…where to begin? [DOT 17/9/20]

when there's no end in sight...

…I hate to skip straight to the god-awful…but I’ll be honest…this is about the best I could do





…& I don’t know as polling data really makes me feel better about much these days

Chris Rock Tried to Warn Us

But you told people two years ago —

I did. But so did Public Enemy. So did KRS-One. So did Marvin Gaye. There’s something about seeing things on camera. If O.J. kills Nicole on camera, the trial is two days. [Laughs.] It’s two days trying to figure out what kind of cell he deserves. It’s just Johnnie going, [Johnnie Cochran voice] “Well I think he needs at least a 12-by-8. Can he have ESPN?” That would be the whole trial.



…so here we go


President Trump’s continued denigration of Pentagon officials highlights the fraught nature of his relationship with Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper weeks ahead of the election, as the president’s remarks undermine his Pentagon chief and threaten to erode confidence in one of the nation’s most trusted institutions.


…so…where were we?

Covid-19 Live Updates: Trump Again Scorns Science on Masks and Vaccines


Why Trump’s Supreme Court Fantasy List Is Bad for Real Life

…& speaking of real life

Stop Expecting Life to Go Back to Normal Next Year

…we may have to accept that the “new normal” is here to stay


Hurricane Sally’s Fierce Rain Shows How Climate Change Raises Storm Risks


…& let’s be real clear about this


Postal Service and State Officials Feud Over Mail Voting as Election Looms



…none of this is fucking normal



China-Backed Hackers Broke Into 100 Firms and Agencies, U.S. Says




Facebook and Instagram Flag Tucker Carlson Virus Posts






…& it’s even less ok



…& while we’re on the subject of government misconduct

…sure it sounds bad…but it really is worse than that


…not gonna lie…that shit should be the fucking end times for not just a few careers but whole fucking agencies as they are currently incarnated…not just another footnote in this endless shitshow…but I barely know where to begin about all the ways it’s beyond fucked up…&…well…there’s more to go, yet


Senate Republicans and others criticized the latest plan to allow TikTok to continue operating in the United States, citing national security concerns.


Federal agencies could hire employees for up to 10 years for work they consider not permanent, under a Trump administration proposal that a union representative called “a streamlined way to fire people.”







…again with those receipts…do have a look at the whole thread

…although it’s pretty clear that for some zero interest is a good thing

In an attempt to revive the economy and the labor market, the Federal Reserve chair, Jerome H. Powell, said the Fed plans to keep interest rates near zero through at least 2023.


…also, while we’re on the subject of zero interest…this sort of thing


…frankly doesn’t mean shit in the face of this sort of thing


…& then there’s this

Barr Told Prosecutors to Consider Sedition Charges for Protest Violence


…from the bottom of my heart…can I just say that I hope some day bilious billy-boy there gets what he deserves



    • …I don’t know…I suspect things maybe seem better when meg writes these…but I’m pretty sure there’s a Food You Can Eat rolling in this afternoon so things might look up a bit then?

      • Sadly, with my litany of food allergies, I don’t get to enjoy those posts either. #FoodHatesMe 
        The list, since it’s what everyone always asks next:
        Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and FODMAPs 
        Also, no one needs to make any changes to those food posts. I’m used to this, and my wife (who is awesome and amazing and a chemist) has been incredible in finding and adapting recipes so that I don’t have to eat cardboard and wallpaper paste all the time. 
        Keep up the fight and good works. You all are wonderful. 

        • …aw, shucks…I’m glad it sounds like someone knows how to keep you in brownies/muffins & such but I’m sorry for taunting you with forbidden foodstuffa

          • No worries. I’m used to this. Random other people don’t have to change their diet just because I can’t have food. 
            Wait, this is America. I’m going about this all wrong…

    • What? So Catholics should spread disease because otherwise it’s persecution? 
      Is this “educated” man aware that church services contributed to and exacerbated the Black Plague? Have we learned nothing in six fucking centuries?
      No. No, we have not. And I’m forced to assume that his stance is either financially or politically motivated, because a caring human being would not urge his parishioners to court death just so they can attend Mass. 
      Somebody in the Vatican needs to slap this shit down. 

  1. I heard a very cute thing this morning while out walking Fanny. We saw a woman talking a walk with her three small daughters. They were probably between 3 and 8 years old, wearing cute flowered T shirt dresses. The oldest was riding a scooter and had on a very girly flowered helmet. As I approached with my large, slobbery dog, the woman asked the girl on the scooter to move from the sidewalk onto the edge of the road with them. She did, saying “the roads better anyway because I want to shred. Move out of the way I’m gonna shred.” I somehow managed not to crack up because it was very adorable and funny. But I didn’t want to embarrass or discourage her. I’m all for girls shredding! And it reminded me of my daughter who loved girly things but still enjoyed traditional boy activities. 
    So, my day started out on a good note and I’m going to avoid reading any bad news while I’m still smiling about scooter girl. 

  2. The news just makes me angrier every day!  Then I heard about this site which REALLY got me pissed!
    So I’m going to try to go get something done but will first break protocol and tease tonight’s DUAN (please read the lyrics) and a chant we can all use with a nice bassline.



  3. TIL…. you need eggshells for magix
    me daughters been hoarding them….apparently shes a wiccan now
    coz life round here wasnt wierd enough
    tbh….some magix must be involved…eggshells go upstairs and are never seen again…. im a little scared of what ill find when i clean up there as shes away for the weekend…
    anyhoo…. have a local

    • …better eggshells than…I dunno…toenail clippings or bits of some dead critter or whatever?

      …mind you…I don’t now much about your actual wiccans…but the witches in those Terry Pratchett books are pretty great?

      …certainly a good bit more useful than the wizards ever seem to be, anyway

      • tbh i dont know what else shes been using…i just noticed the egg shells
        i dont mind her being all witchy and shit if that makes her feel good
        just like any other religion…if it gets you through the day im fine with it
        just dont try to convert me
        far as im concerned religion is a deeply personal thing 
        me personally…i believe in shit that works

        • …from the bits of the various religious texts I’ve got as far as reading my inclination is to agree with all of that…for those to whom it’s useful I think religion is largely a pretty positive thing in & of itself…& mostly inclines those so inclined to something approaching their best behavior

          …where they (the religions…& I guess thereby the religious) can run into diminishing returns (& possibly worse) seems to be around the point they start to spell church with a capital C?

          …because historically speaking…Churches have done some pretty unspeakable shit…can’t say as I’m a big fan of crusades, for a start

          …so I guess maybe I’m an agnostic with a preference for disorganized religion…someone probably.already has a word for that, too…but if so that’s definitely not a text I’ve read yet

          • oh…im pretty sure im agnostic
            i believe there absolutely could be a god/goddess/marsbar whatever
            now prove it to me
            otherwise im going to stick to my belief i will find out when i die

            • …mind you…they do say sometimes it’s hard to tell your agnostic from a gnostic

              …but that’s a whole other ball of wax…with or without eggshells

              …I’m liking the church of “plenty of time to find out when I’m dead” though…eternity is a long-ass time & we’ll need something to do…why everyone’s in such a rush to jump that gun is a bit of mystery, really

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