What’s on the menu this week? [NOT 30/10/22]

picture of different types of Italian pasta shapes
mmmm carbs

Hi, friends!

I hope your weekend went well. Anything good happen?

What are you eating this week? I made a more complicated casserole than usual and it’s delicious. Basically I was like well fuck I got milk to use up (I don’t typically have milk in the house) and a ton of cherry tomatoes (the last of the season, I ripened them inside and it worked!!!!) so time to make a casserole. I roasted the tomatoes to dry them out, made some pasta, chopped up a bunch of kale* from the garden, and chopped up the dark meat from a rotiserie chicken.

So I started to make a bechamel sauce because I was being fancy and had to use up some of that milk. Then I was like what the fuck. What the fuck. It’s a pasta-based casserole. MORNAY SAUCE FOR THE WIN. I did not use gruyere/parm as I didn’t have those in the fridge. I did used a generous amount of pecorino romano and yuuuuuuummmm.

*this is the kale that keeps on giving and so far the most cost-effective vegetable I’ve grown. I bought a 6-pack of kale to be edible yard decor last fall. And then I ate it over the course of a few months and it was great. In the spring, it fucking came back! So I ate more. Then I forgot about it when it flowered and dropped seeds which sprouted a few months ago. Really the most amazing amount of kale for a $5 investment last fall. I hope it comes back in 4 months next spring.

Imaginary bonus points if you recognized the novel quote that I modeled the excerpt sentence from. 🙂



  1. I got a bunch of tunips and turnip greens at the market yesterday, and while I like turnip greens (and kale) the thing about them for me is you can start out with a gallon and they cook down to about a thimblefull.

    I also got cider which I’m fermenting for hard cider. I’ll see if I can successfully bottle it in the end.

  2. First chili of the season this week.

    Ground Pork and veal.

    Pinto beans

    Basically Drew McGary’s Deadspin chili minus the joint ashes and I use Pasata instead of canned tomatoes (because I prefer the (after) taste of saucy tomatoes than the metallic ones of canned ones.)

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