Who Even Knows [DOT 26/9/22]

HI all! Hope you had a super weekend!

I did a lot, like A LOT, around the house.

The fall weather was delightful here too, so all in it was a decent weekend!

Ukraine update:

Zelenskiy vows to liberate all of Ukraine as Russian ‘vote’ continues

I would use the word ‘comeback’ loosely here

Gawker makes a comeback six years after it was sued into closure

Whoa, that’s a legit potential sentence

QAnon follower who chased officer on January 6 convicted of felonies:
Douglas Jensen could face more than 50 years in prison after federal jury found him guilty

I wondered why I was seeing Mussolini trending on Twitter

Europe holds its breath as Italy expected to vote in far-right leader


I laughed way too hard at this way too many times

Have a great Monday!



  1. The Guardian’s a little behind the times NuGawker just recently celebrated its first anniversary, I think. I really enjoy it. It’s usually much better written. At the old Gawker and its subsidiary sites almost every writer had “editor” in their title and yet tons of stuffs seemed like it went straight from keyboard to Publish in a mad rush to beat a deadline. And then invariably someone in the comments would point out the typos and offenses against syntax but things were never fixed, because most of the writers/”editors” and certainly all of the management never read the comments.

    It’s pretty funny and sometimes thought-provoking and yet somehow is not nearly as bitchy or confrontational as the original (which was of wildly varying when it came to “funny” and “confrontational.”) I don’t understand why they don’t allow comments. I’m sure there are lots of us Gawker alums reading it and we could revive our old usernames and get the old gang back together again.

    • My comment is very strange. It’s not what I posted; it’s like the first draft before it underwent three revisions. Anyway, forgive my own typos and offenses against syntax. Maybe I screwed up and hit post, refreshed, and ultimately didn’t repost or refresh?

      • My replies default to the last person I replied to. So anything I post will keep showing up under here, unless I reload the page. Took me a minute to figure that out — that’s why there’s a blank post with my name on it.

    • …but if you ask her or her chancellor the hidden genius of their approach is how it will result in swifter growth

      …they’re so certain they apparently didn’t feel it would be appropriate to release any forecast they might base that claim on…much less one produced by the broadly independent office for budget responsibility

      …so…it’s slim pickings but if you had to try to scrape up a silver lining as the dip in the pound compounds inflationary pressure & there’s not much sign of wages catching up & the bill for the intervention to try to make fuel costs moderately achievable over the winter ratchets up as the differential with those dollar prices ratchets away…the idea that the right can claim to be the party of competence when it comes to the public finances may be mortally wounded?

      …they’re on course to match the deficit numbers that led to the outgoing labour lot to leave a note for the incoming coalition that “there’s no money”…which is to say any steps in the direction of balancing the national debt since 2010 or so would seem to be wiped out in the wake of this bold economic masterstroke from the people who brought you “let’s get brexit done”

      • But remember, though, this is not a budget nor a “mini-budget,” this is a “fiscal event.” Because the Chancellor is the delightfully named Kwasi Kwarteng this whole mess of spending and tax cuts with not even the slightest rational underpinnings is referred to as Kwasinomics.

        Still, the UK has a lot of catching up to do with the US. UK debt:GDP is at about 100% as of March; in the US it was about 127% and that was before the Orwellian-named Inflation Reduction Act shot another few hundreds of billions of dollars out of the printing presses at the US Mint.

  2. Well, I mowed the lawn this weekend. When a destructive force of nature visits one’s home, it’s best if things are tidy.

    Hurricane panic is in full force now. We won’t see any bread on the shelves for a couple of weeks. Which is bizarre, and I’ve never understood it. Canned goods? Of course. Batteries? Yep, stock up. Gas up the cars? Absolutely. Bottled water? No, that’s stupid, just fill reusable bottles. But who buys loaves and loaves and loaves of bread? It doesn’t keep that well. And yet the shelves get stripped.

    I was supposed to go to a wedding this weekend on Amelia Island. That, as you might imagine, is somewhat up in the air. I feel sorry for the couple but I’m going to feel sorrier for me if I get stuck for a hotel that I can’t use.

      • It should be fine. There’s a whole state between the hurricane and me. I’m not going to board up the windows or anything for this (unless things change radically).

        The wedding is a bigger priority for me. We were treating it as a little vacation, but a) the hurricane might screw it up and b) my wife may get “activated” to work in a county shelter. As a county employee she’s required to do that if she’s called up. This is new to us (new job) so we don’t know how much notice they give or what happens if we were actually 3 hours away and they say “you need to come in.”

        Long-time employees say that shelter duty is awful and miserable. For some reason they require you to stay at the shelter (generally a high school) and you can’t go home. Which is weird if the storm’s not raging right outside. Typically that only lasts for 2-3 hours, max, until the storm moves on.

        You have to sleep on the floor and you’re basically there with a couple hundred homeless people. A LOT of people quit working for the county after the last hurricane, because nobody knew what they were doing and everything was chaos and people were just stuck there with people who have dubious hygiene standards and mental health issues (not shitting on the homeless here, but it’s well-documented that the majority are not getting the mental health care they clearly need).

        They appear to be better organized this time, but who knows?

        • In the past you have mentioned your hurricane expertise as a native Floridian, so I will instead send best wishes to Mrs. Splinter, hoping for no shelter duties.

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