Whoops! [NOT 19/10/22]

Hi, friends!

Sorry I missed last night, had a combination of a few things go sideways and then got some shocking news about a major community member that sent us all a-twitter amongst my local group.

Happy Wednesday! Forget anything lately?



  1. I haven’t seen one daughter since August & the other since early September & now going to see both this weekend.  That means I need to cook up some stuff to give them this weekend so shopping needs to happen.  Problem is I’ve had to catch up from lost work week so better get my act together .  Prepped some Mochiko chicken so it can marinate for 2 days but need lots of shopping before the weekend.

  2. I personally didn’t forget anything, no. But today I had to interpret for a court gig downtown that I was reluctant to cover because it hovered dangerously close to the time I start my day job. They couldn’t get anybody else, though, so I traded an hour with another interpreter in order to give myself a bit more of a cushion of time. And then, when someone else had another appointment me to cover about an hour beforehand, the facility ended up asking the patient to show up a little early to give me enough time to get to court. It all went off without a hitch.

    Or, rather, it would have if the lawyer had bothered at any point to let her client know about the fucking court date. Ah, well. I’m still getting paid the two-hour minimum, plus parking and mileage expenses, and I spent the time I traded away a nice long lunch hour before work.

    (Oh, and shocking news about a major community member? You damn sure better spill that shit.)

  3. i forgot how long a 14 hour shift really is…..my legs are dead

    it also did absolutely nothing to put a dent in our backlog as per usual so i’ll probably have to pull another one today

    if i have the legs for it…..

    suspect the free meal will probably talk me into it again….some real good take out over here….and apparently my stomach does most of my thinking

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