Working on New Habits [NOT 4/5/21]

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Hi, friends!

Last night completely got away from me, to the point of me wondering at 8pm what I was forgetting to do and realizing it was bake breakfasts for the rest of the week. Whoops.

Anyways, that frittata turned out delicious. I’m 37 years old and it’s the first time I’d had or made a frittata! I have no aversion to eggs, I just never got around to trying before.

And leftovers for a few more days of breakfast, too!

Today after work I needed to make my next round of lunches. My food prep schedule is off because I’m trying to eat through leftovers and not eat out. My goal is to do this for the entire month of May for 3 reasons – I need to stop wasting food by having things and getting fast food/deli counter instead, I need to lose weight and we all know stuff you don’t make at home is waaaaay easier to be stupid high in sodium and calories, and I need to cut back on spending with the stuff I have planned for the rest of the summer. 4 days in so far, but the good news is today was the kind of work day where normally I would be like AGHGHGHHG I NEED PIZZA TO DEAL WITH THIS and instead I ate my leftovers (only slightly begrudgingly).

Is there any habit you’re working on recently? What’s the motivation?



  1. The main habit is continuing with the “I’ll eat whatever I damned well please” diet, but just making sure that I’m only eating actual meals and not grazing like a fucking groundhog all goddamned day.  Plus trying to get back into a regular walking schedule again.  In the Before Times, I had a brisk one mile walk each way to and from the office from the train station.  So, I need to make that a priority again, but I will say that it’s a lot easier to justify not going for a walk when it’s raining and I’m working from home.  Anyway, 11 pounds and two holes in the belt later, things seem to be humming along.

  2. I’m open to some bad habits…something that isn’t a requirement, a chore, or employment. 

  3. I spent an hour rage moshing by myself on Sunday. I want that to become a weekly habit. It’s a good cardio workout and it lets me scream vent my rage out in a therapeutic way….but holy fuck I nearly threw my neck out from all the headbanging. Definitely going to stretch before and after next time.

  4. I feel like I should watch more TV.

    • Are you missing out on local commercials? Need more Rural King adverts in your life?

      • I . . . probably should’ve specified shows, of the type that can be watched upon a TV.
        And wait, Rural King does commercials. . . ?

        • I heard one on the radio last week that was the most yee-yaw redneck Murrica country folk I have ever encountered. And that’s saying something because I went to college in Northern Missouri and grad school in fucking Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

          I can only presume they have TV commercials, too. Norm’s Bargain Barn sure does!

  5. I am a procrastinator & my wife is an OCD overachiever!  I’m trying to get more shit done of my list but get overwhelmed when for everything I get off the list, 3 more things are added.  Today I got half of a job done & then decided to go food shopping so I could make Jambalaya which I was craving & ask Lemmy important life questions.  Okay, maybe OCD & ADD is a bad combo but we just made 20 years so something to be said for lowered expectations?  

    • My theme song…


  6. Over the weekend I did a closet/drawers/cedar chest purge. I took 3 huge bags of old, ugly, baggy, drab gray and black clothes to Goodwill. For a number of reasons I haven’t allowed myself to wear pretty clothes that fit well.  I’ve finally decided that I’m not doing that anymore and I went shopping. I bought my first pair of shorts in years, a bright green tee, and a blue and white linen shirt. And I found a cute pair of Levi’s I forgot I owned at the bottom of the cedar chest. They’re a little loose but not my usual enormous hide-the-fact-there’s -a-body-under-there fit. And I’ve been wearing them out in public! Old habits are hard to break but I’m determined – no more dowdy, I’ll fitting clothes! 

      • Thanks 😊

      • * sigh* FML

        Just kidding, I doubt I’d ever wear skinny jeans anyway and not even Gen Z would have approved of my burqa-like clothes.

      • They can pry my skinny jeans from my cold, dead fingers. They are far more comfortable than having all that extra fabric flapping around and dragging on the ground. Besides, they make my ass look great 😁

        • Yeah I think I look better in skinny jeans or more of a narrow cut leg. There’s no hiding that I’m fat. Wider legs look like I’m hiding ham hocks on my lower legs. 

          • @brightersideoflife yup, same. I look at old pictures and I look like I’m the same width from top to bottom!

    • I used to periodically buy a couple pairs of jeans everytime Levis had a sale, but I was thinking recently how I haven’t bought any in a while, and with me sacrificing quite a few to “work clothes” status, I went to see how expensive they were to buy when not on sale…
      And I think Levi discontinued the number/model I had been wearing…
      well, fuck…  I’ve actually been deliberately not thinking about this, because I hate clothes shopping, and sorta hoped I had things figured out so I wouldn’t have to go out and try things on and all that bullshit.  (apologies to all the women and other people who have even more options, inconsistencies, and difficulties in shopping for clothes)

      • Levi’s are damned expensive. I always hated clothes shopping too. It caused too much anxiety. I was still nervous on my recent trip but much less so.

      • I can’t imagine the frustration of wearing the same style for years…only to have it discontinued. That fucking sucks!

  7. I made fried rice for dinner, in the interest of using up leftovers and odds and ends. 3 boneless pork chops, half of a 13×9 pan of rice, a carrot, a banana pepper, 3 spring onions, jarred minced garlic, and a couple handfuls of spinach. Fried all the veg in a little bacon grease, scrambled in a couple of eggs, added in the rice, dressed it up with soy sauce, teriyaki, sweet Thai chili sauce, and gochujang, then diced up the chops and tossed it all together. That was for the guys. I set aside half a pork chop for myself, sliced it and had it as a sandwich with a thin slice of cheese and some jalapeño mustard. 
    I started and finished a book yesterday… The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi of the space opera variety. It’s a bit of a slow start, but I really got into it and just couldn’t put it down. It’s the first of a series, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. 

  8. ive been trying to do that whole get 7 hours of sleep thing….or at in bed with 7 hours till my alarm thing…which is why i keep missing the duans…10pm….who goes to bed at 10pm?…the evenings barely started at that point
    hows anyone sposed to have a life around work when you are expected to sleep away the best hours of the day just to be up again for work at 5 am?
    please give me nightshifts…i like going to bed at 7 or 8 am waking up at 2 pm ish..having the civilized part of the day to get shopping and eating done and going to work at 10 pm….that schedule is effortless to me
    oh also…ive been trying to eat breakfast…in the mornings…managing maybe twice a week so far

    • at a few points in my past, I used to regularly work both a full and part time job.
      Now, in my dotage,  just working a single full time job, commuting, and reading a site or two on the internet rarely leaves me enough time to sleep.  And pretty much all aspects of my life are suffering because of that…
      I’m so sleep deprived, it’s taken me almost a year to realize that my “goal bedtime” when I started work at ~9300 won’t work the same if I’m trying to start work at ~0800.  And that “goal bedtime” is completely irrelevant if I repeatedly insist on staying up way too late arguing with weebs on the internet, reading dumb stuff, and looking at stupid memes and what not…

  9. I need to work on my habit of gathering stuff related to a topic and then abandoning it while I go on to some other thing. Right now my kitchen is cluttered with rug-making supplies minus the item crucial to the making of an actual rug and all the cookbooks I found with blini recipes. Maybe just a big bin for WIPs.

  10. @Sedevilc now I’m just so curious… what is the missing crucial item?! 
    I have 2 bags full of old jeans because I’m going to make a braided rug… someday. Ditto the several bags of other old clothing that will be a quilt… someday. 

    • @HoneySmacks Rug canvas! I thought I could use an uncompleted and badly hooked rug from the flea market by just picking out the hooking but the canvas is too old.
      Same here with the jeans, and a hamper full of snippets that will be a string quilt.

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