Who the Fuck is Joe Judge?

Pictured: Bill Belichick and Some Fuckin’ Guy

It shouldn’t be a shock for the team the hired Ben McAdoo and Pat Shumur, but, yeah, someone random ass Patriots assistant who is never has never been a head coach on any level is set to be the Giants next head coach.

Maybe the Giants are geniuses for picking a guy who no one knows! Stranger things have happened! In other weird Giants news, the Giants want to sign on Jason “Still Somehow Waiting to Be Fired” Garrett as their offensive coordinator, because…reasons?

Or maybe the Mara’s left the franchise of SIM and they accidentally hired a random coach.

Anyway, the Browns, who killed your favorite sports blog, are the only ones with a coaching vacancy at the moment.

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  1. I could see Judge being the best out of the Belichick tree. My theory is that Bill does not delegate too much and does everything himself. When his top assistants move on they have little actual experience doing the little things and become overwhelmed pretty fast.

    Judge is a young kid and unlikely he comes in trying to be a tough guy. I expect movies and bowling days to lighten the load and keep the players engaged during camp and the occasional Tuesday after a game. Bill’s real genuis is making it fun to go to work and some of the older guys that came from under his wing never bought into it.

    The Giants are a young club set at some key positions and I don’t think he will face the hardships McDaniles had in Denver. Not much will be expected and with a tough schedule next season playing the NFC West and ACF North plus TB & Chi getting to 6 wins is doable and would get him the key to the city.

  2. I don’t buy that head coaching experience is necessary, though. As a Steelers fan, we’ve only had three head coaches in the past 50 years. They’ve gone to 8 Super Bowls, won 6 of them, and none of the three were head coaches on any level before being hired by the Rooneys.

  3. I assume he’s gonna suck because the Giants have a piss poor track record in that department, but the much bigger problem is Grandpa Gettleman is still running the show, and he will ensure that Judge won’t have the talent he needs to succeed anyway.

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