Whelp…[DOT 7/10/20]

Me again! Don’t worry, I’m sure Rip is saving up his links for you as we speak.

It’s been a pretty long week so far, but let’s see how it’s going:

It is what it is.

Top White House aide Stephen Miller tests positive for Covid-19

Presented without comment.




Be like Bea!

She’s voted in every election since 1940. A pandemic wasn’t going to stop her this year.

Halfway through the week Deadsplinters. You can do it!



  1. The Stephen Miller case is kind of baffling. HIs wife had it but he didn’t. He’s fairly young and possibly not entirely human, so I thought, well I guess people (“people”) can ward it off through luck or a quirk in the strain. But now he has it. 
    Meanwhile Don and Mel have a famously socially distanced relationship and they both came down with it. But I guess the White House is such a maskless Covid cesspool they could have come down with it simultaneously from two different sources. 
    This is all very interesting.
    Meanwhile, just this morning, because I was up at an unconscionably early hour with the hound, I read a good pseudonym for our Superspreader-in-Chief: Donald Cray Trump.

    • I am sure that it is a lot more widespread for a lot longer in conservative circles than anyone wants to admit. I don’t think there is any single vector in the White House, and I am sure they have been discouraging testing except in serious cases. It’s already come out that Trump wasn’t tested daily and I am guessing he refused anything more intrusive than a temp reading. The West Wing is a cramped rats nest of offices, and there is no way they can be social distancing.

      • I am guessing he refused anything more intrusive than a temp reading

        of course he did. you can take that to the bank!

        The White House relied on a rapid test, but used it in a way it was not intended.

        For months, the White House’s strategy for keeping President Trump and his inner circle safe has been to screen all White House visitors with a rapid test.

        But one product they use, Abbott’s ID Now, was never intended for that purpose and is known to deliver incorrect results. In issuing an emergency use authorization, the Food and Drug Administration said the test was only to be used by a health care provider “within the first seven days of symptoms.”

        The ID Now has several qualities in its favor: It’s portable, doesn’t need skilled technicians to operate and delivers results in 15 minutes. Used to evaluate someone with symptoms, the test can quickly and easily diagnose Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

        But in people who are infected but not yet showing symptoms, the test is much less accurate, missing as many as one in three cases.


      • On that subject…
        This was the tweet last evening that cracked me up😉😈🤣;


  2. Boring theory: most of the transmission happened at the indoors receptions and debate prep sessions, where Melania is required to be near Donnie.
    Fun theory: They use a shared poolboy/girl, like the Falwells. Maybe one of Donnie’s personal USSS body men also bodied up Mel in the down time.
    Likely theory: Donnie made sure everyone gets it because of spite or one of those manic episodes.

    • My personal theory is that Melania’s contract precludes physical contact but does require her to be in his presence for specific periods of time. President Superspreader screams and bellows constantly, spraying his germs like an open fire hydrant wearing a bad toupee. 
      I think Barron was achieved through artificial methods, to be perfectly honest. He was specified in Melania’s contract, and she had to produce. 

    • …there was a documentary on netflix I saw a while back called The Family about the shady bunch that do that prayer breakfast thing…they have their own edit of the bible they refer to as “jesus – & nothing else” & I’m guessing the brand of christianity people like that idiot & his idiot father talk about is more or less along their lines

      …it bears little resemblance to the sort I learned about as a kid – indeed it’s pretty much diametrically opposed in a lot of ways

      …so… blasphemy, maybe…idolatry, almost certainly…but as with all things trump™…mostly bullshit?

        • …that’s a very good point…really I can only see one problem with it…the national heretic breakfast committee sounds like a much cooler organization than that lot have any business laying claim to?

  3. i feel like we’re forgetting something here…
    oh right yeah…brexit….that sure fell off the news radar
    little bit troubling that as it sure looks like blightey is aiming for a nice hard brexit and fuck ireland
    but apparently its more lucrative to have 35 headlines about trump in a day and the other 200 or so are about rona… some days there might even be one or two others….if theres been a particularly good natural disaster or some shit
    oh well…the missus n daughter have their permanent permits of residency now so i guess we wont be deported

    • …I’d say I’d been paying attention…but there’s not been a whole hell of a lot to attend to?

      …the EU side of the talks has continued to point out that the UK is out of its tiny little mind & needs to come to the table with something other than tearing up internationally recognized legal agreements…& Boris was away with the fairies talking about a wins powered UK where everything was awesome…in 2030…for his conference speech no less

      …so…yeah…hard brexit coming to an island near you come january

      …not that they look to have prepared for that shit…like…at all?

      …fun times for all

      • the missus has decided its basically a smash n grab
        they’re gonna tank the country and get rich…and then fuck off
        wich…well…it wouldnt surprise me from the fucking tories

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