Ya Know… [DOT 8/4/21]

Sometimes a girl just needs her best friend. I have houseguests for the first time in, what, 1.5 years?

Happy Thursday! I am OFF work today and tomorrow. No aimless scrolling, starring nearly every comment around this place to let you all know how much I approve of y’all and appreciate you being here!

Thanks for hanging out with us. I will be hanging out down on the National Mall. If I see anything interesting I shall report back ASAP. In the meantime….

…in Canada:

Who wants to abolish billionaires? A look at the federal NDP’s convention resolutions

This is gonna be a thing, eh?

Sad trombone.

Corporate America isn’t welcoming former Trump Cabinet officials with open arms, headhunters say


Tiger Woods driving at 87mph in 45mph zone at time of car crash, police say


A century ago, landscape design was a man’s world. But these women created a garden for the ages.

New drop from T Swift.

As you were.



  1. You GUUUYZZZ! Did you see that Andrew Giuliani, Rudy’s son, is considering a run for Governor of New York? I am trembling with excitement. Of course all the old Chris Farley SNL skits are flooding the online-iverse. Poor Chris Farley. 17 stints in rehab, dead at 33. It is thought that if he does run, since he was a loyal White House foot soldier, he might get the “coveted” Trump endorsement, but I thought things ended badly between Trump and his Dad?
    New York Republicans are a special breed, so if Trump endorses Giuliani the Younger I bet he’ll sail through the primaries and become the candidate. The Nelson Rockefellers and John Lindsays are long gone, replaced by nutters like Dr. Seuss-theme sneaker-wearer Congresswoman Nicole Maliotakis, R-Staten Island and the least pleasant part of Brooklyn.
    Meanwhile the other Andrew, Cuomo, still has not ruled out a run for a fourth term. In the papers today is the harrowing tale of one of his sexual abuse victims, who described what exactly he did to her. Nonetheless, I bet Cuomo goes for it, to avenge his own father, who ran for a fourth term and lost. He has so many special interests in his pocket that I bet he’ll sail through his primary, if anyone dares primary him at all.
    The Battle of the Andrews with Daddy Issues! One of them will win, and sadly the entire state will lose. 

    • It would make sense if Chram off the Blockhead actually did shit instead of being a hapless golf pro or fetch Trump his diet Cokes.
      Outside of his name and his rep as a brat, what does Son of Ghouliani bring to the job?
      Sounds like just another fucking dipshit failson figuring to give politics a go because he’s not good at anything else or bored.

  2. That Greg Abbott thing is pretty typical of all the Republican states.  When I lived in TN, they repealed two major, long-standing pieces of gun legislation:  no guns in bars and no guns in schools or public parks.  All about their freedumb, you see…

    …except, they made damned sure that the ban on firearms on the premises of the state capitol stayed in place.  Yessirree, they did.

    • TN is nice, what I saw of it, I went to Bonnaroo a few times before I had an epiphany whilst standing in the rain one day, I COULD LISTEN TO THIS ON A CD. The best part was the driving, fireworks superstores, emergency truck ramps, those cow cartoon billboards, the jesus freaks picketing outside the venue praying for your soul as you left the fest. It was TN where I learned that Tupelo Honey was an actual thing, not a Van Morrison song. good times.

    • Exactly the same thing happened in Florida. Guns everywhere but the Capitol. College campuses, playgrounds, movie theaters, wherever, just not near the precious hides of Republican legislators. 

    • If you ever get down to DC you should go to Dumbarton Oaks. It is delightful. It feels very remote but it’s right in Georgetown, a fairly rigorous uphill walk from the sights and sounds of M Street or a brief walk east from Wisconsin Avenue, the other main thoroughfare. While you’re in the area you can also stroll around the grounds of Georgetown University which as some really neat Victorian High Gothic architecture and, if you’re a fan, an excellent example of brutalism which is their library, I think. I don’t know if these buildings are open to the public, I would bet they’re not, but it’s nice to stroll around, like Harvard Yard. Georgetown the neighborhood is itself very pretty. Most of DC was a vast swamp plucked from obscurity with the founding of the Republic but Georgetown predated it; it was a thriving port (slaves and tobacco, so don’t bring this up) and the Georgetowners were split on whether they wanted to be incorporated into this new entity. Oh, there’s also a canal, and to the south the Potomac, which is also lovely and from there you can see two of my favorite DC buildings, the Watergate and the Kennedy Center, two stellar examples of postwar modernism. 
      10/10, would recommend. 

      • I agree 100%, Dumbarton Oaks is a jewel. It’s  the kind of place where everywhere you turn you see something that leaves you a bit amazed.The flow and harmony of the grounds is astonishing.
        The early history of the property definitely included slavery, like a lot of DC, and unfortunately that history has been largely left unrecorded. There are hints of families being torn apart and threats of sales into the deep South, but everything is from the elliptical, sketchy perspective of the enslavers, so it’s impossible to really know.
        And then in the 20th Century Stravinsky composed and conducted a concerto named for it. The initial negotiations leafing to the foundation of the UN were there. The museums are great too. They have a nice collection of Precolumbian art, and the Byzantine collection is one of the best in the world, although it includes the Sion Treasure which was almost certainly looted from Turkey about 60 years ago.

    • The UW campus has some amazing allergy producing cherry trees, it draws huge crowds of non-students.  This year they are asking to just watch them virtually…

  3. Late to the party today. However, Matt Gaetz is not having a good day. 
    I’ve already read one article that noted that Greenberg isn’t a “credible” witness. True, but let’s think about this a minute. Is it likely that Evil Frisch’s Big Boy allowed videos of himself to be taken in compromising circumstances? Is video evidence “credible”? 
    Nah, Gaetz is in seriously deep shit. 

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