What’s on the Menu this week? [NOT 23/5/21]

Eat to Live|Live to Eat

What are folks eating this week? Is there stuff coming in season that you’re excited about and are enjoying?

Cherries finally dropped in price at the farmer’s market. The market is a mix of actual local farmers and vendors who get stuff from Produce Row and sell there. So cherries are always like “$5/lb” until abruptly in early summer it’s “$2/lb” suddenly. That happened this week, so I’ve got a big bag to snack on this week. 🙂 Usually a few weeks after it drops at the farmer’s market the local grocery stores drop prices, too. I guess this is the time of year they start coming in from the Pacific Northwest? I admit I’ve never researched it. I know for a fact they ain’t local.

My bok choy that that grew so amazingly well has well and truly bolted. So tonight I will be cutting out the scragglers I have left and cooking them with some andouille sausage I got at the farmer’s market. My spinach has also bolted, so I might pull up what’s salvageable from that and add as well, depending on how full the pot looks. And then some baby potatoes, because potatoes are delicious. That will be lunch or dinner for the week.

Typically I eat salads for my other big meal of the day, mainly because I’ve got a fuckton of arugula and my lettuce is still doing okay. Last year I don’t remember getting lettuce this long. Although yesterday and today were high 80s so my lettuce might be like FUCK YOU IMMA BOLTING this week anyways.

Side note – I tried finding a picture for something to do with leftovers and oversupply since I need to finish off my bok choy. Image results included things like “12 things to do with leftover breastmilk” so I gave up and used this earlier image instead.

Also! I am booked up Thursday night so if someone else would like to do a NOT that day, lemme know. 🙂



  1. My niece is in town tomorrow, so we’re having lawbstah.  Finishing up leftovers on Tuesday and then making something very tasty that I haven’t had in ages because Mrs. Butcher doesn’t like it.  Well, I don’t give a shit because she will have her own thing to eat.  It involves the fresh asparagus from our garden, mushrooms, diced ham steak, cream sauce and pasta.  It is…transcendent.

    • i thought lawbstah was a fancy foreignese dish i’d never heard of before
      then i said it out loud
      anyways…whatever you are making with asparagus…i wish to have a plate?
      you know how long its been since i had asparagus?
      like 15 years
      its a veg that shall not be at in this house
      mostly coz the missus is concerned about her pee smelling funny
      who gives a shit about that? its just you in that toilet lady
      anyways….it would go to waste here…so i dont buy it…..its delicious tho

  2. *checks pockets*
    yeah…..ive got like…six bucks to me name till tuesday…and an empty fridge
    got fucking loads of herbs n spices tho…and 3 eggs
    i think tomorows menu will be brocolli n couscous….with egg
    6 bucks should cover that
    thank fuck im not running low on tobacco….i hate making the choice between noms and smokes

    • That’s awesome! Appreciate the schedule. Most of the stone fruits we can grow locally, but I’ve not seen apricots at the market that are local. I think the late frost risk is too great for fucking up blossoms for apricots here. 

      • If you ever have a yard that has enough space for trees, there are at least a few varieties of apricots you should be able to grow there💖
        I can personally attest to the fact that they can be grown all the way up to *at least* the middle of MN😉
        My grandparents had at least one apricot tree, along with their plum, Haralson, & Dolgo trees–i think their apricot maaaay have been the Westcot…
        This is a bit north-y of you climate-wise, but it’s got cold varieties listed in the drop-downs, and a TON of really great info, should you ever have access to any stone-fruit trees of your own!💖; https://extension.umn.edu/fruit/growing-stone-fruits-home-garden

  3. Not food-related, unless you’re conting the fact that @RBReich just ate her lunch…
    But I figured y’all might like the cakle at this multitude of completely unforced errors from the Congressional-Box-O-Rocks as much as I did😆😂🤣

    There are just SO many things to giggle at her for… misspelling Berkeley *with an e*, the try (SO!)hard (presumably like Mariah?🤣) of “I don’t know you,” and then there’s the fact that she’s spouting this schiz at the former US Labor Secretary…

      • He’s one of my favorite folks to listen to in interviews, because he makes understanding HARD topics so easy!😉
        Obviously I’ve followed him since I joined the hellsite years ago, and this one was just TOO funny not to share🤣💖

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