What’s on the menu this weekend? [NOT 26/6/21]

Hi, friends! How is your weekend going so far?

It’s hot as fuck here (along with many other places, thanks climate change for making us miserable). I was thinking about what to cook this week and I have a mix of a bunch of stuff that doesn’t lend itself to any specific dish.

A big bunch of lacinato kale, a big zucchini, a lb of green beans, bell peppers, a small bag of broccoli, and a bunch of green onions. Plus some assorted fruit and of course avocados.

I think I’ll make rice and then sauté the kale and add it to it, along with some random pantry stuff. I like slicing zucchini really thin and then using it raw in salads, so that’s an option.

But yeah, definitely going to be a week of “eh, let’s throw this stuff together and see what happens” which generally turns out fine. 🙂

What about y’all? Planning to make anything interesting?



  1. No. My wife and kid are visiting my mother-in-law and I’m trying to get work done. Fucking job. So I grilled Impossible burgers and cracked open some Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA. Because goddammit, if I’m working on the weekend, I’m drinking. Who cares if the numbers add up? Not me. 
    I may have been drinking for some time now. The fact that I sound like farscy should tip you off. 

  2. njet
    no plans to cook here
    well…i guess i have to tomorow…but im just makin fishy rice (not fishy dishy)
    anyhoos what you will need is enough rice for two….chuck a block of fishy boullion in with it…bring it to the boil and take it of the heat and ignore it
    also..a whitefish…marinated if possible (tillapia is my fave)
    anyways..what you do is cook yer rice…and ignore the shit out of it
    cut yer fish into bits ..throw those bits into the wok until they look halfway cooked
    then throw your veggie pack at it (i recomend shrooms leek and garlic)
    wok away for a couple minutes…then add all the rice to the wok stir it round and serve
    with soy sauce

  3. We have been having a lovely weekend with @MegMegMcGee. I made a spread of noshes last evening and drinks with homemade strawberry syrup. Today we had cocktails by 10:30 after cruising through market, did some of the art walk, hit the historic chocolate store, had French bistro lunch (more cocktails), hit the retro hipster area, and came home and took naps. We had sushi for dinner, and are having more cocktails. Ms. McGee is a delightful houseguest.

    • So jealous. Last night I was in a really cranky mood. I just want my physical life to get back to normal. I was leafing through my latest print edition of my college alumni magazine and that did nothing to improve my mood.

      “A woman I went to college with is a U. S. Representative. And what am I doing? Sitting around watching an overweight dog snore and envying him his life. Of course I’d never live in the district she represents. I’ve never even been but it sounds ghastly. But she doesn’t live there, right? Now she’s in DC. Maybe we should move to DC.”

      “Every time I have to go to Washington and you come with me you tell me how ridiculous it is. What do you suppose we’d do there?”

      “Well, I have friends who live there, and we’d make more. We could lobby somebody or something.”

      “You’ve taken the pain pill I see. Careful, Ms. Garland, you’re due to go on in 10 minutes. Now I’m going to take the dog out and leave you to your reading.”

      “We haven’t really eaten yet. I’ll make something while you’re out…”

      So I made tuna salad club sandwiches, of course I did, which required only the heat of the toaster.

      “Oh, I thought of something that will cheer you up. I downloaded the Bela Lugosi ‘Dracula’. We can sit at the island and watch that on the tablet.”

      “Oh no, beloved husband, that requires the wide-screen treatment.” So we set up tray tables in the living room and watched it on the flat-screen. I moved the hound’s food bowl in there too so he could eat and watch along with us. When the wolves start howling Lugosi/Count Dracula has the famous line, “Listen to them, children of the night. What music they make!” I said, “Listen, Beast, do you hear your ancestors calling to you?”

      “Alright, Count Crawley, the minute this is over I’m putting you back in your coffin.”

      “But I do my best work at night.”

      “Well, you used to, I’ll give you that.”

  4. I started a giant pot of beef and veggie stock last night with the assorted frozen veggie scraps and the picked-over beef neckbones I roasted a few days ago. I strained it and reduced it, but it needs to go in the fridge overnight so I can skim the rest of the fat off. Once that’s done, I’ll separate about half of it into freezer containers, and make a pot of soup with the other half. Maybe hamburger chowder, because I think I only  have ground beef in the freezer. 
    Tomorrow, lunch will be this baked feta and cherry tomatoes pasta dish that my bestie keeps raving about. 
    Other than that…? No idea. Probably sandwiches and snacks most nights this week. The a/c doesn’t really reach the kitchen!

  5. Yesterday I tested the FYCE recipe I’m posting tomorrow. 😉
    Today I’m going to try out the felafel mix I got from Nuts.com.
    That should keep me from having to fire up the stove when it is in the 90’s F later in the week.

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