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Happy Wednesday gang! I hope your week is going well! Better than this guy, that’s for sure…
BTW, a text in a group chat alerted me to this. I’m not saying it was gleeful, but it wasn’t not gleeful.

Kenneth Starr, who led Whitewater probes into Clinton administration, dies at 76

Saw a tweet that said when an interviewer asks you to do a project for the interview that’s “Quiet Employment”

The economics behind ‘quiet quitting’ — and what we should call it instead

Consider the source.

Portlanders are taking precautions to avoid being attacked in response to rising crime

I feel like we aren’t hearing a lot about this super shady murder!!

Opinion: The horror of Jeff German’s killing


Dow tumbles as America’s prices keep rising

I totally missed the whole thing.

Primetime Emmys 2022: The full list of winners and nominees

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  1. I haven’t provided a real estate article recently. Here’s a good one:


    This seems shockingly cheap for what you get. At $4.2 million, there’s a large main house that the family has never rented, using it instead for occasional family visits. I’d love to know why there’s a branch in Germany and one in Venezuela but I can certainly guess.

    Then you get eight houses you can rent out, which they are, to local schoolteachers, plus there’s a restaurant as part of the package that’s been in business for decades, pool, tennis courts, Japanese garden. I’ve never been to Oneonta, unsurprisingly, but it can’t be that bad.  Maybe the property taxes are really high, or they have an especially rapacious Water & Sewer Board that charges insane amounts of money for the privilege of having indoor plumbing.

    This is not the first upstate compound I’ve come across. The Adirondacks used to have quite a few. A friend of mine through the 90s maintained one, or his extended family did, I think it was 12 houses built around a small lake that dated to the 1870s. Neighboring them were other compounds. These weren’t Vanderbilts, these were bankers and lawyers and doctors whose children became bankers and lawyers and doctors so solidly upper-middle-class but not robber barons.

    • I may be wrong about Oneonta, but my son went to school in Clinton, about an hour north and ever so slightly west of it. That last hour to his school was filled with scenes of rural poverty, confederate flags, partially abandoned  home/business groupings, and nothingness. My guess would be that the price of the compound reflects real estate’s mantra of location, location, location.

  2. The Brett Favre/ Mississippi Welfare Fraud story, where Current Governor Tate Reeves fired the investigating attorney who subpoenaed a bunch of powerful folks, including the former Governor?


    It’s getting deeper;


  3. The quiet quitting article is still slanted as fuck. They use the phrases “bare minimum” and “coasting” and “passive aggressive.” That’s bullshit. I’ve known people my entire career who draw a careful box around work. They bust their asses until 5 and then they drop it and go home. I’ve known other people who fake-work 19 hours a day, keeping their computers on and deliberately responding to emails at 3 am when they’re going to the bathroom to con people into believing they’re busting their asses.  Who does less work? And guess who loves their job more?

    Just give people assignments and a reasonable deadline to get them done, and quit worrying about when the work happens.

    • …it also uses “working to rule” as one of its list of synonyms

      …& while I’ve been wondering why that phrase doesn’t seem to show up in these quiet quitting pieces…it’s not the same thing…that’s a pretty specific phrase that has a pretty specific meaning about a form of labor relations protest

      …it’s potentially pretty effective as a method of gaining leverage but these pieces always seem to fall short of making the obvious connection between the supposedly new phenomenon they’re claiming to consider & the tried & tested model of work to rule

      …almost like they’re hoping nobody will notice if the just employ that alliteration?

    • Noted shitbag Kevin O’Leary recently whined like a spoiled brat about this.

      Fuck him.  I don’t live for shitheads like you (Kevin) anymore. After your class of moron helped nearly ruin me and a lot of other people due to your own failings… cough Nortel cough.

      Fuck you 1%ers a billion times. I live/work/earn money for me.

    • I’m always reminded of the “flair” scene in Office Space where Jennifer Anniston’s character is dressed down by her manager for only wearing the minimum amount of flair. But when she asks him to just say what she should wear, he won’t tell her, because he wants employees to go beyond the minimum on their own.

    • What really got me is she references the Gallup research which is about engagement/ disengagement but specifically refuses to talk about disengagement, which more than just doing the bare minimum. It’s about just going through the motions and not giving a fuck. This generates increases in turnover, sick time, waste fraud and abuse, etc. There are real economic consequences to disengagement which she never talks about even though that was the title of her article.

    • …I saw someone note somewhere that with maybe a couple of exceptions all the republicans in the senate claiming they wouldn’t support that sort of thing had mitch been willing to put it to a vote are people who have at various times happily voted for very much that sort of thing

      …to the point that I’ve heard it suggested that the intention is/was somehow to performatively demonstrate that they aren’t in a position to deliver a federal ban…so that voters who want one turn out to try to close that last bit of distance while ones that don’t feel “safe” voting their way because it “can’t happen”

      …couldn’t tell you if that’s viable or effective…but the bad faith bait & switch aspect of it does tick a lot of boxes they have form for?

      • Over and over they go in the record endorsing the concept that human life begins at conception, but over and over the press refuses to state simply what the meaning of that is.

        And so we get formulations like this which invent opposition which is nothing more than performative lies.


        The lead evidence they offer is junk like Senator Thune saying “he didn’t know if Republicans would proceed with a floor vote on Graham’s measure.”

        Which is nothing more than saying he thought the right wing justices might beat them to the punch.

        Reporters know the GOP is playing a cynical game, but they feel like the savvy thing is just mirror what GOP strategists tell them.

        • The “personhood” of the fetus brings up all kinds of questions. Wasn’t there a woman fairly recently who claimed she could use the HOV lane because her fetus was her second passenger? And what if she were killed by another driver in a car crash? Would that count as double manslaughter? And what about the census? In 2030 there will be pregnant women. In 2031 the great majority of those children will be delivered. Should they be counted in 2030, when the census will take place? And what if they’re counted in 2030 but for whatever reason the fetus isn’t brought to term–will be revisions, no matter how slight?

          • There are plenty of little absurdities, but in even starker real life situations, it means things like women who need emergency ends to pregnancy to avoid hemorrhaging to death are out of luck.

            Doctors in states like Mississippi are already refusing to do these procedures for fear of being prosecuted by some rancid DA who believes in jail first and asking questions later.

            Women often know well beforehand they are in a high risk situation, and are being told they simply have to roll the dice and live with the fact that they may not find a doctor who is willing to go to prison to save their life. Can’t afford to move? Tough. And family members who are willing to drive a woman for 20 hours to a safe state can be prosecuted for being accessories to a crime.

            There are increasing numbers of elected sheriffs, DAs and judges in anti-abortion strongholds who are eager to get arrests, prosecutions, and imprisonment, and the laws are being written in ways which presume murder and leave it up to the mothers and doctors to prove otherwise.

      • I’ve heard that it’s basically an attempt to show that Republicans would support “reasonable” abortion bans. Unfortunately, there’s noting “reasonable” about 15 weeks, and it’s simply getting passed around as a “Republican ban on abortion,” which is what it actually is.

        How Lindsey somehow hatched out this scheme and thinks it has some sort of legs with women voters is simply beyond all understanding. Except for the fact that Lindsey has very little experience with women, I presume.

        It’s simply throwing gasoline on a fire, and it’s not going to end well for Republicans.

        • Oh I think it’s pretty well-known that Aunt Pittypat doesn’t have any first-hand knowledge at all of a woman’s body. (By the way I stole that nickname from one of my very best Jez friends, Jerry-Netherland.)

          • I just read that nonsense. Harsanyi is cherry-picking dubious polls to support his case that “it won’t matter.” It’s absolutely going to matter. He’s trying to rally the right-wing nutjobs, but they were going to vote anyway, and his “rhetoric” ain’t gonna affect any of the millions of pissed-off women who don’t read the crap he spouts.

            That’s the thing about these polls nobody seems to notice. They’re not polling the right people, because they don’t know how to reach them, get them to answer a phone, and get them to answer questions.

            Val Demings is currently only two points behind Marco Rubio in the “polls.” And who are they polling? Old people who answer their phones, which are not representative of “eligible voters.” Little Marco is shitting his pants right now because if Demings is running that close among old people who answer phones, it won’t turn out well for him in November.

  4. Ken Starr whose wingnut star rose because of a president getting a blow job and who star splashed face first into the rock at Baylor when he ignored and covered up the football team’s rapey tendencies. Ignominious and disgraceful end to an ignominious and disgraceful person.

    At the time the Baylor rape scandal broke out, everyone was surprised that the Baptists were fine with it.  Now that the Southern Conference’s own preachers have been busy doing a lot of what the Baylor Football team was doing… well, hey it’s “fine”…

    • Sigh…we are giving Florida man a run for his money. Westmoreland County is in the “flyovers” between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, and while just 45 miles outside of Pittsburgh, it has a population of only 351,000. The news story makes total sense to me.

    • …not for nothing…but when it comes to roiling up the crazies…this was another thing vice had

      Trump shared a picture of himself wearing a Q lapel pin, overlaid with the QAnon phrases “The Storm is Coming” and “WWG1WGA,” on his Truth Social account on Monday evening. The post was originally shared on Truth Social by an account called “Patriots in Control,” before Trump re-shared it.

      “How much more obvious can it get?” one QAnon follower asked in the QAnon-focused Great Awakening forum.


      …curiously enough I also find myself asking how much more obvious that kind of shit can get…& how exactly one might go about attempting to prosecute someone for employing stochastic terrorism as a psuedo-political tactic?

      • I saw that recently.  Thom Hartmann has been talking about stochastic terrorism quite often lately and how Trump uses it.  I also find it hilarious that the king of projection & his minions keep ranting about how divisive Biden’s MAGA republican speech was.  “I thought he was supposed to unite us?”  Even the media spouts that bullshit.  Name one time Trump said anything unifying? The only thing I find more frustrating is this unwritten law that we have to wait until after the elections to prosecute anyone!

        • …it’s sort of like I can understand in principle that you don’t want people trying to use the judicial system to attack their political opponents in order to influence an election…but…then there’s the part where it seems nuts on a whole slew of levels?

          …like…comey coming out with that announcement about investigating hilary was the sort of bullshit that principle seems like it ought to have prevented but didn’t

          …but in this case the principal target of the investigation isn’t on the mid-term ballot so it arguably doesn’t apply…& the shit he’s guilty of ought to come with a side order of being barred from political office…or for that matter corporate office

          …still…it’s a 60day moratorium…he’s been trying for 90days of hold up off the back of that special master bullshit…maybe it’s the DoJ’s idea of signalling that they’ve accounted for delays & are proceeding accordingly by way of letting him sweat & hopefully fuck up some more before they start swapping subpoenas for criminal indictments

          …or at least it makes me feel a bit better to imagine it might be contributing to the un-indicted co-conspirator feeling like he’s living a combination of the telltale heart with a bonus sword of damocles?

    • I would like to know why there is never some crazed maniac dressed in a ridiculous costume threatening to shoot people to uphold the Biden victory? Where are the left-wing crazies?

      I mean, seriously. You’d think that we would have crazies distributed evenly throughout the population, on both sides of the political spectrum. But they’re always right-wing. Always.

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