WWF/WWE World Champions, Ranked

1.) Stone Cold Steve Austin

2.) John Cena

3.) The Rock

4.) “Macho Man” Randy Savage

5.) CM Punk

6.) Bret Hart

7.) Bruno Sammartino

8.) The Undertaker

9.) The Ultimate Warrior

10.) Pedro Morales

11.) Ric Flair

12.) Triple H

13.) Eddie Guerrero

14.) Kurt Angle

15.) John “Bradshaw” Layfield

16.) Seth Rollins

17.) “Superstar” Billy Graham

18.) Daniel Bryan

19.) Randy Orton

20.) Edge

21.) Brock Lesnar

22.) Roman Reigns

23.) Mankind

24.) Bob Backlund

25.) Shawn Michaels

26.) Dean Ambrose

27.) AJ Styles

28.) Kofi Kingston

29.) Yokozuna

30.) Andre the Giant

31.) Batista

32.) Rob Van Dam

33.) Jeff Hardy

34.) The Miz

35.) Buddy Rogers

36.) Chris Jericho

37.) The Big Show

38.) The Iron Shiek

39.) Ivan Koloff

40.) Sgt. Slaughter

41.) Sycho Sid

42.) Kane

43.) Sheamus

44.) Stan Stasiak

45.) Rey Mysterio

46.) Diesel

47.) Alberto Del Rio

48.) Jinder Mahal

49.) Vince McMahon

51.) Getting hit with a bus full of sex tapes and lawsuits that in a roundabout kinda way probably led to the death of your favorite sports vertical.

52.) Hulk Hogan

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  1. Andre should be higher… as much as I like Brock,** Andre was a GREAT, and deserves to be up *at least* where Lesnar is in the rankings, imo.😉

    Also, no JYD, and no Jesse “The Body,” or Rowdy Roddy Piper?

    Baron Von Raschke–with “The Claw” (https://youtu.be/25CbPL3r_Ec ), The Crusher (Lisowski), The Blond Bomber Stephens, Nick Bockwinkel, Adrian Adonis, Mad Dog Vachon, Jimmy Snuka, and the Gagnes (Verne & Greg) are all greats, too!😁

    I watched a lot more AWA as a kid, than WWF/WWE, because Verne was a Minnesotan, and the AWA was “our” regional wrestling crew–so saw lots of these guys as a kiddo (because it was either Wrestling or “Church TV” shows on Sunday mornings,in the 3 or 4-channels-on-TV era😉):


    (**he was wrestling for the U, back when I was an Athletic Training major, at ‘SU, so I knew of him WAAAAAAAAAY back in ’95-’96,and he was a great college wrestler!)

  2. I stopped caring a VERY long time ago, but man do I ever have a lot of issues with this list…

    I’m not up on the Cena era, but Macho Man? He won because Hulk Hogan already had full control of his own likeness, handed it to Randy in Wrestlemania IV by making it all about him and then instead of Randy being a real champion, made the Mega Powers tag team so he could still make Randy’s championship about him until Wrestlemania V for the main event. FUCK THAT!

    Bret Hart was known around the inside as the worst champion ever.

    The Ultimate Warrior won the most unrealistic match EVER (which says a lot) in Wrestlemania 6 when the best match in that was Demolition against “King” (gotdayam!) Haku and Andre the Giant.

    Sargent Slaughter was only champion because Vince wanted to make money off the Gulf War. It was fucking lame AF!

    Ric Flair and Iron Sheik are way too far down the list (forget their personal flaws).

    …but FUCK HULK HOGAN is something I am completely behind.

  3. Who counts Bret as one of the worst champions ever?

    Like, worse than Diesel? Diesel’s reign during the New Generation was so bad it literally almost killed the company.

    And Jinder Mahal? Jinder Mahal was a jobber who was only made champion to try and market to India, but instead of making him a good guy, they made him an American hating heel that no one, including Indian people, could cheer, had him lose the title on a random SmackDown! before he could ever defend the belt in India, then had him lose to Triple H in front of India, immediately returning him to jobber status and pretending like the reign never happened.

    Jinder Mahal’s last television appearance was beating Austin Theory for the WWE 24/7 Championship, a fall from grace so steep that you didn’t even realize I’m completely lying about it, because Mahal hasn’t been on television in literal, actual months.

    • k you know way more than me, but I remember getting bored once and watching something with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash saying that everyone thought Bret Hart was a lame champion…and that many thought he was the worst ever.

      Now that I see you brought Diesel up, perhaps it wasn’t the best source?

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