What’s the best thing about your job? [NOT 3/3/22]

Hi, friends!

Happy Thursday! I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday.

Today I was stuck dealing with a conversation over an hour long where a manager (whom I don’t report to) was pissy about an update I made 3 weeks ago. Because the dates were “wrong” because their team had to push back when work would be done. And the subsequent status email I sent out 2 weeks ago had the correct dates. So now they want to approve the updates, that I won’t be changing, since the work will be done this week.

Anyways, this conversation gets to continue tomorrow because they’re still pissy about it.

The absolute best part? All the dates I got were from updates I received from their teams. Soooooo yeah.

I love my job so much. It’s like a fucking Monty Python skit only it’s my life.



  1. The amount of stuff that is driven by defaults is amazing sometimes.

    Well, the font for this slide means we can’t have more than X number of characters, so can you abbreviate the unabbreviatable….

    Changing the date in this would be too difficult to update in the schedule, so can you just deliver sooner than necessary to avoid upsetting all of the nested dependencies….


  2. I believe I covered this last night but…

    I’d have to say being able to incoherently rant to people who don’t know I am ranting incoherently because they would have no clue what I was ranting about if I was being coherent.

    • A coworker fucked up an abbreviation (typed dire instead of dir) for a job title and I went on a 15 minute ramble about Pleistocene megafauna because it made me think of dire wolves. Surprisingly they still like me.

      Side note, now they know about dire wolves, giant sloths, smilodon, short-faced bears, and giant beavers.

  3. I probably would have said something else yesterday, but today I’m saying the best thing is my boss. He’s almost comically worried about me. “I’m worried that you’re kind of all alone out there and you don’t interact with other people in the company and I just feel like you’re lonely.” (I’m totally not.) Followed up by telling me to take a day off and spend time with my family.

    It’s been a minute since I had a boss that actually cared about my welfare.

  4. Some of the people I work for/with are quite arrogant and incompetent so I get the pleasure of seeing karmic shitshows often:

    1. A role that several people were up for (including myself), but senior management gave it to the stupidest least capable person  (because he was a buddy of senior management).  I walked in on said SLC Person getting his ass verbally reamed out twice in the hallway by managers. Not less than two weeks after the second ass reaming, he quit the role rather get fired.

    2. The person who took over what I thought was my role but I was just a political football to be kicked back to the production floor by management. I felt I was being polite to him and offered to help if he needed it despite the fact I was super pissed that I was the one getting booted out of the role (not his fault), but he brushed me off and was quite rude about it to me.  Okay motherfucker, don’t say I didn’t offer to help.

    Cue one year later, I get a call early in the morning on my day off. My supervisor wants me to help said guy because he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. My reaction? “Nah. I have plans.”*

    *I had no plans, but didn’t give a single fuck.

    He got fired three months later because several of his very important projects ended up as clusterfucks because he thought he knew it all and didn’t need me.

    3. A former supervisor who took my personal issues (cokehead naarcissist) and began slapping me around with them (I ended up with four warning letters and a suspension thanks to him in the span of 14 months due to a mere 15 call ins.  In the same time frame, two white guys who had 20-30 in the same time period walked away with no disciplinary action.) He never gave me a single fucking opening that I could use against him (no reason to go screaming to HR.)

    Getting fucked over at home and work put me in a very stressful situation.

    He got promoted. I nearly got fired.

    Turns out that one of my new supervisors didn’t like him. Gave me several chances to humiliate him in front of senior managers. I loved the guy for it. My work impressed a new manager and she promoted me (temporarily to my dismay on a limited six month contract.) I knew right there my past with previous managers came back to haunt me (usually a promotion like this is permanent.)

    When he tried to attack my young coworker in a meeting, she verbally kicked his arrogant ass from one end of the building to the other. I wanted to hug her right there and was beaming like a proud father. The reason? I taught her everything I knew and she skillfully used that knowledge to dick punch that arrogant motherfucker down. He knew who taught that knowledge (hard not to notice me beaming with pride.)

    This guy was also one lucky shithead as he was given the best shift (mine) and inherited a good dept that made him better looking than he really was.  He bragged about his leadership skills to anyone higher up. They put him into a position to succeed, they moved him to the worst dept in the site to show off those leadership chops.  He failed miserably and ran away for two weeks claiming a bad back.

    I laughed and laughed when someone told me the story. When he came back, I sneered at him. I asked him how it’s going. He got very defensive. He resigned in disgrace to the laughter of many people.

    BTW, his vaunted leadership skills were based on taking credit for the work of better people than him (including me.)

    Not the nicest thing to say about work, but I don’t know what it is like to work for a well run company.

    From a nice perspective, I have to say I’m lucky to be on a good shift of people who mostly get along and work well together. I’m glad to be part of the gang and if/when I leave I will miss them.

    See? I can say something nice about work…

  5. Every day my first words when I wake up are  “Goddamnit.”  Several times a day I mutter “I don’t give a fuck.”  If there is anything good, it is that at least no one is keeping very close track of me.  I can go a week or more without even speaking to my supervisor.

      • I am unfortunately familiar with losing cats to sickness and old age. I’ve been down this road more than I should have.

        But she is my first dog and that makes it hard in a different way.

        • Much love, and as many good memories & snuggles as possible for you & the pup, between here & there@CestLaVie💖💞💗


          May the end be as easy as possible, and gentle on you both💝

        • For me?

          Knowing that *if I do my job right,* I’m part of a team of folks who are literally changing the path of someone’s entire life for the better, but that if I’m doing it the right way?

          All my kiddos think we’re doing, is PLAYING!😉😁🤗💖

          The little dude I spent most of my afternoon with is a fabulous example. He’s one of my “medical kiddos.”

          In other words, once upon a time, he was a VERY ill baby, whose parents worried a GREAT deal about him, and he overcame incredible odds, to get to the place/age he’s currently at😉😁💗

          And just like all of my “medical kiddos” (BMC’s/Big Medical Conditions) to date?

          He is THE most upbeat, chipper, and just happy little guy, that you could ever get to work with😃🤗😍

          Because the thing that folks out in Meat-space don’t really grok about kiddos like him, is that they’re the FURTHEST THING from “sad” you could find.

          Kids with BMC’s have a *baseline* of dealing with hospitals, YES…

          But more importantly?

          They’re KIDS. They wanna PLAY, have FUN, snd enjoy their time no matter *there* they are.

          And if you can let go of your control well enough, you can really help them to build TONS of important life skills.


    • I’m so sorry. We’re coming up to the first anniversary of our first dog’s passing and I still get profoundly sad when I think about her. I haven’t found anything that helps other than knowing that others have experienced the same kind of loss.

      • Gino turned 18 a few weeks ago and I recently took @cestlavie ‘s advice and started using diapers. His back is arched due to deteriorating hind legs but he REFUSES to go for walks. I don’t know what to do about it so I fill my laundry sink with water every day to bathe him – because he constantly stinks to high heaven like pee – and make him swim for 5 minutes.

        When you’re 42, 18 years is a long fucking time and a great chunk of your life. It feels as though we’ve been through everything important together so I am not complaining or anything, however; it’s a lot of work and time consuming. A lot more so than I expected (not that I was expecting anything when I decided “sure, why not? I’ll take a dog for my upcoming 25th birthday”). I consider myself lucky that he didn’t even begin to go downhill until less than a year ago. And he has been healthy to the point that he’s never required a vet’s attention whatsoever.

        But the writing is on the wall and I am happy to be here for him in his declining times. It’s just hard, mentally. So I can’t even imagine how cestlavie feels. Soon enough, I guess…unfortunately.

        • @myopicprophet Glad the diapers are helping. I had to switch to the disposable baby kind because the cloth wasn’t absorbent enough to keep her from waking up in wet beds and her body crusted in pee. And yes the constant smelliness and almost daily baths. All of that.


          Gino is 18?! That’s amazing. And I’m glad to hear he’s had such good health. My doggo is 13, also had very few health problems in her time. I completely understand that feeling you’re describing though- in December I lost my OldLadyCat. She was 18 1/2. It’s quite a lifetime to spend with someone. 💔



  6. Well, the whole thing about working from home usually tends to make things more convenient, as do the benefits and the steady, constant stream of income. (You never realize how much you’ve needed those things until you finally get them for once.)  But what I love is knowing that as soon as I finish my last call of the night, that’s fucking it. And if I go out for dinner afterwards, I can just turn off the computer and the lights, take down the backdrop and get the fuck out — usually in no more than five or ten minutes.

  7. I’ve been replaying Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while the kids nap/sleep. Lately that has been the highlight of my momjob other than the fleeting moments when my kids are in a peaceful mood.

  8. best thing about my job? well…i dont need the gym for my workout

    currently walking about 12km a day in between shifting 40 kg machines from the test rig to the shipping pallets

    my team lead has started calling me the bear……lol

    not entirely sure how i ended up on final qc/packaging and shipping when i got hired as a welder

    but at mo im stuck there as everyone else that used to be there either quit or broke

    i dont mind tho… free workout

    • uhh..for clarity…i shift the machines from the rig to the pallets…then drag the pallets around for about 12 km a day

      which is hard work.,…but not quite as bad as it sounds from my initial comment..lol

      i really worded that poorly,…i blame lack of caffeine

  9. @myopicprophet and @cestlavie

    Sending more internet hugs❤️

    Our big dog is fourteen which is pretty old for him. He is having problems with his back legs like Gino – but he’s still getting around for now. He seems to have some Alzheimer’s issues and falls a lot but he’s still hanging in there wanting treats and following me everywhere. We lost our chihuahua mix, Yoshi back a few months ago. I think losing your first dog is definitely the hardest but they’re all hard in their own way.

    Take care of yourselves – pet grief is real grief and a very hard loss no matter what anyone says.

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