What’s on the menu this week? [NOT 20/7/22]

Hi, friends!

Happy Wednesday! I hope things are going well.

What are folks eating? Any fun meals planned for this weekend?

I am starting to get a bunch of ripe tomatoes, but they’ve been a little ugly. I chopped them up and let them cook in their own juices with some spices, onion, zucchini, bell pepper, and a few cayennne peppers from my garden. Then I was like huh this sure is super juicy, time to add rice to soak all that up. Damn it’s been amazing!

I’m composing this Tuesday night, so we’ll wait and see if I go to the Wednesday farmers market nearby. I feel very accomplished because I finished that giant watermelon today. Do I think I’ll be stupid enough to buy another one? Yeah, Probably.



    • Maybe clichéd, but with the temps lately,I honestly WOULD suggest a good cheese plate with some crudites (aka, a good chiz plate, with some fresh veggies like baby/regular carrots, celery, and cherry or grape tomatoes), and if the stores near you carry it, some Jimmy’s dill dip to tie everything together😉

      It’s good with pretty much *everything* on the cheese plate–obviously the veggies!–but also the cheese, crackers, & meat!😁💖

      • Cowboy caviar is another great choice for hot weather!

        This is a decent base recipe;


        I usually do black beans & garbanzo, with *maybe* some sort of white bean &/or kidney/pintos…

        Then all the veggies minus the avocado (i make a LORG batch & it stays in the fridge a few days!), and then I use the trick i learned from a former roommate to bind all the flavors together–dress it all with most of a bottle of Newman’s Own Italian Dressing. The flavor of the salad dressing is really well-balanced, and melds everything together perfectly!

        This dip/”salad” and some tortilla chips tends to make a reasonably well-balanced “hot summer day” meal, even if you’re a diabetic!😉😁❤

  1. I’ve convinced myself that watermelon is healthy, which coincides with this being when the really nice watermelons are turning up at the farm stands and grocery stores.  It’s nice when things work out like that.

  2. Possibly nothing with water? A big pipe broke down the street and we have no water, rumors say for a day. A nice neighbor just dropped off four gallon jugs and I’m off to get buckets from the stream for flushing toilets. Grr.

    • Awesome. Some years back the girl who lived next door found red newts living under the rocks in front of our houses. I haven’t seen them since, but I also haven’t looked. I did hear toads singing nearby this spring though, and we get them sometimes in our yard.

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