Why, Tennessee? Why?

Tennessee’s legislative session begins next week, and one of the (horrible, imho) things yet to be assigned to committee is a bill that would require transgender students athletes to play for the gender on their birth certificates.

Not content to deny student athletes their identities, the bill would also make schools found in violation of this evil policy ineligible to receive public funding; and school officials face personal penalties, including civil suits and firing.


The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Bruce Griffey, says it’s meant to ‘maintain fairness’ (it also contradicts NCAA’s standard). The bill’s opponent’s, Tennessee Equality Project, say the bill is ‘demeaning’ and the penalties ‘draconian’. (It is.)



  1. I always wonder how miserable a person like Rep. Bruce Griffey is that he has to be so shitty to people he’s never met and probably will never meet. I’m sure he’s got other things in his life that should take precedent over shitting on transgender athletes. Maybe we should start interviewing these idiots families so we can find out.

    • I maintain that the Bible and God’s word are a book of stories about not being a dick to people. The Bible is full of stories where people who are dicks are punished and people who are not dicks getting blessed and basically everyone ignores those parts.

      • Counterpoint: God is a dick in the ENTIRETY of the Old Testament. Whether it’s extinction-level genocide, torturing Job for the lulz, fucking every woman over, murdering all the gays, etc etc, etc, god is a complete cockmaster.

        In the New Testament, Jesus is also a dick. Whether it’s cursing a fig tree for daring not to grow fruit out of season, slaughtering a whole herd of pigs for the lulz, turning his BFF’s into cannibals, promising to return “in the lifetime” of his apostles only to literally and figuratively ghost them, or telling everyone to “hate” their brothers and sisters and to love only him, Jesus Christ was a donkey-fucking assgoblin.

    • My dad moved to Tennesee a couple of years ago. I can’t wait to tell my Funklets that we’re moving in with Grandpa Funk so they can put on a wig and win all the track meetz!

      They’ll be state champions, AND they get to SEX all the girls in the bathroom!


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