“When We ALL Vote, We ALL Win” (Senator & Future VPOTUS Kamala Harris) – So We Need to Make Sure We Know Everything Parscale & the Rapeugnicans Know

Posted on Deadsplinter 11/11/20

Graphic: What Did the IRS Know & When Did They Know It

“How do we get more Trump voters to vote” is NOT the question Parscale & the Rapeugnicans asked the most when they successfully stole the 2016 national election.

To them, the MOST important voters, whom they deliberately targeted in order to steal the election, were the marginalized voters whose votes they could SUPPRESS.

Nobody has to believe that just because it’s written down here, but any impulse to doubt it has to be tempered by the actual statistics where the numbers of votes suppressed correlate nearly exactly to the percentage by which the Orange Occupant “won” in certain targeted precincts & battleground states (Milwaukee, WI remains one of the most trenchant examples).

The assumption that the “most important” voters in this election to persuade are the “smaller group of squishy flip-floppers” who are also constantly and implicitly assumed to be white is not only an inherently white supremacist assumption

but it’s also just a single narrative thread of the misinformation in the literal torrents of it, intended to direct conscientious American voter attention away from what the people actively directing said torrents of misinformation already know as evidenced by their actions – to the Russiapublicans, the most important votes were the ones they actively tried – and are, again, currently actively trying – to suppress.

Just a reminder that democratic scholars who know how potent & effective those tactics can be if not actively challenged have been warning against that (and no, it’s absolutely not the first time we’ve done that “reminder” here; you’re completely right about that)

People get that we’re in a full-on propaganda and misinformation cold war, and United States officials who ID as Republican are using misinformation techniques that were / are standardized KGB Cold War tactics, yes?

Does everybody remember that Ron Johnson, Cory Gardner & Thom Tillis received suspected Russian campaign contributions (illegal under FEC laws for men sitting in U.S. Senate seats) laundered through the NRA, and they were among those GOP-ers flying back and forth to Moscow on the taxpayer dime (currently – and finally – a common theme) … and they never bothered to account to their American voter constituents for whom they’d met, whom they talked to, or what they talked about?



From the things flowing out of their offices these days – remember this is the same Ron Johnson trying to use information from a Russian-backed Ukranian oligarch to undermine VP Biden’s credibility in a country where almost everything that’s going wrong is caused by the neglect and inaction of the Orange he’s backed – isn’t it more than plausible that they were sitting at the feet of the former KGB agent who’s accused by every head of state but the Oval Office Pretender of poisoning his leading challenger, learning his tactics in order to weaponize them against the continued stability of a free & fair American democracy?

These are not the people whom you want running American government and buying up more American farmland and equipment than they already have, only to let it sit idle in the midst of a Rust Belt depression instead of offering Americans jobs … in order to let its value bottom out so they can basically buy America at a rock-bottom price, the way Sarah Kendzior wrote she saw Donald Trump casually suggest was the “best way to do things” in a 2014 video (not coincidentally, when he’d just gotten back from Russia)

No. There’s a much better way to keep our democracy. But in order for that to happen, conscientious Americans are going to need to remember that the only important voters aren’t all white (and that the Russiapublicans know that) and that it might be a more optimal use of their time to help their neighbors from marginalized communities register and get their ballots to the local county boards of elections however which way they need to in order to get around DeJoy shenanigans.

“Our votes count if we cast them.” – Stacey Abrams on AMJoy tonight

Conscientious Americans have already *paid more* taxes – hell, more in rent – than the Orange Squatter Candidate whom the Russiapublicans support.

We can’t afford to *know less* than they do.

I spoke earlier tonight to someone who was doing phone-banking for VP Biden in North Florida even though he didn’t live there anymore — because he knows that even though technically that’s “Trump Kuntry”, as he put it (and he’s right about that), the vast majority of Democratic voters in that part of the state are African American and the state’s in play (we all know who that Republiclown governor is, and we all saw that picture of him on stolen victory night with Lev Parnas).

He said his favorite calls were the college sophomore who knew who her Democratic Congressperson was and the 42-year-old active military member who was filling out his mail-in ballot when he called.

When we ALL vote, we ALL win.

Let’s do this.


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[This was originally posted on The Salad Bowl 29/9/20]


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