Xmas Shopping And Eating [NOT 10/12/22]

Question 1: Do you shop early or last minute?

I used to shop at the last minute till I got into a screaming match over a stolen parking spot some 20 years ago. After that I decided that it was best to do it early. I don’t have a lot of people to buy for so it usually works out as I get most of my shopping done before Dec.

Question 2: Is this your season for gluttony?

I always gain weight over the holidays. It used to be because I was stressed from the holiday (thanks Korean Festivus) and would over indulge to deal with family issues. Now it is because I enjoy eating/drinking and don’t give a crap about how big my gut gets till Jan and can’t fit into my pants.



  1. wait…

    gluttony is seasonal?

    i mean aside from the other six its my favourite sin

    i shop last minute…im 6’2 and built like a brick shithouse..no one argues with me

    • Brick shithouse & resting bitchface also works at 5’1″-ish😉

      Because 1. You can get around/under folks blocking the way, easily & 2. Resting Bitchface, so they can’t TELL that you’re *typically* the sort of person who’s making a complete & utter ass of yourself, getting stubborn little kids to do things😁

    • Hip Hop?!?!?!?????

      Biggie & ‘Pac HIP HOP, when you’re REFERENCING NWA?!?!?????


      JUST No.

      Tupac was a RAPPER, so was Biggie. NWA *Rapped.*

      Yes, they all had HUGE amounts of influence on what would *become* Today’s Hip Hop.

      But back THEN, in the 90’s?

      They were KNOWN as RAPPERS, *not* “Hip Hop Artists”😒😒😒

      They *made* some hip hop songs…

      But they were RAPPERS.

      Brooks is SUCH a doofus.

      And I’ve gotta admit, I DO miss ‘ol HamNo’s rants about the elite & the ways they fick up systems *meant* to help folks, while carrying out the legacy of the robber-barons😉😂💖

  2. I shop early, and mail gifts, wrap gifts, and decorate the tree over the Thanksgiving holiday. Next year I will have fewer gifts to mail as many of the children I send to have will age out of toys and into gift cards.

  3. I shop year round setting gifts aside for Christmas. I also shop last minute because sometimes I forget what I bought or where I put things, lol.
    I eat more over the holidays, foods I normally don’t let myself have the rest of the year – cookies, candy, fried foods. Then I hate myself in January and return to a strict food and exercise regimen. The way the women in my family taught me. 🤣

  4. Typically, we shop early. We have several close family members with birthdays in November and December, so it’s kind of necessary.

    This year, due to a number of issues, we are scrambling to catch up and then get Christmas gifts out. On the plus side, I think no one is going to be surprised or upset if we are a few days, or even a couple weeks, late.

    ETA: And yes, I eat the hell out of these winter holidays.

  5. I buy gifts for my kids and cards for everyone else. Since we live far from our family and friends, I take care of the cards in November.

    I generally eat what I want when I want it except for things that are seasonal like Panettone. In which case, I load up on that shit all December long. I like to think that I have a balanced diet for an omnivore… except when it comes to snacks like chips or popcorn at the movies or bags of sour patch kids also at the movies (which are obviously needed to balance out the salty buttery popcorn). But I haven’t been back to the movies since pre pandemic and I easily avoid buying chips by not going down that aisle at the grocery store.

  6. Also, my dad always waited until the last fucking minute to Christmas shop for me and my mom. Like going to Dillard’s on Christmas Eve an hour before they closed last minute.

    And we could tell. It was him literally walking in and grabbing the first thing that he decided “eh good enough” with. Oh my mom won’t buy dry clean only items? Sure these 2 sweaters that have beads sewn into them that are dry clean only are fantastic. That sort of thing. Oh wow here’s 3 shirts that are hideous and not even in my size, guess there was a table of them along the main aisle.

    Honestly? It makes a person feel like shit. There was no logistical reason to wait until then, not like a work schedule or funds thing.  It felt like we were so unimportant that he couldn’t be fucking bothered until the last minute.

    • Did you have to pretend that you liked the gift? Or laugh and call him out on it?

      I always felt so uncomfortable receiving gifts. While I was grateful that I was thought of, most of my family didn’t “get” me and gave me stuff I didn’t need or like. I am a terrible liar too so my high pitched thank youuuuu! was embarrassingly disingenuous. Eventually as a teen, I kept asking for socks and gift cards to bookshops and my family got the hint.

      • Oh we totally had to pretend they were lovely gifts.

        One year there was an epic fight on Christmas Day because my mom refused to cut any tags off any of it and finally was like not only can we not afford to spend money on this, it’s also something I’ll never wear, so I’m returning it all.

        That was a stressful day.

  7. I mean to go shopping early, and want to get my shopping done early…

    Buuuut the last few years–and the last three in particular, losing my transmission in Nov 2020, then discovering Dad’s dementia in Nov. 2021, and him *dying* this November, means that cash is ridiculously tight, as is TIME, and with the exhaustion & burnout, from the stress that’s been rolling each of these last 3 years, i’m just basically “Nope!”-ing out of most of the gift buying/giving…

    I got my roommates a gift that *sounded* like a great idea when I got it… only to learn within 2 days of buying it, that some parts of it are now obsolete🙃😨😱

    Annnnd as for Mom’s gifts, I need the *TIME* to get to crafting (I’m going to make a wreath-base for her apartment door which she can switch out the “seasonal” parts on, so that she can put up decorations on it all year round… buuuut I need the TIME to get the lights on it, and figure out how to do the switching-out parts😉

    And the *other* thing i want to do, is make her a winter hat… I have two sweaters that she sent through the wash at her building *multiple* times for me**–that managed to felt both sweaters into a nice 1/2″-ish thick wool, which will make great hats & mittens!😉😁

    **they wash EVERYTHING there, in ridiculously HOT water, and manage to shrink *everything made of natural fibers–not great, for regular clothes! Buuut *excellent* for felting wool!😄😆😂🤗

    • As for the food/winter eating thing?

      As soon as it’s cold, snd the sky is dark from 4-ish PM to 7-ish AM?

      It’s CARB season, and I crave allofthem–from chips & potato-ey carbs, to chocolate, to breads, and stews & hotdishes of *all* sorts!

      Chasing preschoolers & working at the Grocery Store (when I’ve been able to, anyway!), means I’m walking around enough to justify *some* of the carb-loads…

      And honestly, factoring in Seasoned Affective Disorder-y stuff and just *not* caring what other folks think of how I look (thanks to both my ASD *and* stress load eating!😉😆🤣)?

      Idgaf, what other folks perceive me as, in the “looks” category… there are too many other stressors for me to deal with.


      I live in the Cold Blue North.

      That additional “fat layer” under my skin, which YES gets cold to the touch–and which stays that way for *hours* unless i take a long, hot, shower/bath? It’s VERY HELPFUL at keeping the *rest* of me safely warm & upright… So I just don’t CARE, because it helps me live through the cold, dark, winters!😉

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