Why hello Summer, welcome back [NOT 6/9/21]

How did everyone’s day go? It got up to the mid 80s today and tomorrow’s high is 90. I keep waiting to plant my bok choy and lettuce because it’s too hot for them not to go to bolt. So they’ve been hanging out in my living room instead.

I did a bunch of cleaning today and did a bunch of food prep for the week. I need to do more yard work but it’s been hot and I’m lazy soooooo I did that for like 20 minutes today and was like NOPE that will wait a while.



  1. i did nothing all day…..and im pretty proud of myself
    (well…other than macing everyone in the name of food…..i survived the eating btw…wasnt so hot in the end…..probably wont need coffee tomorow tho..the ring of fire should wake me up)
    pushing 80 here the next couple days…..so maybe ill roll ole tetanus out and have my first bbq of the year

  2. Didn’t make salsa, but did make my first batch of roasted red peppers.  Other than that, it went according to plan, working in the garden and making the last of the sweet potato and leek soup for Mrs. Butcher this year.  This is when I start getting tired of burning all my days off working in the garden and start to look forward to the bleakness of winter when I can just sit on my ass and watch TV or play Civilization.

  3. It was a busy day here at the Casa Encantada. No rest for the weary.

    The day began, as it always does, with a predawn stroll with The Faithful Hound. He ran into his new best friend, a large puppy, so I got to sit in my rollater seat and referee a canine wrestling match. I called it a draw, because while the puppy had much greater agility (standing on his hind legs to put his paws around FH’s neck and nibble on an ear, and the ability to go underneath him to agitate him some more) FH, because of his massive bulk, was able, with a forepaw placed strategically on the puppy’s head, to gain points. FH also likes to hip check his opponents so that they skitter, and occasionally briefly take flight, out of the ring.

    It is Kitchen Sweep Day here, so for brunch I made mushroom and tomato omelets with a side of sliced avocados, to use them up. We have produce aplenty but we were out of cream, so I rollated to the nearby Beloved Bodega. On my way back an unhinged woman started screaming at me from across the street about a previous relationship that led to me abandoning her and her babies. Unexpected encounters like these are not unusual in New York: 2021, so I just kept going, thinking, “Can I imagine a less plausible scenario? Maybe one of my parents was from a different planet? Maybe I was born on a different planet?”

    Since it was a nice day I went up to the roof to check out the flora post-Ida. Everything seems to have survived. I did some of my low-impact aerobics since no one else was up there, and took a brief nap in one of the loungers. 

    Refreshed, I returned to find that Better Half had vanished. He decided to take advantage of a quieter, depopulated New York (because of the holiday) and go foraging. To make room for the spoils of his looting and pillaging I pulled out a ton more produce and now will leave you to make two comically large chef’s salads with an artfully designed cheeseboard for the Faithful Hound.



  4. Update – upon inspection my lettuce starts from the plant store definitely already bolted. Can I salvage these if I cut them really low? It’s a variety that said “Heat tolerant” but clearly that was a goddamn dirty lie.

  5. I’m babywatching today til 10pm so my son can sleep (he works 3rd) and his girlfriend can get something done. She’ll pick up Grandbaby after she drops off my son at work. Grandbaby is currently lying on his back, cooing sweetly at the toys dangling over him. I anticipate this lasting about 3 more minutes before the howling starts. 
    Dinner was roast beef, cream cheese, and tomato sandwiches… mine on a toasted asiago bagel, Husband’s on 9-grain bread. The rest of the crew gets to fend for themselves when they get home!

  6. Yesterday after dinner I went for a walk and saw that a lot of people had lights up already. Or maybe because the sun is setting earlier, I just noticed it now.
    Anyway, I was inspired and dug out white solar powered lights from the basement and strung them up on a tree out front. My block could use some extra cheeriness before the Halloween decorations start kicking in.

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