakfast

    my tumtum is now making some truly epic gurgles that make me think maybe this was not the best idea ive ever had

  5. Random question. When you say/hear/read the word “sandstorm”🎶 Dedededede da dedededede 🎶 does your brain automatically go to the song by Darude? I was reading my little one a book about global climates and sandstorms 🎶 Dedededede da dedededede 🎶 (there it goes again) came up. Is it just me?


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