Who Wants to Write? [NOT 1/2/22]

my expression damn near everyday at work

Hi, friends!

Happy Tuesday, I hope your week is going well. We’ve got a snow storm slowly rolling in. Rain is starting soon and sometime overnight Snowpocalypse is supposed to happen. Shrug. We’ll see what happens. MODOT is fucking useless when we don’t have bad snow and they just said today they’re down several hundred employees state-wide.

But I digress.

Starting next weekend, we have openings for Friday and Saturday NOTs. Please let me know if you want to do them. As I sure you’ve noticed, NOTs are pretty loosy-goosie and nowhere near the effort that goes into a DOT. So if you want to try your hand at posting, it’s a fun way to do so.



  1. So I came over to Kansas City just for this snow- shit-storm. Or to see my dad. Whatever. I’m here until Sunday, and we’re house-bound anyway. So as long as we don’t lose power….

    (Ooooooh, f*ck….)

    • A bunch of my neighbors salted their driveways. Which, it’s raining from basically now until the temp drops enough around 3am for it to be snow. So that’s gonna be really helpful for their asphalt.

      • Hey, the rain water gutters and sewers will be ice free!

        Yeah, I promised dad and step-mom that I would wait until there was actual snow (it was still rain Tuesday evening) before salting the front steps.

  2. Sorry @brightersideoflife I have a hard enough time coming up with the Coffee Break and Happy Hour every week. I can fill in on an occasional Friday or Saturday night but not on a regular basis.
    Gotta hot the store tomorrow because I’m almost out of coffee and I’m not facing an ice storm without my caffeine.

  3. Is this the kind of thing where I can queue up ten topics, schedule them, and then let the system launch them every Friday for a couple of months? That seems do-able.

  4. Sorry, Brighter, not enough time here–i’ve been going Up Home every weekend, and that drive alone (up & back) eats a minimum of 4 hours out of every weekend right now🙃

    On an unrelated note, have y’all SEEN THIS!?!?!???


    I know, I know, I know, “Sprotz!” annnnnd it’s the NFL off-season coach-walkabouts…


    That Belichick “congrats” text has a chance of getting the Giants in some huge trouble!!!

    Because apparently all three of the Black coaches the Giants interviewed–to meet the Rooney Rule requirements–were interviewed after Belichick sent the text to Flores, mistakenly thinking he was texting Daboll…

    According to that second link’s timeline (the NJ.com story), Flores, Graham, & Frazier were interviewed last week–on Weds.,Thurs., and Fri…

    But apparently Flores got the “Congrats” text from Belichick the previous week.

    Meaning that the Bills apparently knew they were hiring Daboll before any of the minority candidates had even been interviewed… violating the Rooney Rule, AND putting an interesting** light on this quote from team owner John Mara (emphasis mine!);

    “The team is interviewing three Black candidates this week: Patrick Graham, the team’s defensive coordinator, on Wednesday; Brian Flores, the former Miami Dolphins coach, on Thursday; and Leslie Frazier, the current Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator and former Minnesota Vikings head coach, on Friday.

    They also have interviewed Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, the man many believe is the favorite for the job. If Daboll gets the job, the Giants will have hired four white coaches in a six-year span — including three without any head coaching experience.

    Mara will face some uncomfortable questions about why his team hasn’t done its part to promote diversity — and justifiably so.

    ‘It’s certainly something I’m aware of,’ Mara said this week when NJ Advance Media asked him about the Giants potentially hiring a Black coach. ‘At the end of the day, we want to get the right person. I think we have a good, diverse group of candidates right now, and will make a decision based on who we think will be the best person to lead us in the future. But it was very important that we have a diverse group of candidates.‘”

    Very important… especially  since even though that “diverse group of candidates” was apparently interviewed *after* the decision was already made, regarding who the new Head Coach would be…


    From the “cheating in football & getting caught” perspective, it’s pretty damn funny that it was (known cheater) Belichick who leaked the info😉😆🤣

    And on a side note, for alllll the Deadsplinter folks who could give a rat’s ass about *FootballSprotz!*;

    Actress Rooney Mara isn’t just someone with a name interestingly similar to Dan Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers ownershipfamily and creator of “The Rooney Rule” or John Mara, of the Giants’ ownership family…

    She’s named after them, because her mom was a Rooney before marrying into the Mara family. Dan Rooney was her Great-Uncle, and John Mara is another uncle.



  5. I’ll commit to some NOTs if others email me animal pics for a weekly Creature Feature.

    So far I have butcher, lymond, and myself with some creatures to feature.

  6. the nots are at 1am for me…well past my bedtime….(well past when i should be in bed at least)


    i also have a wierd kind of writers block where if i promise to make a post nothing comes out

    and apparently the ability to piss people off by not thinking enough….so i’ll have to pass on that one

  7. @brightersideoflife It looks like everything is covered but I’m always happy to step up. Now that I work from home as a writer it’s no big problem to add something fun to the queue.

    @hannibal If you need someone to spell you for Coffee Break or Happy Hour I can do that too. If it’s a labor of love don’t let me dissuade you, but if you need some time off let me know.

    I’ve even been known to do the odd DOT now and again.

  8. @bryanlsplinter – I’d welcome the occasional help on Coffee Break and Happy Hour. Not just for my sake, it is difficult to come up with new material twice a week, but for the other Deadsplinters as well. I’m sure they get tired of my voice. Just let me know anytime you want to do one or have the time to do one. You can pm me, thanks!

  9. I can cover an OT occasionally when needed but I’m hesitant to sign up for anything recurring. I’m already committed to 3 posts every week on BT and Friday DUANs here so I don’t want to promise more than I can produce. But I can help if someone needs a fill in.

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