Whiiiiine with me [NOT 18/1/22]

my expression damn near everyday at work

Hi, friends.

I don’t know how your day went, but I basically got screamed at by people on two calls today so that was an emotional rollercoaster I didn’t need. Good times were not had. And of course those folks outranked me so let’s find out if my responses ended up getting me a chat with HR.

Anyways, whine/complain/rant/etc about anything frustrating you in life.

I’m going to go walk on the treadmill while watching a Disney movie or something.



  1. I can’t decide if that header image has a deep inhale-to-talk voice or a squeaky panicked mousy voice.

    My kids didn’t nap today which means my afternoon has been a shit show and my voice is getting more shrill by the minute.

  2. My whine is why are fucking rent-a-cars still 3x what they used to be?  Has anyone used Turo?  I had to book a car on that or pay $170 per day for a fucking tiny car.  Love to hear anyone’s experiences.

  3. In unrelated news, around 5pm in Missouri we apparently all got an “imminent severe alert” for GOTHAM CITY MO PURPLE/GREEN 1978 DODGE 3700GT MO UKIDME with a url link.

    Anyways, I’ve never seen that sort of alert. When I went to the Missouri Highway Patrol website to check active alerts, it returned a 503 service unavailable error on the site.

    So anyways, this feels like someone hacked the statewide alert system. And 30 minutes later, we get a “Public safety alert” for The previous alert was a test. This is a cancelation of the blue alert test.

    To make this even more entertaining, my dad called the Highway Patrol (local Troop C) after the first text was received and they told him it was a hack. So yeah. Either some joker doesn’t understand how to actually use the emergency test system or it got hacked by someone who loves Batman.

    Given that a few months back the state was unknowningly including SSNs of teachers in their public-facing database, I would be completely unsurprised to learn the statewide alert system got hacked.

  4. I’m all for whining tonight. All I did today was laundry and I’m absolutely exhausted. It’s ridiculous how tired I am, and I still have to remake the bed.

    I was going to make chili for dinner, but I just couldn’t muster up the oomph to stand there to get it ready. Screw it… there’s ramen. Maybe chili tomorrow.

  5. nothing much to whine about here….work has been uneventful…i turn up…do as little as i can get away with and go home..tho the message board is starting to look like the start of a bad zombie movie as its filling up with contact tracing notices

    get tested if you’ve had any close contact with such and such…. i really just check it for my own amusement as i dont have close contact with anyone there…..im a fully self sufficient worker unit….lol

    sides from that…apparently life has got so boring that im actually following the voice of holland scandal as it unfolds…i have popcorn and am ready to watch some local celebrities lives get destroyed

    beats watching the rona news…after 2 years of that its gotten quite stale

    • …apparently life has got so boring that im actually following the voice of holland scandal as it unfolds

      Oh my goodness. https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/01/the-voice-of-holland-dropped-by-rtl-after-metoo-allegations/

      Not that I cared about the show itself, but the only surprise is the people spoke up and the serial behaviour came to light.

      Rietbergen also admitted having been warned about his behaviour several years ago. He has now stepped down.

      That sounds familiar. Same as it ever was. Probably going on in some form on just about every film and show set, just not yet exposed. And yes, I hope the perpetrators and enablers face actual consequences.

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