Why Bother

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I’m of the opinion that none of the White House legislation should make it through the House while Democrats hold the majority, since that’s not what the ‘not a blue wave’ in 2018 was about.

The Democratic majority in the House (and at large, it seems) does not. It seems to think ‘compromise in the spirit of governance’ is still a thing; and seeks to appease the middle-road moderate voter, as if that’s the only voter who counts. Our beloved Hamilton Nolan says it much better than I could ever hope:



  1. The Republican party is so hideously evil and ignorant and wrong that you really have to commend the Democrats for failing to mount any real opposition. Whether it’s running the most disliked candidate in history in a losing effort against an admitted rapist with orange skin who fucks his daughter, or failing to properly impeach said narcissistic psychopath despite overwhelming public support, or being determined to run some Korporatocracy Kandidates in 2020 that most of their base despises, the incompetence of the Democratic party is really fucking impressive.

  2. The Democrats seem to think that this will kill the “do nothing Democrats” Trump argument but really? You can’t reason with toddlers & pathological lairs. Every Democrat that gets interviewed or any media time needs to just keep saying, we have passed close to 400 bills that Moscow Mitch will not put out for a vote. Until they cut funding to all things the GOP cares about we will never get anywhere.

    • That’s what I have been saying since January last. It’s really not that hard to focus on 2 messages ^ that, and ‘look at him’ – his policy; conduct; actual things that concern governance, NOT physical appearance or demeanor (unless directly related to governance as the topic at hand*).

      * That whole aspect is an entirely other topic, and part of the reason we are where we are, I think.

  3. Ok, I have been reading a little more and it seems this was endorsed by AFL-CIO. I have yet to actually look at the plan to see if it’s any good, but I can see a logic where they think the optics of going against labor is worse than giving Trump a win. Is that true? Who knows?! Anyway, but it did make mee think a little harder abou tit.

    • I’d also be curious to see how it truly affects the labor sector – better pay? More PTO? Better union benes? Returning manufacturing/farming jobs? And what about those employees – how do they feel about it? (I may need to keep looking…)

      • I am by far not an expert in labor issues, but Sherod Brown was on NPR talking about it and he said it significantly increased the standards for Mexico’s labor, so in turn it makes American products more competitive/discourages companies moving manufacturing to Mexico because they can’t pay people garbage if they want to be able to sell products here. I really don’t know if this dream is how these things work out in reality or not. (also would it just mean China is more competitive??)

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