Who did it better? [NOT 20/11/23]

Hi, friends!

Tonight’s theme is when you’ve caught a remake, cover, etc and are thinking about which version is better.

I was watching Dancing with the Stars last week and it was team dance week on “Music Video Night.” One of the teams was dancing to “Gangnam Style” and I was like wait a goddamned minute! That was a group dance several years back that was completely bonkers!

So, who did it better?

This season’s group I think had a better dance, and they seemed to hit their marks more.

This group 11 years ago has waaaaaay more batshit nuts energy though, which suits the song.

Got any suggestions for befores/afters that you want to share?



  1. The original version of I heard It Through The Grapevine by Gladys Knight and the Pips is all about ice cold fury at being cheated on, lied to, and gaslit, and I think that’s what makes it better than other versions like the Marvin Gaye or CCR takes.

    You could see the cheater sweet talking their way back through the door when listening to those versions. Gladys Knight has a Louisville Slugger and she’s going to deliver what’s coming.

  2. Hurt by Johnny Cash blew the doors off the 9inch Nails version. Because Johnny was at the end of his life and was singing about all the regrets and pain he endured/caused.

    No way I can listen to the 9inch Nails version and NOT compare it to the Cash masterpiece.

  3. ST DS9 vs B5.

    A sore point among the various fandoms. Star Trek fans assumed that B5 was the remake but it was originally pitched by the B5 creator to the ST producers as a new series set in the ST universe in the late 80s. Boy was he surprised when DS9 premiered.

    In this case I feel the original (B5) is the better series as DS9 spent a lot of time “borrowing’ plot elements of B5 over its run.

    It was to a long time trek fan like me as the Expanse of the late 90s. Mind blowing for its time. 

      • I DO like Jerry Jeff’s version, but my favorite versions of that one are the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s–for their harmonies, and my *personal* “best version” has to be Sammy Davis Junior’s… the dancing *and* the “Story-song” aspect of Sammy’s version–and that little bit of *melancholy* he adds in it–are what juuuust edges it past the Jerry Jeff version for me💖

        Similarly, the Buckley version of Hallelujah is too “upbeat” musically, imo.

        I LIKE Buckley’s *voice* in it!!! But the *music* in his version is too high-pitched, and it gets too discordant & “jangly” with *his* tones in too many places…

        I LOVE the “Dirge-yness” with the lower pitches, bolder bass lines, and Dave’s lower notes in the keyboards of the Bon Jovi version, over the Buckley one.

        Although, if Buckley’s had been arranged to a more “bass-y”/ “dirge-y” melody?

        Hands-down, Buckley’s WOULD be my top one!😉

        It’s sort of like the Thin Lizzy vs. Metallica versions of Whiskey in the Jar…

        I *LOVE* the vocals on the Thin Lizzy version–and if I’m fully honest, the *singing* in the Thin Lizzy version blows James out of the water…

        But the BASS LINES in the Metallica version–the *roundess* that additional octave or two of bass *adds* to the song–the lower guitars, AND the Bass playing that underchord that *moves the song along*…

        THAT is what makes the Metallica version SOOOOOOO much better–the Thin Lizzy version is just so *hollow* in comparison to the *full and ROUND* tones in the Metallica version!💗


  4. @EmmerdoesNOTrepresentme, @LemmyKilmister, @Loveshaq I saw these comments just as I was going to bed last night and didn’t want to type all of this on my phone. But didn’t want everyone to think I was a big baby who couldn’t handle differing opinions, lol.


    My point is that personal preferences aside Buckley’s is the version because it’s the one all others will be measured by. Unfortunately for Gladys Knight, the same is true of I Heard It Through the Grapevine. No matter how good the original is, and it’s fantastic, when people cover the song, nobody asks, but is it as good as Gladys Knight’s? No, they will always compare it to Marvin Gaye’s song.

    @EmmerdoesNOTrepresentme. The simplicity of Buckley’s version is what I like about it. I don’t consider it upbeat, it’s just not fraught like so many covers of Hallelujah are. It’s a great showcase for the purity of his voice without overshadowing the lyrics. Mr Bojangles is more of a personal preference for me. I like the quiet nature of Walker’s original as opposed to all other versions but it could be argued that Sammy Davis Junior’s is the version. Many people not even knowing who Jerry Jeff Walker was.


    • @hannibal all good.  My opinions are just that & based on nothing other than that.  I actually like covers of most songs better than the original for the simple fact that I am usually completely tired of the originals by the time someone does a cool cover.

      • I normally respond to people but was tired last night and today I was afraid it may have come across as pouting or something. And nobody was rude about it or anything. I’m probably overthinking it. But I’m solidly in the camp that if you put something out there you better be prepared to talk about it. 🙂


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