Whine with me post [NOT 8/2/21]

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If I had this folder, it'd be so fucking full that I would need to sort them by month.




Friends, today was hot mess. In addition to the usual work stuff, I was at my desk this morning, also known as my kitchen table, and I was hearing this annoying high pitched buzzing sound.

At first I was like it must be outside, maybe a neighbor has a saw or something. After about 20 minutes I decided to check my basement just in case my furnace was making weird noises because it’s been frigidly cold.

WOOHOO that noise was my sump pump making the angry hum and the sump pit was full of water almost to my basement floor level. I unplugged it because clearly it wasn’t pumping and it can’t be good to leave it on with the angry noise happening.

So I call my dad to get his thoughts, he says hey you’re working, I’ll come over to check it out.

About 10 minutes later, I think to myself “I should pull my car up to the end of the driveway so he can park behind me instead of on the street…”

Guess who had a dead car! I was not expecting this because I had used it Friday and at my oil change last October, the battery check had the cold crank amps as fine.

So between meetings my dad and I figured out where the drain pipe for the sump pump froze, detached that, and turned back on the sump. A nice little ice slick is happening on the small hill my house sits on, but oh well. It’s not where the neighbor walks his dog so no one should be impacted by ice there.

Meanwhile, Ford Roadside Assistance is on their way to jump my car. Because OF COURSE with my driveway we couldn’t get his truck close enough to use the jumper cables. That dude shows up and gets my car started and I drive straight to the dealership. I’ve got like 4 months left of my extra good 3 year warranty so you bet your asses I am going to use it! They tried arguing with me at first because they could turn the car off and on, but I was persistent so they said they’d check the battery. 334 CCA when it was supposed to have 590!

Anyhoo, now I got a new car battery. Crisis averted!



  1. I should add that my remote start fob wasn’t working for about a month but it wasn’t an urgent fix so I was planning on waiting until my April oil change.

    New battery – remote start fob works again. Dealership is guessing that there is a minimum amperage required for it to work so in the future it’s gonna be my canary in the coal mine. 

  2. Tough day, but I’m glad it sounds like you’ve resolved it all! I hate hunting down worrying house noises. Currently our well pump is not making the best noises and I need to call to get it serviced.
    I didn’t have the best day. I took my cat back in to get her staples out, and she was supposed to get the cone off and be done with antibiotics too. But they brought her back out with the cone and tell me the site is “irritated” and to put ointment on it for several days. I asked about the antibiotic and they were like “better continue that too”. And then I finally got a look at it, and it’s like oozing blood. I don’t know if they did a bad job taking out the staples, if she didn’t heal as fast as hoped (in which case why did they take out the staples?), or what… But today was supposed to be the end and instead now we have a new task of ointment, plus I’m a little concerned about it looking like an open wound. I mean at least I probably don’t need to worry about it getting infected between the antibiotics and antibiotic ointment. Sigh. 

  3. Last September, we initiated the refinance process to be able to cut our payoff schedule by 5 years.  The whole process has been a total shitshow.  Over the past two weeks I’ve gotten nothing but radio silence from these fucking people.  I go from “we’re wrapping up everything and should have it ready by the end of January”, to zero communication after emails and calls to four different people.  It should surprise nobody that this company purchased all of the loans from our previous servicer.  Nothing good ever comes from this kind of consolidation.

  4. We cancelled my daughter’s senior trip to Iceland in March when Covid started & we thought we might not get back if we went.  Was a good call but the sketchy company we booked through gave us runaround until finally in December tried to refund us ( less a fee).  They put it back on credit card but because Barclays gets hacked every few months they had issued us a new card since then & money lost in limbo.  I made several calls & a month ago thought I got a functional rep that said he would mail a check.  My wife stressed everyday the check didn’t come until today I had enough & got pissed at customer service to find out they credited our new card a day ago.  I asked if they were going to pay me the interest rate I would pay if I was 2 months late on payment?  That didn’t get me far.

  5. For the past month I’ve changed my diet after a test with high cholesterol and blood sugar levels. So massive cutbacks in sweets, fried food, juice, cheese, meat, and white starches. I’ve only had two or three beers in that whole time.
    I wasn’t even a big crappy food consumer in the first place, but indulging a few times a week was always nice, even in something not crazily unhealthy like lasagna. I’m OK with eating a lot bigger servings of salads and veggies most of the time, but I sure would like a nice pizza.
    There are a couple of followup tests in the coming months at which point hopefully there is improvement and I can taper back a bit.

    • Good luck with that.  Always tough to balance how much quality of life to give up to fall within healthy numbers.  Hopefully you can get good results without giving up too much.  

      • Thanks. When the weather gets a bit less miserable I’ll start running again which should also help. Right now exercise is mostly on the exercise bike which is fine but gets dull. Fortunately it’s not red flashing numbers, just yellow lights which I’m better off taming now.

    • That’s a bummer. I hope you get some good test results and end up being able to relax the rules a little. Plus side is that the next time you can eat a pizza it will taste amazing? My sister is usually on a pretty strict diet and that was especially true during her first pregnancy when she was having various issues. When we went to visit her and my day old niece at the hospital, I asked her what we could bring. She gave me very explicit instructions on what pizza she wanted from where, and damn if that pizza didn’t bring her a lot of joy. 

  6. i should have seen the signs when the zipper broke on my sweater when i got dressed and gone back to bed
    on the way to work i discovered the snow froze my bike to death….its still rideable..but only just..and for how long…who knows…cant afford to fix it right now
    also managed to break my glasses as i went arse over tits on the ice halfway there (its a flat country…we have ploughs and gritters…how hard can it be to keep the roads rideable?…anyways…that one was me own fault..not like i didnt know it was icy)
    discovered my foot is only good for about half a workday at mo before things get pretty unpleasant….also dont know why i didnt just go home at that point…as a good chunk of co workers didnt bother showing up…including both my teamleads…
    anyways…survived a shitty day…got back home and when i tried to get back in….the fucking handle snapped off the backdoor…spindle broke…guess the cold was the final straw
    and to think i could have just called in sick and no one would have blamed me

  7. …I reaslize it makes me sound like a broken record…but if I have a moan it would be this

    …if I’m going to be awake for approximately 20 out of any given 24hr period how about I get to actually do two day’s worth of shit in that time instead of more like half a day’s worth?

    …I know it probably seems like I must spend so much time reading all the shit I link in the DOT that my inability to make menaingful impact on a to-do list must be my own fault…but I fear that’s putting the cart before the horse…infuriating as it undoubtedly is to read a lot of that shit it is less infuriating than being too damn tired to think straight (much less get shit done) but still being awake to be aggravated by it absent anything to distract me

  8. Completely unoriginal but I am going to whine about the weather. I just looked at the 10 day forecast and 5 out of 10 days, snow, alternating with cold, not farcy level cold, 20’sF, single digits overnight. Snow removal here has been really bad, it’s another reason to stay put, but different somehow.

  9. I’m also going to complain about the weather! It’s currently -3*F. The warmest it’ll be in the next week is 19, which is 9 degrees warmer than it was last week. My ceiling is starting to drip condensation from the temperature constrast. I’m in a condo, the ceiling and outside walls are concrete and according to my neighbor, there is NO insulation in them. Great!

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