Yay! [DOT 16/1/21]

I left you unsupervised with RIP for two days and I feel a little bit bad about that, so I’ll try and keep this short and sweet.

lol wut

Trump ally Mike Lindell of MyPillow pushes martial law at White House


[flames on the side of my face dot gif]

Vaccine reserve was exhausted when Trump administration vowed to release it, dashing hopes of expanded access


Dow falls more than 150 points to close out a losing week


This tweet.

[re: NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang Roasted on Twitter Over Bodega Video https://ny.eater.com/2021/1/15/22232916/andrew-yang-bodega-video-twitter]

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  1. Steven Colbert is correct. When Nixon was re-elected in 1972:
    Nixon received almost 18 million more votes than McGovern, and he holds the record for the widest popular vote margin in any post–World War II United States presidential election.
    Nixon won 49 states, losing only Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. The greatest tragedy of Watergate is that it happened at all, but it happened for very stinger reasons: Nixon wa haunted by fears that he would lose re-election so the henchman broke into the Watergate offices of the DNC looking for info they could use against opponents or damaging stuff they could leak to the press. What the hell were they so worried about? I think it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Nixon would win.
    But Nixon was deeply mistrustful and paranoid and saw enemies everywhere (sound familiar?) and absolutely hated the mainstream media, which he felt was feeding a steady diet of liberal lies to the gullible public. If he could have tamped down his darker instincts I bet he would have gone down as one of the greatest postwar presidents, judging by what he did in his first term. There might have been a knock-on effect: he was a California conservative. Would the country necessarily have wanted another one so soon thereafter in the form of Ronald Reagan?

    • Most likely, Nixon was worried the DNC had evidence of his interference in LBJ’s 1968 peace talks. Nixon was able to convince South Vietnam via secret back channels to shoot down the proposal, and he knew if Larry O’Brien, head of the DNC (and later NBA Commissioner) had evidence he would be in a lot of trouble, and even if he won it would screw up his own attempts to get out of Vietnam.
      J. Edgar Hoover had told Nixon that LBJ had ordered the FBI to bug Nixon’s campaign plane, according to former top FBI official Deke DeLoach, but DeLoach said it never happened.
      O’Brien never released any evidence, because he never had any. But Nixon didn’t know that.

    • It seems almost laughable now that that’s what Nixon got impeached for, given the behavior of the last 2 Republican presidents..

  2. Holy shit, that tweet about the NRA! 

  3. The people “dancing” behind Ben E. King might be the whitest people I have ever seen and if I am thinking it I can’t imagine what Ben E. was thinking at the time. 

    Becky in the blue dress had a daughter named Karen who is out there somewhere speaking to a manager as I type this.

    • I can go you one better. Thie is from a Frankie Avalon “Beach Movie” but it’s set in a ski setting instead. It’s very strange. It has another really great musical interlude, when Lesley Gore gets up in the bus that’s taking the gang to the ski lodge and performs “Sunshine, Lollipos and Rainbows.” Lots of familiar faces in this. The dark-haired woman who greets James Brown is Yvonne Craig, who went on to play Batgirl. Duane Hickman is a lead; he was Dobie Gillis. And Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello of course.

      • Clapping on the one and the three

    • When the host called it his ‘fight song’ is when I knew I had to use this version. 

      Much more entertaining than just the picture of the record. 

  4. State charges looming for Trump for Georgia election interference:
    As always, nothing may come of this particular incident, but more cracks are appearing in the ice below him. Does he make it to shore? There are a lot of cracks and he weighs 300 pounds….

    • does he even know how to swim?
      or for that matter to aim for the dark patch if one finds themselves under ice suddenly?

  5. sooo…our gubment resigned……lol
    (tbh…they monumentally fucked up and destroyed more than a few families)
    but at least now that management has checked out the country should run pretty smoothly for a couple months
    least till the next election when largely the same bunch of wankers will get voted right back in
    and the only reason i dont have a major problem with that is that at least they arent wilders or baudets fucking forum for democracy

  6. I wish there were still Saturday morning cartoon blocks on network tv.  That’s all I have to say. 

    • Maybe it was because of yesterday’s Happy Hour but I have had this cartoon theme stuck in my head…

  7. Right there with you. I’d also want Schoolhouse Rock reinstated. Maybe we could get a few people to understand 1. Math 2. Grammar and 3. Government.

  8. Chyron on MSNBC right now: James Comey: Biden should pardon Trump/ “I’m not sure if an investigation is in the best interest of the nation.”
    Fuck all the way off you absurdly tall asshole. Fuck so far off, you come back around again. Fuck around in a fucking circle. I can’t recall, so please someone remind me if BUTTER EMAILS were in the best interest of the nation??? 

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