where were they hiding those, then… [DOT 3/1/20]

…so apparently they made a dark chocolate version of the Cadbury’s Caramel chocolate egg & nobody told me

…so obviously I think I deserve some sort of karmic recount because I very much ought to be informed about things like that

…anyway – it’s a new day & I don’t have a dark chocolate Cadbury’s Caramel egg so I’m feeling tetchy.

I expect I’ll find a link or two to put here later but for now all you get is this…



  1. Here in the US I usually find the the specialty Cadbury Eggs in drugstores rather than the large grocery chains.

    For your morning dose of Biff’s nut jobbery – he tweeted that “Iran has never won a war, but never lost a negotiation!”
    Isn’t Biff supposed to be the great negotiator, why wasn’t he able to work something out with Iran without starting a war that none of us will win?

    • Trump is saying that he can kick Iran’s ass at doing a war, and that all these pussy presidents before him (COUGH-OBAMA-COUGH) just let Iran roll right over them and took bad deals. But manly hero Trump will kick their fucking brown Muslim asses.

      Because they’re Muslim, they’re terrorists. And His Excellency Trump does not negotiate with fucking terrorists.

      • This is Kushner’s fault. Biff have him one job, peace in the Middle East. He couldn’t get it done and now we’re all going to suffer!

        • Oh, Jared and the rest of the GOP did exactly what the GOP believes to be a Middle East peace plan:

          1.) Move embassy
          2.) Propose more capitalism
          3.) Accuse all American Muslims of being anti-semites
          4.) Accuse Bernie “Semite” Sanders of being an anti-semite
          5.) Cement the conventional wisdom that criticizing the nation of Israel is exactly the same as murdering Jewish babies because you hate Jews. And Jesus.
          6.) Have sex with Ivanka

          Donald instructed Jared to work on five of these things while he took care of one of them.

  2. Fine I guess your taste in candy isn’t totally irredeemable.

    • Milk chocolate is objectively superior. Dark chocolate fraudulently makes you feel like it’s healthy for some reason, and you subconsciously think it tastes better because it’s “health candy.” It is not and it does not. It tastes like Hitler’s ass.

      Dark chocolate is a scam. Blast it all into orbit.

      • …ouch – gotta level with you…

        dark chocolate is objectively better than milk chocolate & that stuff they make hershey’s out of isn’t actually classified as chocolate in the bits of the world that really do chocolate justice…


        …& when they improved their recipe there was a public outcry that it should be kept nearer to the rubbish-tasting thing than to actual chocolate

        …dark chocolate never lied to you the way Hersheys did – why can’t you find it in your heart to accept that it loves you more?

        • “Chocolate Justice” is my favorite Richard Roundtree movie.

        • European milk chocolate is good and delicious. I used to be tasked with bringing back Mars bars from the UK for a Kenyan friend whenever I went as they were superior to what she could get here!

          • …I believe the key lies in using actual milk in substantial quantities as opposed to just enough not to get sued for having it on the label & making up the volume with palm oil or whatever?

            …but yeah – in france or belgium or switzerland or somewhere even budget milk chocolate is still good

            …in some places in france you can get one of my favorite breakfasts – a section of fresh-baked-still-warm baguette with a slab of chocolate as a sandwich to go with a cereal-bowl sized serving of black coffee with some double-sized sugar cubes on the side

            …breakfast of champions – literally in the case of at least one skier I met as a kid.

    • …the important thing is that at least it’s trying

      …thank you – as ever – for the heads up

  3. My dear, these delightful confections come in two sizes: the regular, as seen above; and in minis, packaged like a dozen eggs. Best bet for locations are higher-end drug stores (Rite Aide & CVS in the US), and certain grocers. (If you ever find them at a discount store, you should consider yourself lucky and buy out the lot, to spare others the pain of our addiction.)

    • My daughter loves Cadbury Creme Eggs. I found the Scream ones at Rite Aid just before Halloween and bought her 20 of them, lol!

      • Too sugary for my taste, even when I was a kid. I would choose a rich dessert over a sweet one any day.

    • …as a child my aunt once bet me I couldn’t eat a 6-pack of Creme Eggs in one go while stuck in traffic

      …I think it increased her stress levels more than her amusement when I did just that & she then had to hope that it wouldn’t backfire before the traffic cleared?

    • …bella, thou art a saint – I shall find them…

      …oh, yes…

      …I shall.

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