Would You Rather? Jeopardy! Edition

Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, Brad Rutter, three nerds [by Eric McCandless, ABC)

Jeopardy is currently airing their Greatest of All Time Tournament, which obviously leads us to the question, Would You Rather?

Ken Jennings, 45

Pros: Boy next door looks, could take him home to meet the parents, gets his taxes done free for life, good sense of humor

Cons: Boy next door looks, could take him home to meet the parents, gets his taxes done free for life

James Holzhauer, 36

Pros: Bold, take no prisoners attitude, youngest of the bunch so can probably go all night

Cons: Actual job description is “professional gambler”, looks like Ted from How I Met Your Mother, teeth are freakishly white

Brad Rutter, 41

Pros: Just happy to be here, can take a joke, the only one who’s actually single

Cons: Questionable taste in ties, currently pursuing a career as an actor

So folks, who’s it going to be?

James, Ken, Brad: rich nerds

P.S.: Obligatory thoughts and prayers go out to the grand zaddy of them all, Alex Trebek! #WhatIsFuckCancer



  1. Meg!!!!

    There’s three of them! The correct question is: Kill, Marry, Fuck.

    And the only correct answer is:

    Kill: Brad
    Marry: Ken
    Fuck: James

    • You’re not wrong!

  2. Ken, cheesy dad jokes and all. I’ve followed him on Twitter and he isn’t a shitty person and I hardly know the other two so maybe not a fair fight. In the looks department, each of them…isn’t great so Ken again.

  3. What if Watson had been invited?

    Pros: encyclopedic knowledge of all possible international techniques, (probably) massive databases of erotic files secretly uploaded by developers.

    Cons: container is a metal box with sharp edges, filled with high voltage cables, transmits shocks in presence of any moisture.

  4. Man v. Machine: An Eternal Conundrum
    BTW, I legit lol’d at your cons for Watson. Well played.

  5. Ken is “Jeopardy” good-looking. My wife and I always joke that we can’t concentrate when there’s an attractive person on — it throws the whole vibe off.

    (Also, the actual answer is Alex. Always Alex.)

    • Haha “Jeopardy good looking” should definitely be a thing. There are no attractive dudes in my office (#sorrynotsorry), so whenever we have a guest who is even moderately attractive the ladies are like ‘ooooh did you see the hot guy in the lobby?’

  6. I’ll do what I always do in this game and mention the only option that no one ever mentions, which is walk slowly into the ocean and disappear forever instead.

    • Completely valid response, particularly in this situation.

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