Yay Monday! Or Something Like That [DOT 18/7/22]

Welcome back to another week.

I appear to be recovered from my bout of Covid. I tested positive for a whole week, but it mostly felt like a middling cold. I snoozed a lot this weekend though.

Ya no shit.

Report on Uvalde school shooting finds ‘systemic failures’ by law enforcement

Texas House report on Uvalde shooting blames all agencies at the scene

Here we go

Sen. Ted Cruz says Supreme Court ‘clearly wrong’ in decision legalizing same-sex marriage

Sounds about right.

“We have filled in the blanks,” Kinzinger said on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday. Trump “didn’t do very much but gleefully watch television during this time frame.”

Stonks LOL

From $25 billion to $167 million: How a major crypto lender collapsed and dragged many investors down with it


At long last, the Olympic injustice done to Jim Thorpe is corrected


OMG obsessed with Emmanuel.

Stay cool Deadsplinters!



  1. We’re Number 3! We’re Number 3!

    Here is a subjective index of how well-managed 150 American cities are. New York is only the third worst, so we’re in danger of losing our state motto, Excelsior! Apparently San Francisco and DC are worse.


    There’s an old joke that the Alabama state motto should be “Thank God for Mississippi,” because whenever any kind of index was published Mississippi always came out worst, followed by Alabama in second to-last place. We should change our nickname from “The Big Apple” to “Not as Bad as DC.”

  2. Glad you’re on the mend Meg! I signed up for TikTok just so I could see more of Emmanuel and friends at Nuckle Bump Farms. Emu soup for the soul.

    Do you know if RIP is doing alright? I know he had some things going on – but noticed he’s been a little quiet lately.

  3. The Uvalde report feels like it’s spreading the blame around to all of the nearly 400 “responding” officers. (What in the actual fuck? Is there a goddamn police barracks in Uvalde where hundreds of cops live? I can’t find a total of responding officers to the Pulse shooting, but it seems to be somewhere around 50.)  Apparently Arredondo wrote the fucking school shooter response manual for these situations, naming himself “incident commander.” Then he subsequently claimed to “not know who was in command.”


    Incidentally, the police response for Pulse was criticized extensively since it took 3 hours before they attacked the gunman. He was, however, talking to the police, so there was more justification for delay. But 13 people bled to death while waiting for help, and there were over 600 calls to 911 from inside the club during the 3 hours. A DOJ report was issued saying everybody responded perfectly, nothing to see here. So don’t be surprised if this gets whitewashed, too.

  4. Glad to hear your better Meg & I definitely feel the void of no RIP, hope he is back soon.

    This is a good point…

    I saw Bernie on a Sunday talk show and it just reminded me of what a better president he would have been than sleepy Joe (my wife said, “what would be different?”  He would have still faced the same problems but would have kicked Manchin’s ass by now!


    No shit Sherlock!



    • No shit, indeed. Trump’s actually now trying to claim that declaring his candidacy renders him immune to prosecution. Sadly, the thing that’s going to render him immune to prosecution is his hand-picked Supreme Court.

      • They were saying it was above 100( 38) during the Tour De France yesterday. They were giving the back riders over an hour off the leaders to qualify. It’s usually around 30 min.

  5. bit warm over here


    ive obviously spent all day outside wandering about and setting up little shade tents for the cats in the garden…kinda figure being outside in too much hot will at least get me used to it some as its not like ive got ac…welp…just gotta survive tomorow and then its back to more normal temps

    also something a little wonky about this story


    i get the self defence part..but i suspect the spanish authorities are going to have some issues about the whole having a gun on holiday thing…you know entirely seperatly from having some issues about self defencing bystanders

    • I was going to mock you dirty Yurpeons as soft and fragile, then I read the article that said Spain would hit 108 degrees. High today here is 93 degrees. So I must admit that things are hot over there.

      • expecting to just go over 100 here tomorow…my daughters currently in the south of france…so she’s probably got it worse….on the other hand maybe not as shes coastal

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