Woot! [DOT 21/1/22]

"I've only had half of four bottles of wine."

Happy Friday gang! Hope you have an awesome weekend.

Shocker ;/

Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw fake electors plot in 7 states

Well that sounds super annoying.

American Airlines flight bound for London turns around mid-flight over mask rule compliance

Not even a dog whistle anymore. More like an air horn.

McConnell waves off voting concerns since Black people turn out as heavily as ‘Americans’


Peloton to halt production of its Bikes, treadmills as demand wanes


Aww, that is sad.

Tonga’s Olympic flagbearer Pita Taufatofua hasn’t heard from his father since ‘devastating’ tsunami

Where would you reside?

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    • …I read whodini as house #3…so I kind of feel like I could read that comment different ways depending on your opinion of said brother?

      …I think for my part in any of those houses I’d have at least some days I might regret my choice, though…so that seems appropriate?

      • Wow, messed that up. Yeah, hip-hop is 3, my bad.

        My brother was my idol, and for good reason. He passed in 03 due to diabetes, which we did not know he had.

          • Sorry I won’t keep going (after this), but fondly isn’t even close to how he is remembered. I know everyone says it about the dead, but he lit up a room. Super short, had a messed up left arm (one of the bones just grew faster then the rest, so as he got older, his arm would straighten out less and less), zit face in highschool (still king of prom) and tried everything. Sky dive, Bungie, we used to jump off bridges, he’d pull his car over just to go jump in a crick and fuck around. Invented games, cared, loved, fought for the shit on, literally would give his last dime to homeless etc. His former fiance tells a story how they were going to get ice cream and he gave a guy his last 20 and they just went for a walk type shit. It’s been a long time and I am having a hard time not crying. I miss him tremendously and my kids are worse off for never having him in their lives.



            Sorry, that’s all.

            • …sounds like someone well worth remembering…so don’t be sorry, to the extent that makes sense

              …I am…not least for the part where I was flippant about it out of ignorance…but I’m sort of glad it means now I know that?

            • I’m sorry. We lost my brother last year and my parents will never recover. And I still can’t believe I have to live the whole rest of my life without him.

  1. The CIA has issued a report casting doubt on a lot of idea about the Havana Syndrome.


    Some people have definitely gotten ill from various things, but the idea that there is some kind of enemy energy weapon has always been really shaky. But that hasn’t stopped axe grinding national security reporters from running to unnamed sources insisting there was a US coverup of nefarious commies.

    Something similar hapened with a campaign to drum up panic over a supposed bioweapon origin of Covid in Wuhan. There was a little nugget of truth in that the Chinese government definitely botched and tried to hide the emergence of Covid cases. But axe grinding reporters and right wing sources worked together to amplify an exaggerated, fabricated version that made no sense.

    Editors ought to force reporters to reexamine their sources and stop listening to the alarmist pushing these ideas. But the press doesn’t really worry about finding reliable sources, just ones who will confirm their prior beliefs.

  2. I think this is a trick question. The nine houses form a commune where free love is practiced. However, if/when I get shipped off to a Shady Pines with 9 wings I would request a space in 1, 2, or 4.

    • …much as I feel sorry for innocently named individuals…do you think people would be so keen on claiming those religious grounds if it was officially “a karen accomodation”?

      • That’s a good question. Turns out no, and in fact they’re bitter enemies. Vickie is an upstart and Carl, nutty as he is, is a member of the NYS Republican establishment with cronies parked everywhere, including in Queens. Vickie also has a feud going on with another Republican Council member from Queens but I forget why, because I don’t follow NYS Republican politics and especially not Queens Republican politics.

  3. This disrupting flights bullshit is completely out of control. The FAA needs to start prosecuting that behavior and making the malefactors financially responsible for every ticket on the flight; jet fuel; salaries of all pilots, flight attendants, and ground crew; and financial compensation to literally anyone else who is affected. Plus punitive fines and mandatory jail time. Force the airlines to refund all passenger fares so they’ve got serious incentive to participate in the prosecution to recoup losses. Hand these motherfuckers a bill for $2.6 million and totally destroy their lives. Give every passenger a flyer outlining the penalties, make it part of the pre-flight safety speech. Put it on all the monitors and the apps. Make people sign or accept a warning notification when booking. It might take two or three prosecutions, but that shit would stop.

      • …I’m a little shaky on the physics…but I have a sneaking suspicion that at 42k ft unless we start fitting airlocks to airplanes the decompression part is going to go badly for everyone…so…I guess I’d suggest workshopping that part a little?

        …if you’re going to act like a cartoon character then there is a part of me that could see a cartoon fate as sort of fitting…so dumping them in a lagoon or something non-fatal might be sort of fair game…but on balance I’m not sure I could actually chuck someone out of a plane…although…it certainly solves for maximum social distancing

        • Dialing back my outrage for a moment, letting these people off without repercussions is going to eventually spark some vigilante justice. When the pilot announces he’s turning the plan around, somebody on the flight is going to start punching the asshole. They need to be met at the gate by police who handcuff and haul the asshole away publicly in front of the entire plane.

      • I would too, but I’m forced to assume that ejection wouldn’t get approved.

        Oh, I also would put those individuals on the no-fly list for life. I’d ban them from airports subject to arrest. No, you can’t even pick Grandma up, asshole. Frankly, disrupting a flight for any reason is terrorism and should be treated as such.

        Seriously, tell everyone that if they fuck around, they will be bankrupted, jailed, and will never set foot on a commercial aircraft again, ever. If you can’t control yourself, don’t buy a fucking ticket.

        As someone who’s flown a zillion miles (approximately) without being a fucking shitweasel ever and who’s never even spoken rudely to any staff or crew no matter what, it’s not a high bar to ask people to behave themselves.

    • I have a flight-related horror story but it doesn’t involve disruptive maskers. Years ago a friend of mine booked a flight to Paris. The cheaper fare was on Lufthansa, so the deal was you flew to Frankfurt and then transferred to a flight to Paris. On the way back he had to do the same thing.

      Somewhere over the middle of the Atlantic the pilots or somebody decided that the flight couldn’t go on, so they flew back to Frankfurt and tried again. The process took something like 36 hours. All to save $100 r/t by not flying one of the US carriers or Air France direct to Paris. Frankfurt isn’t that far from Paris at all but it is in the wrong direction.

      His fun was compounded by the fact that he smoked (cigarettes).

      • St. Louis just got direct flights to Europe again, via Frankfurt on Lufthansa. Should we be concerned?

        (I’d already booked my flights to and from Madrid before the news broke, and the first flights aren’t scheduled to depart until after I’m back anyway.)

        • No, this was many years ago and everyone landed safe and sound. Lufthansa is an excellent airline, or it was pre-pandemic. I’m sure it is, actually; the Germans wouldn’t let it go downhill like the American carriers have. Plus Frankfurt is pretty central.

  4. As for me I like the music in house 5 but live there no. Be a crack house and axel plus Billy idol would be a housemate from hell.

    I would live in 6 because they would be easier to live with.

  5. There were two things that the Meatloaf news struck me with this morning–that as “a 70’s to 90’s kid,” i haven’t yet seen a single reference to “Mister Loaf”…which–as a kid in that era was a goofy, yet–for those of us who were kids back then, also a Respectful moniker–he was a Mister, just like the parents of our friends. Especially since, as the children of boomer-era (young & rural when they had us!) parents who were of his age cohort.


    And I can’t help but think of Eisen Bolan from GT–who adored the music of Meatloaf as much as I adore my Bon Jovi–Eisen was the reason I bought this album (the Target version, with the bonus tracks);



    Track 13–Anything for Love is STILL one of my favorite songs to open up the sunroof, roll down the windows, and absolutely blast out of my stereo system, as I’m going 80-ish down the freeway, on a warm, dry, summer day.

    That album has a GREAT version of it–the only complaint I have about it, is that i always felt that (like Bon Jovi in the albums where Phil X is playing and not Richie), there are just a few spots where the background bass & guitar could have been punched up a little deeper, and “rounder” for a bit more…. depth i guess? That you can somehow “feel” yet not actually hear on the album…

    But it’s an AMAZING song, to hear full-out on even a halfway decent sound system💝💝💝

    And I also hope that EB isn’t hurting terribly about the sad, sad, news today💔

    But I do kinda worry that he IS out there somewhere, aching about this, without the old gang (although I’m SURE he has an online community *somewhere* that he landed safely in!!!! And I wish him well, and a much less heavy heart.💖💞💝


    • Dammit, not Louie Anderson! I always liked him but his role in Baskets was groundbreaking. There was nothing campy about it, he was not in drag. It was a warm, hilarious portrayal of a woman. He based his performance on his mother, and the love for and understanding he had of her was evident

      • It was a busy day at work today, and I was offsite, filling in at another school, so I just caught the Louie news as I saw a billboard on my way home.



        This week fucking SUCKS, with not only Meatloaf & Louie, but Andre Leon Talley going💔💔💔💔💔


        All three, by so many accounts, kind, generous, talented, and just GOOD DUDES, who were well-known, and GREAT in their fields.


        And who were all, purportedly well-known, by the “little folks” they ran across as *KIND* men–in and of *itself* such a rarity and sorely needed in our current society😕🙁☹


        Louie was someone I literally grew up seeing. There was a VERY local show (Good Company) on in the afternoons, on KSTP-the local ABC affiliate.

        Louie was a regular on it, well before he became known nationally… I mean, we ALL watched the cartoon growing up, TOO… but many of us *here* knew him, from all the times he was on Good Company talking with Steve & Sharon, OR all the funny bits he did with “Lumpy” (Gary Lumpkin, the other guy in this clip);


        This week just SUCKS on the “guys who were KIND to ‘the little folks *around* them” front.💔

  6. See, Mom lives in House 1, so I’m there during the week, and Dad lives in House 2, so I’m over there during the weekends. The cool family friend with no kids lives in House 8, so I’ll run over there maybe once every two weeks.

  7. Please do not make me choose – there is music to recommend each house. Perhaps I could create a central house where all are welcome? Plus all dogs and cats and donkeys? I would have said I’d visit each of your houses, but my dogs are not fit for visitation privileges.

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