What’s on the menu this weekend? [NOT 9/1/21]

overhead image of several bowls of different soups

Hi friends! Sorry for the late NOT. The day got away from me and then I forgot and did some errands and then was like oh fuck I never posted a NOT.

What’s on the menu this weekend? Anything you’re really enjoying?



  1. I roasted butternut squash cube (thanks, Costco, for making that really easy) with chopped up parsnips and some rosemary. It’s delicious!!!!

    • @Hannibal they look good. I marinate my salmon in a balsamic vinegar mixture before baking it on high to get the outside a bit crisp and the inside juicy.

      • I may do something Asian  inspired, a ginger and soy glaze. It depends on what side I make. I love when the outside is all crispy.

    • I like budget bytes. I make their dragon noodles sometimes. Also a “sausage kale skillet” that I make with soy crumbles. 

  2. Freezer clean out, baked salmon, rice and beans from a FYCE recipe with field roast vegan sausage, clam cakes, scallops, take out Chinese, homemade vegetable soup and sandwiches. 


  3. Meatloaf, baby.  The best goddamned meatloaf in the Western world.  Later this week, we’ll be making Mrs. Butcher’s version of Italian Wedding Soup.  During the winter we skip the escarole, but during the growing season we grow the escarole for the sole purpose of making soup.

    • What’s so special about this meatloaf? And what do you serve it with?

      • It’s simplicity is what makes it so awesome.  No fancy bullshit to distract from the perfect flavor.  I remember the first time I’d served it to the girls (when they were 14 and 6) and they were not impressed when I told them we were having meatloaf for dinner.  But, one bite was enough for them to declare it the Best Meatloaf Ever.  Usually, I serve it with steamed veggies of one type or another, but this time I decided to go full-blown 1955 and go with mashed potatoes, gravy and sweet corn.

          • I’m actually trying to figure out which recipes from my grandmother I can do for an FYCE post–but the mid-century chic is tough to get past.  Rest assured, if I can put some together I will be dedicating them to Cousin Matt.

        • I like simple! 

    • I’m a take it or leave it kind of girl with meatloaf. Like I don’t dislike it but it was never my favorite.

      What I do love is how people have such strong feelings about the right way to do meatloaf, typically based on how their mom made it.

      For example – to ketchup, or not to ketchup? 

      Also, we always used rolled oats as the binder (probably because oats are cheap and we always had them around). Other friends swear by breadcrumbs. Another friend always used crushed up ritz crackers as the binder. 

      • I think when I was a kid, my parents used the oats method.  I thought that was just how it was done, for some reason or other, and didn’t realize until maybe my thirties, that there are a whole bunch of meat loaf recipes, and most involve some sort of carbohydrate/starch as a filler – bread crumbs, oats, other stuff I’m forgetting…

      • I think my mom made meatloaf like twice ever…

    • upcoming Food You Can Eat post?

  4. After doing a tiny bit of cooking over my holiday break, I was thinking maybe I should try to do some “cooking” at least one night on weekends, instead of doing takeout every day.
    I had a tofurkey I forgot about, and also an onion, and some bacon, so I’m currently cooking a bacon-wrapped tofurkey on a bed of onion chunks.  (Insert dog-computer image) I have no idea what I’m doing.

  5. I made a sheet pan dinner tonight. Onions, peppers, mushrooms (HUGE mushrooms!), and turkey kielbasa, all cut into thick slices, given a quick spritz of olive oil, a sprinkle of garlic salt, and a sprinkle of this Greek herb blend I have. I also made a can of biscuits that I discovered during today’s fridge cleanout.
    Tomorrow I’m making taco meat and Mexican rice for the guys. We have tortilla chips and both corn and flour tortillas, salsa, sour cream, cheese, jalepeños, etc., so they can dress up the meat and rice to their specifications. 

    • so… do you have/use one of those olive oil sprayer gadgets?  If you do, I’d be curious to hear your opinions on it.
      If not, I’m still curious about your spritzing method…

      • Honestly, I just use the baking spray type spray olive oil. I started doing it that way because it’s easier to get a really small amount of oil on stuff. 

        • thanks!  I’ll have to remember to look for that on my next shopping outing, as it sounds like it could maybe be useful and labor saving and reduce dishwashing in a few situations.

      • I have an oil sprayer, one you load up with whatever you want and then pump the top to pressurize. It’s quite useful. I did have one that stopped working well after many years of use, and had to replace it. I’m trying to remember – I think it may have even been under a guarantee and they replaced it for me? 

  6. Leftover pork carnitas With red cabbage & radishes tomorrow, and then some leftover fried shrimp po’ boys. Yum.
    After I get through that I need to cook up some beans for the colder weather. I have some chopped collard greens to cook up with some ham that’ll go well with beans. 

  7. …I’ve been getting very lazy about cooking lately…so there’s currently a drawer in my freezer full of frozen dumplings/gyoza/potstickers in a couple of varieties along with a bag of koreage chicken…& a shelf of assorted dim sum

    …pretty much all of which took a dent in the last few days…along with what I have (since I was at school) considered the best 3-min instant flavored noodles…nissin’s chicken flavor (the sort that comes with a little sachet of sesame oil)

    …I’m not sure if that was their first flavor but I’m fairly sure it was a guy at nissin (possibly even the founder) who first thought of dehydrating blocks of noodles to sell that way but when I can’t be bothered but know I ought to eat something all of the above are pretty good to have on hand?

  8. I made Ethiopian food last night that I was very happy with, which was great because I’ve been tweaking the recipes and I’m finally pretty satisfied with them. (Get ready for Wednesday’s FYCE post!) I have leftovers of that for a bit. Super pumped to be able to satiate those cravings now. Who knows the next time I’ll feel safe going into a restaurant in the city? 
    Other than that, I have some tofu and tempeh that I need to use up, so I’ll probably be doing a stir fry, maybe fried rice. 

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