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Jim McKay
No. No I am not going to report on bowling.

I know that this site will not tolerate sticking to sports, but I feel like there has been very little in the way of sporting competition lately. I’ve certainly not helped in that regard, but I have a note from Ada County (Idaho) that asserts that I had jury duty last week.

So here I am catching up, and I feel like there’s stuff happening in the sports-ball realm that could be discussed here.

Soccer in the US: After 6 dramatic years (which is the norm in Florida), an MSL franchise based in Miami will compete in its inaugural season. Part of the visibility of this drama is the presence of UK football legend David Beckham, who is co-owner and manager of soccer operations at Inter Miami.

Team official discovers Miami is not like Europe.

Soccer elsewhere: The Premier League this year is being dominated by Liverpool. That’s really all that you need to know. It’s like going back to the 1980s… (As I write this, they are down 0-2 to Watford. Good lord.)

Good times. Good times.

Football in the US: Is it possible that Tony Romo will earn more money as a TV commentator than as a pro football quarterback?

Why, exactly, did I let people hit me for a living when I could just talk for 3 hours?

Boxing: Tyson Fury battled all his personal demons and then put Deontay Wilder on his butt to win the heavyweight crown. Wilder’s corner threw in the towel in the 7th round.

You done cleaning that floor?

Wilder, of course, has already posted on social media that NOW it’s serious between them. Wilder also tried to explain away his loss by throwing his 40-lb. pre-match get-up under the bus. You do you, boxing.

“Dress for the job you want,” they said.

Basketball: Kobe Bryant. What else is there? The playoffs have to start soon, right?

Feel free to add interesting stories in the comments.



  1. I read something about MLS surpassing Baseball in popularity in the next few years (I know it already has in my area!). Also, I am a huge basketball fan as you may have guessed. Playoffs are still far away but Zion is finally playing and it has been very exciting to see a giant 6’8″ 19 year old dominate immediately in the NBA. This hasn’t happened since LeBron.

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