…when the jig is up [DOT 7/7/22]

but the condemned keeps tap-dancing...

….so…it happened…except it also sort of hasn’t

Boris Johnson will resign as Conservative leader today – he will continue as Prime Minister until the autumn.

A Conservative leadership race will take place this summer and a new Prime Minister will be in place in time for the Tory party conference in October.


…&…well…it’s kind of insane…the news is having a hard time keeping up…so…for example…the list of people who resigned before he did is actually longer than this

Government resignations: Who has gone, who is staying? [BBC]

…or at least it was when I was typing this…when it said it was last updated 25mins ago…& didn’t include for example the second chancellor in less than 36 hours to call for the resignation of the man who appointed him…which…I think might be some sort of record…&…that’s why there were a lot of front pages in the UK that went out of date before people finished breakfast


…except…it’s crazier than that…never mind the midday sun…although I guess a late edition of that particular murdoch rag isn’t impossible today…the part where he thinks he can “resign” as party leader…but keep being prime minister until the autumn…with literally dozens of members of his government having resigned their posts…which, again, might be some sort of record…”only mad dogs & englishmen”, indeed

Boris Johnson is to resign today as Conservative leader but push to stay on as prime minister until autumn after his chancellor, Nadhim Zahawi, called on him to go and a string of cabinet ministers walked out.

His resignation brings to an end an extraordinary standoff after multiple cabinet ministers pressed him to resign and more than 50 ministers quit because of his mishandling of a string of scandals.
However, he is expected to push to stay on as prime minister until the autumn while a Conservative leadership contest takes place.

…so…it ain’t over?

Two ex-ministers said it was not possible for Johnson to stay until the autumn. One said: “He needs to be gone by tonight. Raab should take over.” Another said: “He needs to hand in the seals of office today and go, so we can have a caretaker PM.”
https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jul/07/boris-johnson-to-resign-as-conservative-leader [Guardian]

…which…given what he had to say about tony blair…is…ironic?

Johnson, a former journalist, declared that then-PM Tony Blair should step down back in 2006 during a piece in The Telegraph headlined: “Blair will walk only with a flame-thrower at his back.”

[…] ’It is a wonderful and necessary fact of political biology that we never know when our time is up.

“Long after it is obvious to everyone that we are goners, we continue to believe it is our duty to hang onto the perks and privileges of our post.

“In reality we are just terrified of the comedown.”
Boris Johnson’s Own Words On Flailing PMs Come Back To Bite Him [HuffPo]

…basically it’s all up in the air in a way that seems like somehow nobody really knows what the fuck is going on but apparently we’re all supposed to believe that it’s also business as usual…literally who-the-fuck-knows territory…by the time this goes up…let alone when anyone reads it…things could be different…but for now the UK’s head of state is sort of like that famous cat in a box…both serving & deposed…somehow yesterday’s PMQs seem like they won’t be the last time he appears in the commons as prime minister…which gives me an excuse to quote john crace’s likewise almost instantly out-dated but arguably timeless piece on that

Keir Starmer had one job. And he did it well. The best he’s ever been at PMQs, honing in on The Convict’s decision to appoint Chris Pincher despite knowing of his alleged history of groping. He even managed to get in a couple of killer lines. The charge of the lightweight brigade. The sinking ships fleeing the rat. Johnson just did what he always does when under pressure. The default Boris. He lied. Not cleverly, but obviously. The sort of lie even a child wouldn’t hope to get away with. He’d acted when he first heard of the allegations, he insisted. He hadn’t. No one even pretended to believe him.

That was just the start of his troubles. Tory backbenchers Tim Loughton and Gary Sambrook called for him to just go before he took the party any further into the sewer, but it was Sajid Javid’s resignation speech that proved the killer. Javid is no natural orator – his chances of making leader are vanishing to nil – but he had a powerful story to tell. The Convict had lied to him. Had lied to everyone. Enough was enough. Doing nothing was no excuse: it was an active decision. The entire Tory frontbench looked dead ahead, refusing to catch one another’s eyes. They were also busted. Nothing left but hollowed out ambition. A cry of “Bye-bye, Boris” accompanied Johnson’s exit from the chamber.

…seriously…after that #byeboris was, I believe, trending on twitter…as was…in one of those almost sublime instances where I feel like twitter might sometimes deserve a stay of execution…#clownfall…sometimes it’s a good thing that some people apparently have time on their hands

…& yet…at least for the time being…there’s no sign of the removal trucks carting his shit out of downing street

…after all…hindsight may be 20-20…but in fairness plenty of people have been clear-eyed about this clown since he was just some snot-nosed brat

…understandably…what with the whole thing making no sense…you might think it’s a confusing situation…so…broad strokes…the conservatives only yesterday went out of their way to make boris promise not to call a general election as a hail mary…they’re sitting on a substantial majority they aren’t confident of keeping in an election right now…so…more or less predictably…some people take a different view…& it isn’t especially hard to see their point

the mother of parliaments, folks…ain’t she something?

…anyway…the day goes on…mine included…& this is about to hit the late-going-up mark…& I once again haven’t got to any of the stuff I was vaguely intending to find space for back when I was trying to get to sleep rather than feeling like I’ve had dreams that were considerably less batshit than today appears to be in some places…so…in no particular order…if you don’t give a shit about the whole boris circus


…well…short version…the same shit is still on fire




Okay, Google: To protect women, collect less data about everyone [WaPo]


The supreme Court’s next move might cripple our democracy [WaPo]

…& for all that some people might sound a tad histrionic

It’s democracy v plutocracy – this is the endgame for our planet [Guardian]
[…it’s george monbiot…so…you know how that go…though…he ain’t alone?]


…in at least one more literal case…it at least turns out that…surprising as this may seem…actually less is on fire than might have been

Favorable weather aiding fight against California wildfire Electra [Guardian]

…not sure how much comfort that is when you can’t necessarily trust the water


…but these are the interesting times we’re living in

…& if it feels like you must be taking crazy pills

A right-wing evangelical activist was caught on tape bragging that she prayed with Supreme Court justices. The court’s majority cited a legal brief that her group filed while overturning Roe v. Wade [Rolling Stone]

…I get it

Justice Dept. sues Arizona over requiring proof of citizenship to vote [WaPo]


…others have cornered the market on those & are very much high on their own supply…to the point that the it’s-not-the-guns-it’s-the-crazy-that-kills crowd

…have swallowed the tail of their circular argument & are in fact gunning for mental health meds…which…seems about as twisted a piece a logic as you could ask for outside of boris johnson’s rationale for clinging to the keys to no. 10?


…anyway…I can’t promise this is last you’ll hear out of me for the the next week or so…after all, there’s another jan 6th committee hearing next week & I seem to have a hard time shutting up about those…not that they’re the only game in town

…but I won’t be putting another of these together for a while…not sure who amongst us gets to consider that a rest…but…judging by today that whole “a change is as good as a rest” thing…yeah…not so much?

…so I’m going to give up this particular unequal struggle & go hunt out more coffee…& tunes…&…try to catch my breath?



  1. …if anyone fancies listening to the mop-haired mess try to walk a line between I-humbly-resign-in-the-face-of-inevitability & I-ain’t-going-anyplace-now-let’s-get-on-with-the-job-I-admit-I’m-not-fit-for…he’s due to make a speech in downing street in 5mins or so
    [Edit- damn if everything isn’t going out of date faster than I can keep up…hopefully the replacement link will be a video that stays up?]
    [Edit-to-edit- the actual speech is buried at the end of that pointlessly overlong “livestream”…so in further proof that all bets are off today…I’m going with the daily mail option…someone better check the ice caps haven’t melted, basically)

      • And the icing on the cake, is knowing that Yakety Sax was playing, because of Hugh Grant!😉😈🤣🤣🤣

  2. When Dishi Rishi resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer (was it just a day or two ago? Seems like months) and Jacob Rees-Mogg blandly responded that PMs “lose Ministers” all the time, I read an interesting account of how damaging, historically, that was to other Conservative PMs.

    Margaret Thatcher lost hers, Nigel Lawson (Nigella’s Dad) in 1989 and she was gone a year later, but hers was a death by 1,000 cuts.

    Harold Macmillan, scion of the Macmillan publishing fortune, lost his, the unremembered Peter Thorneycroft, and two other senior members of the Treasury team in 1958, but no one cared. Why? Because Macmillan argued that what was important for Britain was full, or at least high, employment, and they argued that support of the pound trumped this, because the world was still on the fixed-rate gold standard and if rates didn’t go up  (which would lead to more unemployment) that would lead to an even worse economic crisis than a rise in unemployment. One of the resignees was Enoch Powell, who a decade later gave the famous “Rivers of Blood” speech, which is very much remembered, but not in a positive way.

    Anyway, BoJo is gone but we probably haven’t heard the last of him. He only just turned 58.

    • Anyway, BoJo is gone but we probably haven’t heard the last of him.

      The unfortunate thing is he will never do a tell-all. Or even a tell-most. People like him only do tell-very-selective-bits.

      Now that the old allies have turned on him, he could do England and the world a lot of good by exposing what he knows about the rotten former allies who decided he was expendable — Brexit freaks with Russian ties, cynical greedhead Tory financiers, and most of all the Murdochs. He knows a fantastic amount.

      He’ll try to play it cute and dole out the tiniest bits to make him seem clever in little tactical ways. But his ego will hold back almost all of it because he can’t accept he’ll never stop being a joke.

      • Are we sure about that “keeping quiet” part though, @BlueDogcollar?

        Because with narcissistic asshats like Johnson, if there is big money to be made (or jail-time to be served), sometimes that ego decides to spill allll the beans, in favor of the cash-grab or lower loss of freeedom…

        If there *is* KGB/FSB and/or Oligarch Mob stuff that’s gone on, I coooould also see someone like Bojo singing like a bird, in order to save his own skin, and head off attacks that might be of a cement boot very British/Russian “Tea” or “Perfume” variety…

  3. Just in case you forgot Florida Man Matt (tbh, I was starting to think the investigation was dead):

    Matt Gaetz’s friend says he’s cooperated in sex trafficking probe against ‘multiple individuals’

    Quote: Ahead of his sentencing for child sex trafficking, Joel Greenberg, who is an associate of Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, says he’s cooperated with numerous investigations, Newsweeks reports.

    Me: You may recall I said back when that multiple Republicans were involved in the sex ring, including Frisch’s Big Boy Matt. AFAIK, this is the first public statement saying that multiple investigations were being conducted.

    • I still want to know about Nestor. I wonder if anyone’s come knocking on his door asking questions. Or even Nestor’s biological Dad, who last I heard wasn’t trapped in Cuba but was instead living in Miami.

      • I do wonder about that. My guess is that Gaetz is a cash cow for Nestor and his family, either through ongoing transactions or blackmail, so they won’t jeopardize that until there’s a better monetary offer on the table.

        But then I start speculating about Gaetz’ seemingly unconventional proclivities, and I feel icky.

    • If the public evidence against Trump ever gets bad enough to do the same thing in the US, we will also get zero self reflection.

      The last ones to leave will be the biggest heroes in the minds of the press, not the ones who saw it all along and fought from the beginning.

      The latest NY Times article about Johnson claims these weeks encapsulate him, but the article really encapsulates the absolute failure of the US political press to understand anything.


      “the tumultuous events of the last week may come to encapsulate his career — one defined by a gleeful disregard for the rules, a shrewd instinct for public opinion, an elastic approach to ethics and a Falstaffian appetite for the cut-and-thrust of politics.”

      What the Times barely touches on is the monumental damage done to England. They treat it all as a funny game, not a tragedy.

      The Conservative Party has done horrifying damage to the UK. That’s the headline, today and from now on. It will never be more than a sidebar.

  4. Excellent DOT, rich content, great news about Boris. My favorite was the letter from Eton – my gracious, at least he has been consistent. Wishing you a lovely vacation!

  5. Of course there is a “Downfall” parody. These never get old.

    By the way, today is Eleanor Clift’s birthday, she’s 82. Which is funny, because I thought she had been on The McLaughlin Group for 82 years. Did you know that her first husband, Brooks Clift, who was an actor and who was married five times, was Montgomery Clift’s brother? I think the next time we have people over I’m going to have to devise a game of Six Degrees of Separation. Like, “Are Eleanor Clift and Montgomery Clift related, and if so how many degrees of separation are involved?” This is where wikipedia is invaluable. You look someone up and invariably they throw in something like a distant, but famous, cousin right up at the top.

    • …that’s a better subtitling effort than the one I found this morning in that tweet…so cheers for that…I’m not sure I could find the link easily but speaking of six degrees of separation & boris…someone did a rather spectacular graphic about the connections between tories, their chums & public money spent for “pandemic” reasons

      …generally speaking it didn’t seem to need the full six?

      • Oh God, I swear I didn’t see yours and I read the entire DOT, as I always do. My only excuse is I was up extra early with the Faithful Hound so maybe eye fatigue had already set in by 9 AM?

  6. In additional good news for today, there is an update on my cousins’ Little Dude, and the liver that flew in to Minneapolis late last night!😁🤗😃💫

    If any of y’all are the praying sort, they’d very much appreciate them, because he’s in surgery *right* now!

    The donor liver was GOOD this time!💖💞💝

    The operation started nearing four hours ago now (7am our time-it’s juuust after 11:00 as I’m posting), and is expected to take 7+ hours start-to-finish.

    Little dude will be left open, with mesh over the incision for a few days, and they’ll sew him alllll the way up over the next week or so, because the donor liver *is* a bit larger than his original one was.

    But it IS a go, and the Peanut IS getting that new-to-him liver TODAY!!!💖💞💗💓💝

    And as he’s a twin, who lost his sister shortly after they were born,** my cousin & his wife–little dude’s Dad & Mom–would also very much appreciate some good thoughts/prayers being sent out for the family in New Mexico, who gave so much grace, by being kind enough to think of so many others & save so many lives, as they lost their precious little one!💫💫💫

    Somewhere over in NM, there is a family who lost their sweet little kiddo yesterday–They saved our family’s little Peanut, and SO MANY OTHER LIVES, TOO. But they need good thoughts &/or prayers if ya have any to spare, because July 6th will always be a bittersweet day in their lives, now.💝💝💝

    Having known parents who’ve lost kids, I know that for the ones whose little ones *were* able to be organ donors, “Donation Day” can definitely help ease a *tiny* bit of the hurt–because their little one has incredible legacy, in saving & changing so many lives!💞💖💓💗

    But going home to a quieter house, is still as hard, and just as lonely, too💔

    They are true heroes, if you wanna talk heroes. His Donor’s family had a HARD decision & chose to save lives, in the midst of their pain–and that takes incredible anounts of courage, grace, & love, and that gift will always be appreciated!💫💫💫


    **Little Dude & his twin were micro-preemies, born at 25 weeks. They weighed 1.8 & 1.7 lbs, respectively.

    His twin sister developed NEC and passed away within hours of the Dr’s realizing it, when they were just under 3 weeks old.

    It was her case of NEC which made the doctors at their original PICU send Little Dude down to Masonic–where he was sent into exploratory surgery & they caught his NEC before his small intestine perforated–saving his life!💖

    The little guy has been feisty & a great fighter ever since (2+ years now!😃)–and just like so many of the “medical kids” i work with at my school, he’s got a TON of personality, and really revels in just being a kid, who LOVES to play!😉😁🤗💖

    This gift really IS life-changing, because it means the Little Dude who adores being around people, will fiiiinally be able to get out and be around folks outside his immediate family & the staff he meets at his hospitals😁💝


    • …I might be a little late to this…for which I apologize…but you, he & assorted theys have all the kind thoughts & positive vibes I can muster…for whatever they might be worth

    • Sending love to your family and the donor family. A friend who is in RN training assisted in a donor transplant last month. She stressed the respect and kindness shown to the donor family, and the donor during surgery. Staff line the halls in respect as the donor, followed by family, take the final trip to the OR. She also talked about the intensity of the timing, the coordination with multiple hospitals for multiple organs, the possibility that organ may not be viable…hugs to you and yours, @EmmerdoesNOTrepresentme.



      • Thanks, @Elliecoo and Everyone!💝💖💫💫💫💫💫

        The Peanut is out of surgery, and now in Healing & Recovery mode, with his Daddy & Momma😁🤗😄

        It’s been a GREAT day, and all went well, and there is a LORG and incredibly grateful family, supporting the three of them💝💗💞💓💖

  7. And @Elliecoo?

    That “intensity” bit you mentioned your RN friend explaining to you?

    Along with the respect, the solemnity, and the compassion, grace, & love that’s held for the Donor & their Family?

    That’s the part that’s got *me* being a whole damn “HOT mess!” tonight, and has me called out of work tonight!🙃🤪🤣😂🤣💝

    I was FINE, and tooootally holding things together, until we got the update that the Little Dude was “out of surgery, doing well, and in the clear”

    And THEN, everything whomped up on me, like a ton of bricks.😖🤪🥴💖

    Because my “Little Cousin”** is a GIANT softie, and I KNOW to the core of my soul, that He & his wife (she’s as kindhearted as he is!) absolutely understand the kind of grief the Donor Family is going through, as they made that amazingly generous decision…

    *I* also have acquaintances who lost their beloved 5-year old (the year I went back to college for my Child Development degrees), to a freak infection… and they made the decision to do the best good they could, with the terrible hand they were dealt…

    Their daughter saved three lives–one of whom they were told wouldn’t have survived past her donation-day night.💫

    Which means I know HOW MUCH the fact that their beloved daughter did save lives—and that her organs LIVED, even if *she* couldn’t, made her loss less all-encompassing, and just “mostly allthetime horrible”💔💖💝 (they DID go on to have Rainbow Babies, and are now the parents of twin boys!😉😁💖)…

    Because of my Child Life AAS, I spent lots of time in local volunteer spaces, working with life-threateningly sick kiddos & their families… so I KNOW *that “Hospital World” part* of what my cousins are living right now–and the way that Amazing Donor Family is being held space & grace for, too…

    So it’s good AND bittersweet, all in one big jumble.


    And then the literal timing of all of it hit me a few hours ago–annnnd that’s what finally turned me into a teary puddle tonight!🤣


    The last (failed) call before this successful one was on Father’s day, last month… we waited & watched for the updates on Caringbridge, as the Peanut went through allll the tests, had the blood draws, and that Donor’s liver arrived at the hospital, on Donation Day… annnnd then the transplant was called off, and my cousins took the Little Dude home…

    But this time?

    The timing, Ellie?

    It was so right, somehow–and literally perfect for the Peanut to begin his *NEXT* part of life!!!🤗😃💖💝

    Because knowing his Dad & Mom–those softies who’ve lost their own beloved daughter?!?

    The fact that his Donor’s Donation Day *isn’t* the Peanut’s Surgery & Lifesaving Day, but the day *before* his Lifesaving Day?

    Is a fucking GIFT, and a damn miracle that I’m SO grateful they were given!!!

    They got SUCH a gift, with that amazing timing, and it’s just incredible & mind-blowing!

    Somehow, the surgeons who did the organ harvesting managed to unknowingly separate “Donation Day” and “Lifesaving Day”!😃🤯🤗

    So they *also* managed to give my Little Cousin & his wife juuuust enough distance, with those few hours–that there won’t be additional grief & trauma in their loss of the Peanut’s twin sister–as time goes on–of knowing that the Donor’s family lost *their* precious child on the same day that that sweet kiddo saved the Little Dude!

    I’m just speechless, and SO incredibly grateful, that *somehow* space has been held, and the day the Peanut’s life “begins all over again” isn’t the same day that his Donor passed…

    So in all those coming years, when my cousin & his wife think of that Amazing & Kind family, say prayers & are grateful for their decision & gift–and they know a portion of the family’s grief, my Little Cousin can *also* freely feel *relief* and joy on the day *their* Little Dude got his “restart.”💞💖💗

    And something even cooler?😉

    TOMORROW is the Peanut’s Aunties’ birthdays–so THEY get to celebrate their adored Nephew now having a “restart day” *right* next to their own birthdays!🤗😃😁💖

    Little Dude’s dad has two sisters and one brother. They were all born about a year and a half apart, boy-girl, boy-girl, and the youngest girl–the baby of the family–was born on her big sister’s 4th birthday.😉💗



    ** (Little only in age!!! He was one of the first cousins/babies *I* got to hold as a preschooler–although he’s now 6’6″ tall, and the biggest out of all 13 born on that side of the family!

    Buuuut because there’s a 2-year gap in the middle of the cousins, *we* older seven were always called “the big kids,” and the youngest six have always been the “little” cousins/siblings.😉😂🤣)



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