What’s The Sitch? [DOT 13/2/20]

My coworker/work wife, we’ll call her N, has a habit of saying “What’s the sitch?” It’s caught on among our friend group so now everything (good or bad) is a “sitch” or a “situation”.
We’ve given RIP the morning off, lest he strokes out. Therefore, here’s the sitch, according to Meg:

This seems biblical; I’m sure all the deities are totally fine with whatever is going on down here:

This is a neat series from WAPO:

I got Warren, with Bernie as #2. Did you come up with anything surprising?

As a native Ohioan I take this very personally. Fuck Gym Jordan:

And here’s some good news out of Ohio!

Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant

My book club is reading this as the moment and this had me howling…Definitely a sitch!


[Yes, I just googled songs with “situation” in the title”, @me with your better ideas!]

Happy Friday Jr. everyone!!



      • My state votes for the D by roughly 30 points every time, so I have the luxury of voting my conscience. Now, if I was in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, then sure I’d vote for him. I’d need to take several showers afterward and probably seek counseling, but I’d do it.

    • I was surprised I was 1 point away from being a Berner.
      I have a perception of him based on the antics of his online minions, so I hadn’t been paying a lot of attention to him per se.

  1. See, the funny thing about this quiz for me is that it puts Bernie first in my rankings. And it’s true, I do agree with him more policy wise. I just consider Warren the more pragmatic candidate, and capable of building the coalition to get it done.

    • …think I’m with you, there…there’s a lot I like about the things Sanders has been saying since…well…since before he was old, I guess…& that’s generally still the stuff he’s saying now & has been banging on about all the way from then to now…but I think she’d make the better candidate pretty much across the board?

    • I find myself coming around more and more to Bernie. I mean, he’s got issues, but he’s far from the worse person in the field, and I really do agree with him on, like, 95% of stuff. And when it increasingly looks like the other option is gonna be Buttigieg…yeah, I ain’t about that life fam.

      • I may end up having to vote Bernie instead of Warren depending on the Super Tuesday fall out. Even though WA moved its primary into March, we’re still in the block on the 10th.
        I completely understand the frustration in POC communities with candidates being shoved down their throat. These blocks need to be broken up, and spread out.

  2. Seems like so many well adjusted people in the know support Warren (I support her too, not sure if I’m well adjusted though). I really wish this country was ready for a female president but that’s a whole other can of worms.

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